To save words, make liberal use of references such as "the latter," "the former," "the aforementioned," and "as mentioned above." Group of answer choices True False


Answer 1

Answer: True


Words such as "the latter," "the former," "the aforementioned," and "as mentioned above." are a brief and concise summaries. They minimize the words to be used in a sentence or sentences

Answer 2




Earlier years of civilization was characterized with the gathering of stones and sticks to make fire. The later serves the function of a fuel while the former is like a matchstick. From the aforementioned, we would see that earlier civilization is a precursor to today's advancement. This enables them to carry out their daily activities with ease as fire was integral to man's survival.

As mentioned above, fire making wouldn't have been possible without these two basic tools and survival of the human race wouldn't have been preserved till date since food wouldn't be possible to make.

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Which idea about colonialism is mostly clearly expressed in this exerpt? a.the actions of the colonist are foolish and inefected.
b.more explosives are needed in order to tame africa.
c.the colonist cruelly harm human beings for no reason.
d.colonist are essentially fearfull and cowardly creatures.






B is your answer, hopefully i helped

Garth is very deliberate and detail oriented. He enjoys researching and working on long projects, then seeing them through. Garth has many qualifications that align with a career in? PLEASE HURRY 74 PTS AVAILABLE


I would say the answer would be planning because he is detail oriented and very deliberate and good at working on long term projects and seeing them through to the end so he could not only plan but also help to implement projects and ensure they were kept on time and on budget.

The right answer is planning. Planning requires all of the skills here mentioned. He needs to be deliberate and detail oriented in order to foresee any kind of problems that may surface in the development of the plan. For example: If planning for a housing project, he would need to know about any potential geological failures in the area.    

Planning also requires researching since it is important to know about the different important concepts that surround what you are planning. Following the example of the housing project, it would be good to know about the zone, the people who live in the surroundings, the facilities around the zone (hospitals, supermarkets).  

Time is also something that is needed in planning, since planning results in long projects if carried out correctly. Lastly, the ability to oversee is also important for a planner, since he needs to make sure that the plan he has conceived is seen through. In the example of the housing project, it takes months, sometimes years to finish the project, and at least one overseer or supervisor is needed to ensure the project is done both in time and correctly.  


Which of the following is not a quality of a productive discussion?A.Proposing a claimB.Mutual agreementC.Simple yes/no questionsD.Active listening


Answer:The answer is (c)

Simple yes/no question s is not a quality of a productive discussion.

Explanation:Productive discussion is one which motivates the students and create opportunities for them to participate ,practice and sharpen their various skills.Large number of factors are taken into consideration while planning a discussion .But simple yes/no question cannot make our discussion productive.We can start a discussion with yes/no questions only if any particular question has follow question that requires explanation.

Otherwise simple yes /no question will become discussion stopper.it will badly influence the discussion.It makes the discussion monotonous.Listeners loose their interest.

Discussion provides an opportunity to students to explore new things.A detailed discussion will enable students to clear their doubts and get answers for their queries ,but if we limit our discussion to simple yes/no question then it will limit the ability of students to learn anything new from that discussion.Their knowledge will remain stable and it will not enhance .There will be no benefit of that discussion.


Rewrite the sentence to make the pronoun reference clear: Students like mathematics teachers because they are practical.


The correct sentence that will make the pronoun reference clear will be:

Students like mathematics teachers because the teachers are practical.

What is a pronoun?

A pronoun can be defined as a word that replaces noun in a sentence. Pronouns are generally used to refer to the noun that already has been used in the sentence before.

The examples of pronouns are he, she, they, it, and so on.

The given sentence has two nouns, students and the teachers. hence it is unclear to define the word that the pronoun is used for the students or the teachers.

Therefore, the pronoun is replaced with a noun to make it more clear.

Hence the rephrased sentence is, Students like mathematics teachers because the teachers are practical.

Learn more about pronouns here:


Students like practical mathematics teachers. 

The meaning of the word gloating


To boast or vaunt or even bragging

To brag or boast to show you are better off


 Which statement describes the main argument of Truth’s speech


What is this question based off of

Which pronoun best completes the sentence? How is the pronoun used? Oscar practiced with Stewart and __________. A. me; direct object B. I; object of a preposition C. me; object of a preposition D. I; direct object


The answer is B
Oscar practiced with Stewart and I.

Based on the words luminous, treasure, search, lose, scintillating, and riddle that are used in the poem, what does the poet think of love?


A poem is a piece of literature or writing that uses various forms of writing such as verbs, lyrics, rhythm, metaphors, stanzas, and many more. A poem is either based on true feelings or made based upon a particular imagery object.

The poet thinks of love to be precious and mysterious.

The poet thinks love is very precious for the couple being in love, but on the other side, the poet says the feeling and experience of love can be mysterious as the young couple does not know what will be their circumstances in the near future.

The poet uses various words such as luminous for brilliant intellectual; a treasure for something hidden, search is used for wondering, riddle is sued for a puzzled person or someone in confusion.

To know more about a poem, refer to the link:


Precious but mysterious

What does it mean to provide elaboration?


To explain something. You need to answer a question elaborately. 
'To provide elaboration' is to develop something in further detail. 
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4. The Truman Doctrine A. shifted from globalist US foreign policy B. was concerned with containing democracy C. shifted from isolationist US foreign policy D. reenacted the Monroe Doctrine 5. The US Policy of containment in China was effective after WWII and led to a democratic China. True False 6. What led to the creation of first suburban housing developments? A. Truman Doctrine B. Marshall Plan C. Brown v. Board of Education D. G.I. Bill of Rights 7. What supported weak western European countries economically to create thriving democracies? A. Domino Theory B. Sputnik 1 C. The Marshall Plan D. G.I. Bill of Rights 8. Stopping the spread of communism globally through supporting democracy and capitalism: A. US policy of containment B. McCarthyism C. Roosevelt Corollary D. Brown v. Board of Education 10. The creation of a national space program (NASA) was a main effect of A. McCarthyism B. the Korean War C. the launch of Sputnik D. The Marshall Plan 11. What was the first man-made earth satellite launched by the Soviet Union? A. Sven B. Apollo C. Sputnik D. Stalin 12. Because racial tension in the military needed to be reduced and Korean War need for more troops A. Truman signed GI Bill of Rights B. Truman signed executive order integrating military C. Eisenhower ordered National Interstate and Defense Act D. McCarthy enacted the Marshall Plan 13. Why were Americans concerned they were inferior to Soviets? A. Sputnik launch B. Failure of Marshall Plan C. Korean War D. Brown v. Board 14. Who made sweeping claims against people with no evidence to back charges? A. Sputnik B. McCarthy C. Truman D. Eisenhower 15. Why were some southern schools shut down instead of integrating schools? A. Plessy v. Ferguson B. Brown v Board C. Truman Doctrine D. Marshall Plan 16. What was the period of the conflict between democratic US and communist USSR from 1945-1991? A. The Great War B. The Cold War C. Truman's War D. Vietnam 9. What was a govt. sponsored creation of infrastructure and US military moved more efficiently? A. GI Bill of Rights B. National Interstate and Defense Highways Act C. Marshall Plan D. Truman Doctrine