What is the primary function of most bacteria in a food web?


Answer 1


The primary function of most of the bacteria in the food is to decompose the materials present in the environment.

The plants and animals that die in the environment is consumed by the bacteria so that the nutrients can be recycled in the soil.

These bacteria are present everywhere because all the living organism die a day.

The bacteria and fungi digests the organic part of the ecosystem. This is the primary function of the bacteria that is found in the food web.

Answer 2
Answer: Bacteria mostly act as "Decomposer" 'cause they decompose the dead & decaying matter, back into inorganic materials.

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How does comparative anatomy support the idea that organisms share ancestors?


When you compare different organisms and see that they have the same or similar anatomic traits, it's reasonable to assume the organisms share a common ancestor where they would have gotten trait from. (evolution)

sequence of the following star outcomes in order of the mass of the original star, with the smallest mass first: neutron star, white dwarf, and black hole?


White Dwarf:

-has a mass no greater than 1.4MSun

- typically about the size (diameter) of Earth

Neutron Star:

-usually has a very strong magnetic field

-sometimes appears as a pulsar

Black Hole:

-size defined by its Schwarzschild radius

-viewed from afar, time stops at its event horizon,


What does the biodiversity on Earth indicate about its organisms? a)They share many common structures and functions.

b)They are adapted to live in a variety of environments.

c)They have not changed over the course of Earth’s history.

d)They cannot tolerate extreme environments.


The biodiversity on Earth indicates that the organisms cannot tolerate extreme environments. Therefore, D. is the correct answer.
Your answer is D: They cannot tolerate extreme environments 

Which of the following macro molecules consist of long chains of amino acids?


Polypeptide chains consist of long chains of amino acids. They are formed together by peptide bonds.


Red blood cells are efficient oxygen transport cells. Of the following characteristics, which is the major contributor to the significant oxygen-carrying capacity of a red blood cell?



The correct answer is - red blood cells are biconcave.


RBC or the red blood cells are the cells that play an important role by many means such as transferring nutrients, hormones, and oxygen throughout the body. The transfer of the oxygen is accompanied by the help of hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen and takes it to the different sites in the body.

These cells are biconcave which helps them to provide more cell surface area to grab or attain maximum space for hemoglobin which helpful in oxygen significant oxygen-carrying capacity of Red blood cells.

Thus, the correct answer - red blood cells are biconcave.


to maintain a line of pure-breeding peas , selective breeders would use a technique called __________.


To maintain a line of pure-breeding peas, selective breeders would use a technique called artificial cross-pollination. This is a technique were breeders transfer pollen from the anthers of one pea plant (male parent) to a stigma of a flower (female parent).

This technique was developed by Gregor Mendel, the founder of the science of genetics. He was a monk who dedicated his time in research about how genes of plants are carried over through specific species. In his controlled experiment he used the pea plant because they are cheap and readily available from merchants who sold them in different classifications. He also used pea plants because they have the capacity to self-pollinate or cross-pollinate.

ADP is like a partially charged battery because it...?


ADP= partially charged battery that can be fully charged by the addition of a phosphate group.

How can food water and oxygen pass from the blood vessels into the body cells?


It enters the body bye...

Why do a chicken embryo and a cow embryo look very similar even though the adults do not? They are not related, but still have similar development.
They are distantly related, so their development is similar.
The embryos mutate in utero to form different structures.
The genetic makeup of the two species is similar.



-They are distantly related, so their development is similar.


-Comparative embryology is the branch of embryology that compares and contrasts embryos of different species. It is used to show how all animals are related. Many things are compared (such as whether or not the organism has a notochord or gill arches).

-Embryology proves the modern theory of evolution by the similar structures found in embryos. The greater the similarity in structure, the more closely related the species are and the more recent their common ancestor is.

I think the question needs to choose one from the last four lines. They are distantly related so their development is similar. They have different genetic materials. But they have similar structure of body. So they have similar embryo. And they are both vertebrate.
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