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Ruth was up to her knees in thorns, dirt, and manure—and that’s just the way she liked it! If her roses were happy, she was happy, and her roses seemed ecstatic. Their petals were silky, and their stems were sturdy and green. Ruth didn’t have a lot of them, but each one was spectacular and unique. Roses were the one thing Ruth was really good at, and the one thing she wouldn’t want to live without. “Hey, flower lady!” someone called from over the fence. It was Ruth’s friend Helen from Crestwood. She’d been so busy at the hospital, she hadn’t seen this year’s bounty. “They get more beautiful every year!” As Helen let herself in through the gate, Ruth said, “I keep loving them, and they keep loving me back! They’re like my children.” Ruth gave Helen a hug. Helen never minded if Ruth was covered in mud or smelled like fertilizer. “So, what brings you by?” “Honestly. . .a favor. The hospital’s having a fundraiser for the pediatric unit. . .” “What can I do to help? Name it.” “I’m glad you said that because we’re having an auction.” “Unfortunately, I don’t own anything people would pay good money for.” “Actually. . .” Helen looked over the roses again. “My roses?” “You know how everyone’s into locally grown things? Someone on the committee suggested auctioning off bouquets of locally grown flowers, and I can’t think of any flowers that would make more beautiful bouquets than yours.” “Well, it is for a good cause, but. . . . Oh, I don’t think I could part with a single one of them. And I don’t have very many. Oh, Helen, I really want to help. . .” Helen bit her lip. “I know it’s a lot to ask. In fact, I waited until the last minute because I didn’t know how you’d feel. The fundraiser’s tomorrow. We have other people donating, but I think yours would get the highest bids.” “I don’t think I can. Even for the pediatric unit. I’m sorry.” Helen smiled. “That’s okay, flower lady. No hard feelings.” She gave Ruth another hug before going back to work. Ruth watched Helen drive off. No sooner had Helen turned the corner of the street, Ruth grabbed her cell phone and dialed Helen’s number. “Well,” she said on Helen’s voicemail, “they’ll grow back next year.” Which of these can be inferred from the last sentence in the passage?
Helen will be angry with Ruth for a very long time.
Ruth will donate her roses to the hospital's fundraiser.
Ruth will ask Helen if she can volunteer at the hospital.
The hospital's fundraiser will not earn much money.