One effect of Reconstruction was that it gave ___________ ____________ __________ the right to vote


Answer 1
Answer: Correct answer looks like this: One effect of Reconstruction was that it gave african american men the right to vote.
Answer 2

One effect of Reconstruction was that it gaveAfrican American mentheright to vote.

Further Explanations:

1800s  era shelters the Reconstruction era that includes the industrial mounting and the gale of settlers in the United States. It was also the period of mounting fortune and commercial progress that helped the US to become notable in industrial, economic and agriculturalabsolute in the world with a National government. By the completion of the century, the United Statesmade itself leading industrial power with modern machineries.

Reconstruction Era repeatedly discussed the rights of black citizens. They were able to put a halt to slavery and grant citizenship by 1869.After the assassination of Republican President Abraham Lincoln, measures were taken to raise the condition of the Southern States slaves. Radical Republicans also sought measures to enhance the virtues of African American including the 14th Amendment to the U.S Constitution

The act laid to the establishment of military districts in South America and solely ratified the 14th Amendmentgranting polling rights to black citizens. It was the first time black citizens were permitted to poll in the United States.

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The most fundamental issue causing the sectional crisis and threatened to split the Union in 1850 was slavery, specifically, the Missouri Compromise of 1820. The Missouri Compromise admits that Missouri is a slave state and Maine is a free state.

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The Twelfth Amendment outlines the process for electing the President and the Vice-President. It details the operations of the Electoral College.

The Twelfth Amendment requires a person to receive a majority of the electoral votes for Vice President for that person to be elected Vice President by the Electoral College. If no candidate for Vice President has a majority of the total votes, the Senate, with each Senator having one vote, chooses the Vice President.

Why was Jefferson accused of being an atheist, and what does that reveal about politics and culture of the time ?


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The phrase is actually pronounced "Jus Sanguinis". 
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I hope this helps. 

Which best describes how temperature, humidity, and pressure vary within an air mass? Question options:

Temperature and humidity vary, but pressure does not.

Temperature, humidity, and pressure are basically the same all through an air mass.

Temperature at the border of an air mass is always higher than in the middle.

Humidity makes the pressure in an air mass increase.


Temperature is a quantification of hotness and coldness. It is measured in Kelvin or degree Celsius (°C), while humidity is a quantification of water vapours present in the atmosphere.

The correct answer is:

Option C. Temperature at the border of an air mass is always higher than in the middle.

The explanation for this is:

  • Air masses are different for various regions and they can get clash with an area of the different air mass.

  • Air masses have different boundaries with different temperatures it is affected by the area of air mass involved.

  • However, due to certain conditions, all three factors can be the same at the air mass.

Therefore, the temperature at the border of an air mass is always higher than in the middle.

To learn further on temperature, humidity, and pressure follow the given link:


I am going with Temperature at the border of an air mass is always higher than in the middle. hope it helped


Who said this phrase? "We can apply the laws of nature to nations, not just people or objects "


Emmerich De Vattela said that phrase

Which was a result of journalist Ida Tarbell's exposé? A. Cyrus McCormick was arrested for the Haymarket Massacre. B. The Standard Oil Company's trust was dissolved by the Supreme Court. C. Andrew Carnegie was forced to settle with striking steelworkers. D. President McKinley awarded her the Medal of Freedom


Ida Tarbell wrote "The History of the Standard Oil Company" in 1904, which exposed the Standard Oil Company. Because of her expose, the standard oil company's trust was dissolved by the Supreme Court. 


B. The Standard Oil Company's trust was dissolved by the Supreme Court.


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