What are causes and effects of unemployment?


Answer 1
Answer: The cause of unemployment in many countries is competition in the labor market. There are few employment opportunities. It leads to a situation where every available opportunity, there are more than one qualified individual. The effect is that it causes social and economic effects. The poverty index among the unemployed is high since some people do not have a source of income.
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Answer 2
Answer: Retirement, Disability, Old Age, Or must people prefer family issues

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Billy refuses to drink his orange juice from the 1/2 full glass that his mother gives to him. he wants her to pour the juice into his favorite cup and watches his mother fill it to the brim. billy likes his cup better because he gets more juice in it. with what cognitive concept in piaget's theory is billy having trouble?


Billy is having trouble in the concept of conservation, which is part of the concrete operational stage of cognitive development.

Trouble in conservation means that Billy is unable to understand that a change in the form of an object does not necessarily mean that the quantity of it has changed. In this instance, Billy has not acquired the ability to understand the 1/2 full glass of orange juice does not increase in quantity when it's poured in his favorite (smaller glass) and reaches its brim.

Can someone help me 10. What did Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island colonies have in common? (1 point)


Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island colonists have religious tolerance in common.

What are colonies?

Colonies are the areas of a nation where immigrants live. They come here in search of a decent job, a decent education, or a decent way of life. The people who used to go and migrate used to go in groups or as individuals. They'd form their own community while staying out there.

All these three island colonies had a common feature: religious tolerance. This showed that anyone who lived in those colonies could perform and believe in any religion they wanted to.

There were no bounds and they had to follow a certain religion or other religions were being banned. Freedom of religion and their beliefs was a major part of that point in time in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Learn more about colonies, here:


They are both located on the North Amercian continent.

Both colonies were founded in the 1600s.

They were both havens of religious freedom; Massachusetts primarily had the Puritans, and Pennsylvania primarily had the Quakers.

Both areas were rich in natural resources, such as lumber.

While the Massachusetts Bay Colony was at first the most populous as well as the most economically significant with it's sizable merchant fleet, the rapid growth of Philadelphia soon made it America's most important city, opening the first hospital in the British American colonies in 1751.

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Which statement best describes most eastern European countries immediately after world war 2


Most Eastern European countries were weak and fell under Soviet control, while the Western European countries fell under US control. Hope this helps.

Federalism allows increased __________.



The correct answer is - A. citizen participation and self-governance.


According to the federal form of governance, the units of a federal country, for example states, are allowed to exercise extensive self-governance.

Strong self-governance is achieved through citizen participation, when citizens of influence public policies and legislations on the state level. Meanwhile, pursuit of certain changes on federal level often need the support for particular policy to be shared among several units of the federal country (several states).


This American inventor created the cotton gin and interchangeable parts.


They guy your looking for is Eli Whitney
Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts

Martin seligman, whose experiments led to the theory of learned helplessness, also proposed that one can learn to ____. a. ​inhibit the fight-or-flight response
b. ​apply problem-focused coping
c. ​think positively about the future
d. ​engage in tragic optimism


The answer is letter C which is to think positively about the future. The learned helplessness theory is the outlook that scientific hopelessness and linked mental ailments may consequence from such existent or seeming nonappearance of resistor over the outcome of a condition. The learned helplessness happens when people or animals feel helpless to avoid negative situations and he first perceived learned helplessness when he was doing experiments on dogs. He perceived that the dogs did not try to outflow the shocks if they had been habituated to believe that they could not escape

Recognizes Moses as a great leader A.





The question is multiple answers


Religions that recognize Moses as a great leader should be B. Judaism, D. Christianity, and E.Islam. Buddhism and Hinduism don't even mention Moses. Hope this helps!
B Judaism, and D Christianity.

"children of inmates are ten times more likely to be delinquent." question 5 options: a. True

b. False


I think That statement is false
The children of inmates will often receive the moral backlash about the wrong doings of their parents.
This often make them swear to themselves that they're not gonna end up like their parents which often make them become a more successful person in life

Compare and contrast emergency procedures from elective procedures.


Emergency procedures are processes that needs to have a quick action to arrive at a fast resolution. But it must still be conducted in an orderly manner. An elective procedure is a planned surgery. It is subjected to choice or election.

Responses will vary. A sample response follows: Emergency procedures are those that are life threatening and must be resolved quickly. Elective procedures may be important but can wait for the appropriate time and place to be completed. Hope it helps it is the Edge Nuity answer

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