What happened when mexico offered land to settlers


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When mexico offered land Americans settled in Texas. After the Mexican American War a treaty was formed which helped Americans gain more land.

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Answer:as in the Mexican cession


The Mexican Cession is the region in the modern-day southwestern United States that Mexico ceded to the U.S. in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 after the Mexican–American War. This region had not been part of the areas east of the Rio Grande which had been claimed by the Republic of Texas, though the Texas annexation resolution two years earlier had not specified the southern and western boundary of the new state of Texas. The Mexican Cession (529,000 sq. miles; 1 370 104 km2) was the third-largest acquisition of territory in US history. The largest was the Louisiana Purchase, with some 827,000 sq. miles (2 141 920 km2; including land from fifteen present U.S. states and two Canadian provinces), followed by the acquisition of Alaska (about 586,000 sq. miles; 1 517 700 km2).

Most of the area had been the Mexican territory of Alta California, while a southeastern strip on the Rio Grande had been part of Santa Fe de Nuevo México, most of whose area and population were east of the Rio Grande on land that had been claimed by the Republic of Texas since 1835, but never controlled or even approached aside from the Texan Santa Fe Expedition. Mexico controlled the territory later known as the Mexican Cession, with considerable local autonomy punctuated by several revolts and few troops sent from central Mexico, in the period from 1821–22 after independence from Spain up through 1846 when U.S. military forces seized control of California and New Mexico on the outbreak of the Mexican–American War. The northern boundary of the 42nd parallel north was set by the Adams–Onís Treaty signed by the United States and Spain in 1821 and ratified by Mexico in 1831 in the Treaty of Limits (Mexico-United States). The eastern boundary of the Mexican Cession was the Texas claim at the Rio Grande and extending north from the headwaters of the Rio Grande, not corresponding to Mexican territorial boundaries. The southern boundary was set by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which followed the Mexican boundaries between Alta California (to the north) and Baja California and Sonora (to the south). The United States paid Mexico $15 million for the land which became known as the Mexican Cession.

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In the Daoist tradition, artists in the Tang and Song dynasties sought to reflect the A. spiritual essence of the natural world.
B. uncertainty of human existence.
C. motion and chaos of busy cities.
D. stark realities of urban life.


A) spiritual essence of the natural world

What happened as the number of public schools in the south began to grow?



Schools began to grow in the South after the Reconstruction Period. Jim Crow laws implemented in the South, which separated the African American from whites. The laws legalized the segregation in the South, which allowed separated schools for African American and whites. During this period numbers of schools began to grow in the South, which kept the African American separated from the others.

Blacks and white were kept in seperate schools.

In the space provided, write a 600-word persuasive speech encouraging the U.S. to offer support to India's independence movement. Identify rights and struggles common to the two countries to generate support for your topic.


To the People of the USA in the person of  your present authorities:

It is our moral duty to begin this letter by manifesting India's strong support for the work of the Allied countries trying so hard of getting ahead in these dark days of world history.

It is necessary to emphasize that India is at this moment, trying to become a great free nation with the capacity to fight for peace. However, it is not easy to attend to external affairs when, within our own country, we are not capable of imposing unity and conciliation of opinions.

Just as many years ago the United States of America, all together as the great nation you are,  led a battle for its freedom from the British yoke.  And this is the historic moment in which India needs to get rid of the same problem, in order to face the future without the shame of subordination to the interests of others.

The United States of America also faces a difficult challenge today in its internal search to resolve the struggles between white and black people. We follow closely that complex events which are comparable to the disunity that today prevents us from facing the common enemy, which is not so much the foreigner as is our own our lack of maturity to face small quarrels and to advocate all for a common destiny.

This Great World War is the environment that overshadows any attempt to concentrate on internal interests, but we are convinced that we can not make a contribution to the solution of world problems if we do not first solve those at home.

Every day, we lose strength, involved in internal struggles that weaken us in the face of the British enemy and prevent us from becoming a single voice that advocates peace, union, liberty and equality as the only possibilities for a promising future.

We are all aware that Great Britain is – between others- your ally in this contest, and we understand the difficult position of the United States if tried to mediate in favor of India, endangering the strength that today must be shown to the enemies you face in common.

However, the USA is an older brother who faced similar vicissitudes in the past and this position is the reason why we feel the need to request mediation and support about the cause that overwhelms us.

More than two million of us have already been engaged in this World War to fight at the command of British forces. Our location is strategic to the extent of our proximity to Russia, China, and even Japan, so, for better or for worse, our geographical situation puts us in a strategic place that will always be available to you whenever it is necessary to try to contribute to peace and dialogue.

Undoubtedly, our true support in this war will be with the Allied forces, but it is essential that this help comes as a free and responsible people of their destiny and not as cannon fodder that is sent to die on the battlefield without understanding what which represents this war for India and its particular interests, which are none other than the restoration of world peace.

Meanwhile, you receive these words, we will be expecting it to come into substantial agreements and reflect the same good intentions with which this letter is being written. We do not hesitate to be at your disposal for any misunderstanding that may arise from this, and as long as this serves as the beginning of future conversations, we declare ourselves, sincerely yours.


The US Constitution was drafted 1787 in response which main flaw of the Articles of Confederation? A. too little power given to the federal government to enforce the laws and protect the nation
B. too little power given to minority groups
C. too much power given to the Executive Branch
D. too much influence allowed to foreign governments


The answer is A.

The Articles of Confederation had strong state governments but a weak federal government, which caused conflict as the states did not work in unison very well.


Where would negatively charged particles be most likely found in an atom? A.) on the protons
B.) inside the neutrons
C.) inside the nucleus
D.) outside the nucleus


"Outside the nucleus" is the one among the following choices given in the question that negatively charged particles be most likely found in an atom. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the fourth option or option "D". I hope that the answer has come to your help. 

The correct answer would be D: Outside the nuecleus. A nucleus is home to protons (Positivley charged particles), and  neutrons (nutreally charged particles, or particles without a charge). Electrons (particles with a negative charge) surround the outside of a nucleus.


How did the English come in possession of New York


New York was a Dutch colony by the name of New Amsterdam however following hostile relations and wars the English wanted to take it. Charles the second awarded it to the Duke of York despite the Dutch owning it, hence the name New York, and when he went to take it the Dutch governor Peter Stuyvesant surrendered it without a fight

Public opinion overrode the presidential power to persuade in which of these instances?


Public opinion overrode public support during the election.
One of the most crucial factors to win the election is public favoribility toward a certain candidate.
No matter how smart or charming a candidate, he/she won't win any election if that person couldn't make the public like and trust them.

Use the following two words(precedent and cabinet) in a sentence about the first Washington presidency.


The two words usage in a sentence should be shown below.

The use of two words i.e. precedent and cabinet:

Washington fixed the precedent for how the cabinet members should interact with the presidency by developing the cabinet since the chief executive's private advisors.  It contains the four members i.e. state secretary, treasury secretary, war secretary, and the general of attorney.

In this way, these two words should be used.

learn more about cabinet here: brainly.com/question/151088?referrer=searchResults

Washington set the precedent for how cabinet members would interact with the presidency by establishing the cabinet as the chief executive's private advisors.  

The four original members were the Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of War Henry Knox, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph.  


What contemporary issues create conflict between states, and how might the current administration address those issues through national policy?


Historically speaking, the issues that cause the most conflict between states have to do with the regulation of commerce between the states--an example today being healthcare, which gets increasingly complicated with things like the Internet, which "even the playing field". The Obama Administration deals with these issues by making it mandatory for people to have the commodity in question--in this case health insurance. 


One such example of an issue that creates conflict between states would be the Affordable Care Act, since this treats most states the same when it comes to penalties. The way in which the current administration addresses this issue is to impose fines for those who choose not to have health insurance.


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