F(-5) if f(x) = |x + 1|


Answer 1
Answer: Hello : 

 if f(x) = |x + 1| :f(-5) =|-5 + 1| =  |-4| = 4

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One cantaloupe cost $2 how many cantaloupes can you buy for $6


3 because 6 divided by 2 equals 3


The school raise $306 washing cars the money will be used to buy new recycling containers for the school if each container cost eight dollars how many containers can the school by please answer correctly


306 divided by 8 equals 38.25 or 38 r.2
306 divided by 8 = 38.25 but you obviously cannot buy .25 of a container so the answer is 38!!!

Consider the quadratic equation. x^2=4x-5. How many solutions does the equation have? a.) one real solution
b.) two real solutions c.)no real solutions
d.)cannot be determined


subtract 4x from both sides
add 5 to both sides

input into quadratic formula which is x= or

si ax^2+bx+c
so a=1
=== representeds by 'i' so solution is 3i

then if other way around then wyou would do
= and [\tex]\sqrt{-1} [/tex] is represented by i

the solution is x=3i or i (i=)
but i is not real, it is imaginary so there are no real solution so the answer is C


How do i put 10-5y=3x in y=mx+b form​


Step 1: Rewrite equation


Step 2: To get y alone on the left side, subtract 10 on both sides

-10 -10

Step 3: divide -5 on both sides, again to get y alone

/-5 /-5 /-5

Final equation: y=-3/5x+2

Hope this helps :)


Step-by-step explanation:

put 10-5y=3x in y=mx+b form​


Collecting like terms

-5y = 3x -10

Dividing by -5

y = -3/5x + 10/5

y = -3/5x + 2

Comparing to y=mx+b

m = -3/5 and b = 2


459 randomly selected lightbulbs were tested in a laboratory 291 lasted more than 500 hours find a point estimate of the true proportion of all lightbulbs in that last more than 500 hours


291:459 or 291/459 it is the amount lasted to the total amount

What does it mean for two fractions to be equivalent? For two ratios to be equivalent?


Two fractions are equivalent if when simplified to the simplest form; they result in the same fraction or ratio as the case may be.

The concept above is evident in 2/6 and 3/9.

Both fractions above are equivalent;

This is so because; when 2/6 is simplified to its simplest form; the result is 1/3.

Similarly, when 3/9 is simplified to its simplest form; the result is 1/3.

Read more:


Equivalent fractions and ratios mean that when simplified, they are the same one fraction or ratio. see examples below.

Step-by-step explanation:

For example, the fraction 1/2 is the same as 2/4 or 15/30 because when you simplify them, they are still 1/2. Therefore they are equivalent.

For example, the ratio 1:2 is the same as 5:10 or 10:20 since when broken down they all come down to 1:2. Hence they are equivalent.

Hope this answers your question.


Douglas bought a new sports car for $34,900 plus tax on the car tax was 9.95% what was the total price of the car include??


To find the car tax, you first have to convert 9.95% to a decimal not a percentage. To do this, you move the decimal 2 places to the left to get 0.0995. Then you multiply 0.0995 by 34,900 (because it is 0.0995 of the car price) to get $3,472.55. This is the car tax in dollars. Finally, you add $3,472.55 to the car price of $34,900 to get a total price of $38,372.55.

Which of the x values are solutions to the inequality 4(2 – x) > –2x – 3(4x + 1)? Check all that apply. x = –1.1 x = –2.2 x = 0 x = –10 x = 10


x > - 11/10
(I don't know if this is correct or not, if so i'm glad i helped!)

4(2 - x) > -2x - 3(4x + 1)

8 - 4x > -2x - 12x - 3

-4x + 2x + 12x > -3 - 8

10x > -11

x > -11/10

x > -1.1


What is 6x+7y+9-2y+8+x simplified




Step-by-step explanation:

add each part together




Add each part and you should get 17
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