British cinema scored several international successes. The growth in the number of television channels continued apace, providing more choice for audiences, in particular children. Several British television show formats became global successes. Whereas in the 90s some films were adapted into games, in the 2000s the opposite began to happen. Behind the scenes this interplay between film and games became productive for both industries, with games technology becaming a driver for the development of film production. The BAFTA Film Awards moved pre-Oscars, increasing the visibility of the Awards for both industry and public. The BAFTA Games Awards were launched.

Forward Thinking: Film Awards move to February
Lean On: First David Lean Lecture takes place
Game On: BAFTA recognises the art of game-making
Children's Awards: Reflecting a changing industry
Podium Play: Annual Games Lecture introduced
Diamond Night: BAFTA Celebrates 60 Years