Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are often described in two ways: (1) they are chemically opposite;
(2) they have a relationship to each other.

Explain what these two statements mean. Be sure to include the specific substances used and released by each process.


Answer 1
Answer: 1. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are often described as been chemically opposite because THE PRODUCTS OF ONE PROCESS ARE THE REACTANTS OF ANOTHER AND VICE VERSA.
The reactants of cellular respiration are glucose and oxygen and these happen to be the products of photosynthesis also. During the process of photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight to produce glucose and oxygen. During cellular respiration, glucose is broken down in the presence of oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water, which are the reactants of the photosynthesis process. 

2. Photosynthesis and cellular processes are related to each other, this is because, the photosynthesis process produces the glucose, which cellular respiration used to synthesis energy in the cells of living organisms. Thus, the glucose producing plants depend on the living organisms that carried out cellular respiration to produce carbon dioxide and water, which is the necessary reactants for photosynthesis process. The organisms using cellular respiration also depend on plants to produce glucose and oxygen for their use.

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If a Tt is crossed with aTt plant what is the chance that a tt offspring will be produced


T t
t Tt tt

Based on the Punnet Square, there would be a 25% chance of having a tt offspring.

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ASAP In chickens, rose comb (R) is dominant over single comb (r). When a heterozygous rose-combed rooster is mated with a single-combed hen, what is the expected phenotypic ratio of the offspring?


In this offspring, both rose comb and single comb can be expected.

Creating a punnet square will show this with Rr (Heterozygous) being on top and rr (homozygous) being on the left side. When put into the punnet square, it shows a 50/50 chance for both results with two homozygous chances of rr and two heterozygous chances of Rr.

Therefore, the phenotypic ratio of the offspring would be 2:2 or 50/50 as both have an equal chance.

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The expected phenotypic ratio of the offspring would be

75% rose comb


25% single comb


Why is O the most common blood type in humans even though it is a recessive trait?


O is the most common blood type in humans even though it is a recessive trait because the gene for the O blood type is common within in the gene pool.

What are the characteristics of gene pool?

A gene pool is a collection of different genes, both expressed and not expressed, present in a population of a particular species. This can be any population in consideration for example frogs in a pond, trees in a forest, etc.

This can occur by a variety of mechanisms, including mutations, natural selection, and genetic drift. The result is a gene pool that is altered to be attuned to the needs of the population's specific environment.

Some alleles may provide resistance to disease or increase the chances that an organism will adapt to environmental change. Scientists recognize that we need to preserve genetic diversity in plants and animals.

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Because the gene for the O blood type is common within in the gene pool.

It doesn't matter whether the gene is dominant or recessive, it matters on how on that ^

Sugar Cellular
Identify What are the starting materials
and products of photosynthesis and cellular


Photosynthesis: Water + Carbon Dioxide + Energy —> Oxygen + Sugar the reverse reaction is cellular respiration.

Which layer of the atmosphere is most strongly affected by conditions on Earth's surface? A) Thermosphere
B) Troposphere
C) Stratosphere
D) Mesosphere​


The layer of the atmosphere is most strongly affected by conditions on Earth's surface is Option A.

The following information should be considered:

  • The thermosphere means the layer in the Earth's atmosphere directly above the mesosphere and below the exosphere.
  • This layer of the atmosphere, ultraviolet radiation causes molecules, developing ions.

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Its actually the Thermosphere.


The person above is incorrect

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Describe each part of the geosphere, including the parts that make up the lithosphere and asthenosphere.


Geosphere is one of the major spheres of the earth. It is the area where there is presence of rocks, minerals and the Earth’s plastered layer (ground) externally and internally. Lithosphere on one hand is a subtype of a geosphere that focuses on the outer layers or the crust to the uppermost mantle of the earth. It has two types:
1.       Oceanic lithosphere is the water crust
2.       Subducted lithosphere is the land crust
While the asthenosphere is just below the lithosphere. It is responsible for the isostatic alteration and plate tectonic movements.  


Digoxin is a drug that leads to increases in potassium ion concentration in the interstitial fluid. Determine the condition that results from digoxin toxicity.


Explanation:  It is a type of poisoning that occurs when a person takes too much of digoxin . Digoxin toxicity is life threatening. The most common symptoms are gastrointestinal and include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea etc. Cardiac arrests are most concerning. It blocks the sodium/potassium ATPase pump. It also causes hyperkalemia. The potassium or sodium ATPase causes sodium to leave cells, allowing potassium to enter, which results in higher serum potassium levels.


you are planning a experiment to find out whether the rate at which water freezes depends on the shape of its container and identify the manipulate variable and the responding variable. list the other variables you would control.


Controlling variables would include the shape of the container, its volume (you should have several containers of the different shape but same volumes) and the ambient temperature that the container is inserted into (assuming that this temperature remains constant during the freezing process).


Lysosomes are responsible for providing the cell with energy

the transport of material

formation of DNA

the break-down of substances in the cell


Lysosomes break down waste and other material inside of cells
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