Henry is conducting an experiment with 800 bacteria. He found the exponential growth rate to be 2.7% per hour. What is the amount of bacteria present after 21 hours? Round to the nearest whole number. (Hint: Use the exponential growth formula: y = b(1+r)^t )


Answer 1
Answer: Let's formulate an equation first. For exponential growth, we follow the formula. b = 800, r - 0.027. Hence,

y = 800(1+0.027)^t

Then, at t = 21, y will be determined
y = 800 (1+0.027)^21
y = 1399.81 = 1400

Thus, the amount of bacteria present after 21 hours is 1400.

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There are 7 more ladies than men in the Highland Church choir. If there are a total of 19 choir members, how many ladies are in the choir? How many men are in the choir?


Answer:there are 12 woman and seven men

Step-by-step explanation:

In order to find out how many men are in the choir u have to subtract 19-7 and the answer is 12 now there are more females than males so the number for females would be 12 and the number of men would be seven and when you add 12+7 together you get 19

It will be 13 ladies in the choke and 6 men

On November 1, 2019, Movers, Inc., paid $24,000 for 2 years' rent beginning on November 1 (assume rent is the same amount each month). Movers' year-end financial statements as of December 31, 2019 will show:__________.


Movers' year-end financial statements as of December 31, 2019 will show the remaining amount $20,000 after the deduction of rent $4000 for the months November and December of year 2019.

Step-by-step explanation:

  • Rent paid for 2 years = $24,000
  • The rent per month = $24,000 / 12 months
  • Rent = $2,000 per month

Rent from November 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 = $20002 months

                                                                                      = $ 4000

∴ Movers' year-end financial statements as of December 31, 2019 will show the deduction of rent amount for last two months of year 2019.

By year-end, the final statement = $24,000 - $400 = $20,000 remaining.


A-2.01=5.5 what does a equal




Step-by-step explanation:


  +2.01  +2.01



a = 7.51


a - 2.01 = 5.5

Add 2.01 to both sides

a - 2.01 + 2.01 = 5.5 + 2.01

a = 7.51


Is the product of any two prime numbers always odd


No, a product of any two prime numbers is not always odd.

What is a number system?

The number system is a way to represent or express numbers.

A decimal number is a very common number that we use frequently.

Since the decimal number system employs ten digits from 0 to 9, it has a base of 10.

Any of the multiple sets of symbols and the guidelines for utilizing them to represent numbers are included in the Number System.

A prime number are numbers that have no factor other than 1 and that number itself.

For example 5,7,11


2 is also a prime number so if we multiply any other prime number by 2 then it will be an even number.

So given statement is not always true.

Hence "No, a product of any two prime numbers is not always odd".

For more about the number system,


No, it is not true.
Because, 2 is a prime number which always gives an even number when multiplied by any other prime number such as 3,5 and so on.
2×3=6 is an even number.

The result of 3x²-75=0


3x^2 - 75 = 0

Add 75 on both sides

3x^2 = 75

Divide by 3 on both sides

x^2 = 25

Take the square root of both sides

x = 5
x = -5

Phil smith is a car salesman. last week his total sales amounted to 27,650.00, and he received 1,382.50 in commissions. what is his rate of commission?


Divide 1382.5 by 27650 and you will get 0.05
This means that his commission rate is 5%

A dartboard has 8 sections of equal area. The letters represent colors red (R), yellow (Y), blue (B), and green (G). Complete the probability distribution for a dart that hits the board at a random location. Red: 1/8
Green: 3/8
Blue: 1/8




Step-by-step explanation:

If you add the top number of all the fractions you get 5. You need to get to 8, 8-5=3 so that means yellow has to be 3/8.

2/8 or 1/4 because 1/8+1/8+3/8=6/8 and 8/8-6/8=2/8 or 1/4

Use logarithms to solve each equation 2x9/8=111


We have this equation:

and we need to find the value of x.

First of all, we multiply the whole equation for 1/2, so our goal is to isolate x, therefore:

Next step we must do is to apply logarithms:

Next, we have to apply identities and then to solve the equation:

Finally, we have the value of x which was our goal. This is the answer for the question above:


Multistep sandy charges each family that she babysits a flat fee of $10 for the night and an extra $5 per child.kimmi charges $25 per night no matter how many children a family has write a equation that compare the two girls also is the fees are the same how many children a family have to have in order to be the same


Sandy: 10x + 5
Kimmi: 25x

If we want to know when the fees will be the same, we set the equations equal to each other and solve for x:
10x + 5 = 25x
5 = 15x
x = 3
So the number of children has to be 3. 
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