Meet Albert: BAFTA Lead Carbon Calculator Consortium
As people looked to take more individual and collective responsibility around sustainability and the environment, BAFTA had started to reduce its energy usage through company-wide recycling and energy-efficient lighting, as well as co-hosting a Greening the Screen event with the UK Film Council, looking at ‘going green without going into the red’ across film and TV production.

Meanwhile, the BBC had developed an online carbon calculator called Albert to help programme-makers estimate their carbon footprint, and offer actions and ideas to reduce emissions. After a successful trial, BAFTA was approached to lead a consortium of independent production companies and broadcasters, and help make Albert freely available across the UK TV industry. Albert was officially unveiled on Saturday 27 August 2011 at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, with a panel event discussing sustainability in the TV industry.

As of 2018, Albert has over 2,000 users from 300 companies signed up, with Peaky Blinders, EastEnders, Pointless and Hollyoaks among the productions that have achieved the top rating of three stars. Alongside this, BAFTA’s public events promoting green values, have included a series of albert Quarterlies which began in July 2018 with a look at sustainable and ethical costume design.

Learn more about sustainability in the film and TV industry on the Albert website, here.

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