What is the simplified form of the expression √1/144.


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is 

The simplified form of the expression √1/144 is:

Answer 2


 which is the simplified form

Step-by-step explanation:

We have been given the expression:

We have to find its simplified form means the maximum solved form of the given expression

As we know:



Here, a=144 and b=12

Hence, the simplified expression of the given expression is:

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In Missy's sports card collection,3/4 of the cards are baseball cards. In franks collection 8/12 are baseball cards. Frank says they have the same fraction of baseball cards. Is he correct?


Frank is incorrect because both fractions are not same.

Step-by-step explanation:

We have to compare both fractions in their simplest forms to compare them


Baseball cards in Missy's Collection:    

Baseball cards in Frank's Collection:  

Converting the fraction in simplest form will give us:

Both the fractions are not same as one is 3/4 and one is 2/3.


Frank is incorrect

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$700 at 8% for 6 years is...?


So if it is simple interest then
700+6 times (8% of 700)=answer

percent means partsout of 100
'of' means mutily
700+6 times (0.08 times 700)=700+6 times (0.56)= 700+3.36=703.36
answer is $703.36

15 and 14.7 are 1 apart, so 15 – 14.7 must be 1.




Step-by-step explanation:

15 - 14.7 =

15 .0



We need to borrow from the ones place

14.  10

-14.  7



15- 14.7  = .3


According to a study conducted in one city, 35% of adults in the city have credit card debts more than $2.000. A simple random sample of n=250 adults is obtained from the city. Describe the sampling distribution of P^, the sample proportion of adults who have credit card debts of more than $2000.(Round to three decimal places when necessary.)Select from one of the 4 answers belowA. approximately- normal; \mu p=0.35, \sigma p=0.030B. approximately- normal; \mu p=0.35, \sigma p=0.001C. exactly- normal; \mu p=0.35, \sigma p=0.030D.Binomial; \mu p=87.5, \sigma p=7.542



Binomial; \mu p=87.5, \sigma p=7.542

Step-by-step explanation:

  • a distribution is said be a binomial distribution iff
  1. The probability of success of that event( let it be p) is same for every trial
  2. each trial should have 2 outcome : p or (1-p) i.e, success or failure only.
  3. there are fixed number of trials (n)
  4. the trials are independent
  • here, the trials are obviously independent ( because, one person's debt doesn't influence the other person's)
  • here n=250
  • the probability of success(0.35) is same for every trial

(35/100=0.35 is the required p here)

[since, the formula for ]

[since, the formula for [tex]\sigma _{p} =\sqrt{n*(p)*(1-p)}

  • therefore, it is Binomial; \mu p=87.5, \sigma p=7.542


Mike biked 6 3/4 miles, and Noah biked 4 1/2 miles. How many times the length of Noah's bike ride was mike's bike ride? Please show the steps. Thank you,



1.5 times

Step-by-step explanation:

6.75/4.5 = 1.5


Find two consecutive positive odd integers whose product is 35.


2 consecutive odd integers: x, x+2

x* (x+2) = 35


subtract 35 from each side

x^2 +2x-35=0

(x+7) (x-5)=0

x=-7 x=5

they must be positive so x=5


Answer: 5,7

5 and 7 are the integers that answer this question


Which of the following is a recurring fee? A. Points
B. Appraisal
C. Taxes
D. Processing


C taxes i hope this helps
Hi there!

Every year, Americans have to pay a fee that is called "Taxes." There are a few types of different taxes. For example, one of which is referred to as "Income Taxes." It essentially just groups out everyone's different incomes and takes away a percentage of it. All Taxes collected to straight to the government.

In conclusion, your answer is "C. Taxes."

Hope this helps!
- Sofie

Matthew is a pilot of a small plane. He flew 3,140 miles last week. It took him a total of 10 hours to fly this distance. Write and solve an equation to find Matthew's average speed in miles per hour. Then find the number of miles he will be able to fly in 25 hours.



7,850 miles

Step-by-step explanation:

To find the speed use the formula s = d/t. Substitute d = 3140 and t = 10 to simplify to get the speed.

3140/10 = 314.0 miles per hour.

This is the rate of change for the pilot. Over 25 hours, he will fly 314*25 = 7850.

He would fly 7,850 miles.


Rosa and Albert receive the same amount of allowance each week . The table shows what part of their allowance they each spent on video games and pizza Video games Pizza. Video games Pizza

Rosa, 0.4 2/5. Albert, 1/2 0.25

Who spent more of their allowance on video games? Write an inequality to compare the portion spent on video games


1/2 x > 0.4x

where Robert's spending is greater than Rosa's spending.

Allowance of Rosa = Allowance of Robert

let x = allowance

Rosa : video games = 0.4(x) ; pizza = 2/5 (x)
Robert : video games = 1/2 (x) ; pizza = 0.25 (x)

let us assume that their allowance is 100 each week. so, x = 100

Rosa : video games = 0.40(100) = 40
           pizza 2/5 (100) = 200/5 = 40
total spending: 40 + 40 = 80

Robert : video games = 1/2 (100) = 50
             pizza 0.25 (100) = 25
total spending: 50 + 25 = 75

Spending on video games
Rosa = 40
Robert = 50

Robert spent more of his allowance on video games than Rosa.

1/2 x > 0.4x
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