How do communist and socialist political theories differ from each other?


Answer 1
Answer: This is a difficult topic, but in general communists believe that there should be no individual wealth, while socialists believe that wealth can vary, but that most of it should be evenly distributed. 

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Jensen shipping has total assets of $694,800 at year's end. The beginning owners' equity was $362,400. During the year, the company had sales of $711,000, a profit margin of 5.2 percent, a tax rate of 21 percent, and paid $12,500 in dividends. What is the equity multiplier at year-end


Answer: Jensen shipping's equity multiplier at year-end is 1.80

We arrive at the answer as follows:

Sales                                    $711,000

Profit Margin                         5.2% of sales

Since Profit margin generally refers to net profit margin after tax, we don't consider the tax values in the question.

Net Profit in $                                      

less: Dividends                                           -12,500

Additions to Retained Earnings                24472

Add: Beginning Owner's Equity                362400  

Ending Owner's Equity                              386872

The formula for Equity Multiplier is :

Plugging in the values we get,


Fadia Ammunition Inc., a firm controlled and managed by the government of Fadia, is the only company that has the license to produce defense arms in the country. Which of the following industry competitive structures does this best illustrate?a. monopolistic competition b. perfect competition
c. monopoly
d. oligopoly



C. Monopoly


Monopoly is when their is a single seller selling a unique product. Fadia is the only company that has the license to produce defense arms in the country. (defense arms is a unique product)


Being a team player means calling on your skills of A. cooperation.
B. punctuality.
C. bias.
D. independence.
11. To ensure security, passwords should be
A. less than six characters long.
B. hard for you to remember.
C. a combination of letters and numbers.
D. kept near the main computer.


Being a team player means calling on your skills of A. COOPERATION.

To ensure security, passwords should be C. A COMBINATION OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS.

The SP Corporation makes 40,000 motors to be used in the production of its sewing machines. The average cost per motor at this level of activity is: Direct materials $ 9.90
Direct labor $ 8.90
Variable manufacturing overhead $ 3.65
Fixed manufacturing overhead $ 4.60
An outside supplier recently began producing a comparable motor that could be used in the sewing machine. The price offered to SP Corporation for this motor is $25.15. If SP Corporation decides not to make the motors, there would be no other use for the production facilities and none of the fixed manufacturing overhead cost could be avoided. Direct labor is a variable cost in this company. The annual financial advantage (disadvantage) for the company as a result of making the motors rather than buying them from the outside supplier would be:

Multiple Choice







c) 108,000 dollars


Buy option:

Purchase:        40,000 motors at 25.15 = 1,006,000

unavoidable fixed cost: 40,000 x 4.60 =    184,000


Produce option:

Manufacturing Cost (9.9 + 8.9 + 3.65) x 40,000 = 898,000.00

Fixed cost:                                                                  184,000.00

Total Cost                                                          1,082,000.00

Differential:  1,190,000 - 1,082,000.00 = 108,000.00

It is advantageous to continue the production as the unavoidable cost will make the buy option a worse deal


For the year, cash sales are $700,000 and credit sales are $2,500,000. Management estimates that 1% is the sales percentage to use. What adjusting entry will Valli Company make to record the bad debts expense?


Bad debt expenses 25000
To allowance for doubtful a/c 25000

Jessica will earn a 5% bonus if she arrives to work on time every day her entire first year of work. One could say that Jessica has a(n) ____ to arrive to work on time. A) negative incentive
B) positive incentive
C) interest rate
D) credit worthiness


The answer is interest rate c.
I believe the answer is C) interest rate

Consider two ways to protect your car from theft. the club is a conspicuous steering wheel lock that makes it difficult for a thief to take a car. lojack is a secret tracking system that makes it easier for police to catch a thief who steals a car on which it is installed.



The question is incomplete. What is the question? Is it true or False? Can you please provide the whole question, so that I can help you?



True or False: If you have a Florida Learner's Driver License, you can legally operate any two or three wheel motor vehicle on Florida road, street, or highway


The answer is false because it would be a 4 wheel vehicle 

Ruth sloan bought a new car for $20,000. she put down $6,000 and paid $280 for 60 months. the total finance charge to ruth is:


Its simple math really you multiply 280 * 60 then add 6000 and you get $22800
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