Tina bought some nail polish and lip gloss at the store. The nail polish cost $4.50 per bottle and lip gloss cost $7 per tube, Tina bought 9 items and spent 50.50. How many of each item did she buy


Answer 1
Answer: Tina bought 5 bottles of nail polish and 4 tubes of lip gloss. 
Answer 2

5 nail polishes and 4 lip glosses

nail polish= $22.50

lip gloss= $28.00

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Jane says that multiply a decimal by 100 is the same as multiplying the decimal by three factors of 10. Is Jane correct? Explain your answer.



Jane is incorrect.

Step-by-step explanation:

We have been given a statement. We are asked to determine whether the given statement is true or not.

Jane says that multiply a decimal by 100 is the same as multiplying the decimal by three factors of 10.


When we multiply a decimal by 100, it will move the decimal to two digits to right and multiplying a number by 1000 will the decimal to three digits to right.

Therefore, Jane is incorrect.

Jane is incorrect, this is because 3 factors of ten equals 1000(10*10*10=1000) and 100 is not equal to 1000 meaning you are not multiplying by the same number.

A shop owner bought 30 files and some diaries .he paid $82.50 for the files.each diary cost 10 times as much as a file.what was the cost of each diary?



82.50/30 = 2.75

Multiply by 10:

2.75 x 10 = 25.5

The cost was $27.50

Step-by-step explanation:

Each journal cost $2.75

The Colorado River is 1,450 miles long. This is 752 miles shorter than the Mississippi River. Write an equation that describes this relationship.


1450-752=698 miles long Mississippi River.


Why are Spanish, Franch, and Italian known as Romance language?


Spanish, French and Italian are known as Romance languages because they are originated from Rome.

What are Romance Languages?

Romance languages are a group of modern languages which have evolved from Vulgar Latin from the Roman times and then formed a subgroup of the Indo-European language family.

There are more than 40 distinct Romance languages including Spanish, French and Italian.

These languages has got it's name not because they are the language of love, but because of it's origin from the ancient Roman dialects.

Romans spoke the language called Latin in the ancient times. When they travelled all the way around Europe, many dialects of Latin originated and eventually unite all these to form the Romance languages.

Spanish is the most spoken of all the Romance languages.

The third most spoken Romance language is French.

Italian is the language which is most closely related to Latin because of it's pronunciation and vocabulary similarity.

Hence because they are originated from Rome, Spanish, French and Italian are known as Romance languages.

To learn more about Romance languages, click :



Okay haha Franch! It’s actually French but I like Franch better, so we’ll have it your way. Sorry, had to get that out of the way.

Ahhh... the Romance languages. There are 7 total, but Spanish, Franch, and Italian are know as the “romance” languages because they were originally spoken by the Romans. And surprisingly... that’s it. Literally, that’s the reason. Now you know.

That was fun and it was also a great question. Have a terrific night!

A triangle has vertices x (1,1) y (4,1) and z (4,5). What is the length of side XZ?


length is calculated by √(x¹-x²)^2+(y¹-y²)^2

length of XZ= √(4-1)^2+(5-1)^2= √9+16 √25 = 5 or -5 (reject -5 as length>0)


For what value of x is the rational expression below equal to zero 2-x/2+x


so x must be 2 for the equation to be equal to zero

The starting salary for a delivery driver is $35,000 per year with a yearly increase of 3%. Which type of function best models this situation? A) exponential
B) linear
C) quadratic
D) radical



The answer is exponential hope this helps mark me brainliest.

Answer: Exponential


Step-by-step explanation:


A steel pipe is 55cm long and has an inside radius of 8cm and an outside of 10cm. What volume of steel is needed to manufacture this length of pipe?


The volume of steel needed to manufacture the 55cm pipe is
11,052.80 cm³

length or height = 55 cm long
inner radius = 8 cm
outer radius = 10 cm
volume of pipe = ?

Pipe volume is computed by multiplying pi with radius raised to the 2nd power and by the height of the pipe.

Pipe volume = π r² h
let π = 3.14
radius used is the inner radius of the tube = 8cm

Pipe volume = 3.14 * (8cm)² * 55cm
Pipe volume = 3.14 * 64 cm²* 55 cm
Pipe volume = 11,052.80 cm³

Christina uses a ruler to measure the length of the math book she says that the book is 4/10 m long is her measurement in simplest form if not what is the length of the book in simplest form



  2/5 m or 4 dm

Step-by-step explanation:

The fraction 4/10 can be reduced by removing a factor of 2 from numerator and denominator. The length could be expressed as 2/5 m.

The metric system has unit prefixes that make it easy to choose appropriate units for almost any measurement. Apparently Christina wants to use 1/10 m as her unit of measurement. That length is also called a "decimeter." So, Christina's measurement could be expressed in very simple form as 4 dm.


A decimeter is not a particularly common unit in everyday use, though it is reasonably useful for many purposes.* More conventionally, lengths in that range are expressed in centimeters, so Christina's measurement could also be described as 40 cm.


* I like units of decimeters for volume calculations, because a cubic decimeter is 1 liter.

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