The H-R diagram is based on what two criteria?


Answer 1
Answer: The HR diagram is based on brightness and temperature. If you want, you can search up the diagram. Most people classify the sides as Good For You and Bad for you, the bottom would be taste great and taste awful, but the answer is most likely brightness and temperature. Hope this helps you. :)
Answer 2


Brightness and temperature


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A thermometer reading 7degreesC is brought into a room with a constant temperature of 30 degrees C. If the thermometer reads 16degreesC after 2 ​minutes, what will it read after being in the room for 4 ​minutes? For 9 ​minutes?



a) u(x) =21.47°C

b) u(x) =27.53°C


This requires Newton's Law of Cooling. The formula is:  

u(x) = T + (T₀ - T)×e^(kt)  

Plugging in our information:  

u(x) = 30 + (7- 30)×e^(kt)  

u(x) = 30 - 23×e^(kt)  

at temperature 16°C at time 2 min.

16 = 30 - 23×e^(2 k)  

e^(2k) = 14/23  

2k = ln(14/23)  

k = - 0.248

Temperature at t= 4 minute

u(x) = 30 - 23×e^(-0.248×4)  

u(x) =21.47°C

temperature at  t = 9 min

u(x) = 30 - 23×e^(-0.248×9)

u(x) =27.53°C  


When a new bond forms in a chemical reaction, what happens? A.
Energy is released.

An atom loses its protons.

Neutrons in the nucleus expand.

The products get larger.


The answer to this question would be A. Energy is released. 

When a chemical bond is a form, the bond will either suck up energy or produce energy. So, to be precise the energy is not always released but also can be absorbed. In this case, the energy released number will be a minus.

Options B and C is definitely wrong since the bond is formed by an electron, it won't affects neutron/proton.
Option D might be true since the product is made of 2 or more atoms then it would seem larger. But the size of the actual atom won't be increased.
A is the correct answer I did this test

Mountains are part of which earth sphere?a. cryosphereb. geospherec. hydrosphered. atmosphere


Mountains are parts of the B. Geosphere

Cryosphere is all the ice on earth, hydrosphere is all the waters, while the atmosphere is the air and everything in it. Geosphere is land.

I believe that the mountains are part of the Geosphere... Hope this helps! :-)


Explain why it is important to identify a reference point for any description of motion.


A reference is critical because it determines how much motion has occurred. You can't determine how much an objected has moved if you don't know where it came from.

N the particular case of motion, a reference point is a stationary point in space. You can then measure the displacement of objects in space from this point. A reference point is important in determining motion because in order to say that something is moving, you need to have something stationary to compare it to.

If you have a device that has an energy efficiency of 0.4 and you put in 100 units of energy, how many units of useful energy will you get out of it?


40 units of energy.    

Where does the energy in the ecosystem start?


Energy in the ecosystem is started by the sun!

Yea its the sun because its solar energy

One of the ways that simple machines make work easier is that they _____. A.multiply the force
B.use less output of energy
C.decrease the weight of the resistance
D.multiply work



A. Multiply the force


Simple machines are used to make our work easier. They either change the direction of force or multiply the force or both. Simple machines are lever, wedge, pulley, screw etc.

Example of how a simple machine multiplies force:

In a lever, effort is put at a longer end which is able to lift a heavier load at the short distance.

They multiply the force, with machines doing one job, they can have human workers doing that job also or working others to, thus multiplying the work done. Larger working force basically. Answer A.

At a convergent plate boundary, (4 points) two lithospheric plates move away from each other three lithospheric plates move over each other one lithospheric plate can slide below another one lithospheric plates stop moving


Hey there!

The answers are very hard to read because they are not separated, but i still have the answer!  It is when one plate moves on top of another pushing the lighter plate down and the heavier plate on top.

Hope it helped!
Lithospheric plates move over each other

How is the basic structure of diamond related to its bulk properties?


Diamonds structure is defined by series of multiple covalent bonds. Given that it is made of a very strong bond, this makes some of its bulk properties relatable to this. Example its density which is larger than most of the crystalline. Another is its intensive property of its temperature, given that the diamond is hard to break down, it also has high melting point.
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