A bucket contains one green block, one red block, and two yellow blocks. You choose one block from the bucket. Find the theoretocal probability that you will choose each color P(green)= P(yellow)= P(red)=


Answer 1
Answer: P(green) = 1/4
P(yellow) = 1/2
P(red) = 1/4

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3/5 of students at a school are boys. If there are 2420 students at the school, how many are girls?


If 3/5 are boys, then you would know that 2/5 of the students are girls. Knowing this, you would do 2,420 x .4 which results in 962.



Step-by-step explanation:

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An investment grows by 8% per year for 10 years. by what percent does it increase over the 10-year period?


The increase over the 10-year period by 115.89%.


The amount of something is expressed as if it is a part of the total which is a hundred. The ratio can be expressed as a fraction of 100. The word percent means per 100. It is represented by the symbol ‘%’.

Compound interest

Compound interest is the interest on a loan or deposit calculated based on the initial principal and the accumulated interest from the previous period.


An investment grows by 8% per year for 10 years.

To find

The increase over the 10-year period.

How to find the increase over the 10-year period?

Thus, the increase over the 10-year period by 115.89%.

More about the percentage link is given below.

In order to find the percent increase over the 10-year period, we will use below formula

In this formula r represents the rate in decimal, and n represents the time.

From the given directions, we have

r= 0.08, n=10

On substituting these values in the above mentioned formula, we get

Therefore, it will increase by 115.9% over a 10 years period.


Find the distance between these points.. . R(-1, 0), S(8, 6). . A] √(26). B] √(85). C] √(117)



Explain what 78.5% would look like on a 100% block. Then write it as a decimal


78.5% on 100% would be 78.5/100

The decimal would be 0.785

Jeff is baking a cake. The recipe says that he has to mix 32 grams of vanilla powder to the flour. Jeff knows that 1 cup of that particular vanilla floor has a mass of 128 grams. He added 2/3 of a cup of vanilla powder to the flower. Should Jeff add more vanilla powder to make the exact recipe, or did he go over and by what amount?


The situation above described that Jeff added two - thirds of 128 to the flour. The numerical value of (2/3)(128) is 85.33 grams. The recipe says to add only 32 grams of vanilla flour.

Hence, Jeff went over the prescribed amount.

To determine the excess amount, subtract 32 from 85.33 which has a numerical value of 53.33 grams.

Estimate how many times larger 10 x 10^9 is than 99 x 10^6 A) 10 times larger

B) 50 times larger

C) 100 times larger

D) 500 times larger


 10 x 10^9 = 10^10

99 x 10^6 = 100 x 10^6 = 10^8 

10^10 - 10^8 = 10^2 = 100

answer: C) 100 times larger 

How many ways can 18 baseball cards be passed out to 2 students?



An inconsistent system of equations is a system with __________. (1 point) the same line

parallel lines

intersecting lines and lines that have the same equation

intersecting lines and lines that have the same slope


Hello there,

An inconsistent system of equations is a system with __________. (1 point)

Answer: parallel lines

parallel lines because they do not touch each other


Which list of ordered pairs represents solutions to x + y = 2 ? (-4, 6), (0, 2), (4, 2)
(-4, -6), (0, 2), (4, 2)
(-4, 6), (0, 2), (4, -2)


First step is to solve the given equation for y. So, subtract x from each sides to isolate y. Therefore,

x + y - x = 2 - x

y = 2 -x.

Next step is to plug in the values of x = -4, 0 and 4 to get the corresponding values of y's so that we can get the correct order pair.

Let's plug in x = -4 now.

So, y = 2 - ( - 4) = 2 + 4 = 6

So, the first order pair is (- 4, 6).

For x = 0, y = 2 - 0 = 2

Second order pair is (0, 2).

For x = 4, y = 2 - 4 = -2.

Third order pair is (4, -2)

So, third list of order pairs (-4, 6), (0, 2), (4, -2) represent the solutions.

Hope this helps you!

(-4,6); (0,2); (4,-2)
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