Roll Out: Red Carpet Becomes Permanent Fixture

The red carpet arrival was becoming an event in its own right by the late 90s, with the Titanic premiere in 1997 the latest occasion to attract crowds of photographers, fans and news crews for a glimpse of the stars.

When BAFTA (re-)divided its Film and Television ceremony into two separate events a year later, the signing of a new sponsor and PR agency for the Film Awards coincided with the red carpet becoming a permanent fixture across all its ceremonies – and the start of an increased international profile.


As red carpets became an opportunity to showcase the latest fashion or protest a particular cause, the BAFTA red carpet has been no different. Making headlines among fashion journalists in recent years have been Tilda Swinton’s gold Dior gown with black feathers in 2008, and Angelina Jolie’s Saint Laurent tux in 2014, whilst the causes to have prompted protest on the red carpet include diversity in film (#BAFTABlackout), harassment in the workplace (Time’s Up) and domestic violence (Sisters Uncut).


The carpet itself has had its fair share of action, including a soapy setback in 2002, a Union Jack make-over in 2012 – and the one-time claim of being the longest red carpet in Europe at 150 metres in 2015.

The Royal Albert Hall awaits guests at the Film Awards in 2018 (BAFTA/Thomas Alexander)

VIDEO: Watch the red carpet in 2016 come together in under a minute in this amazing time-lapse video.