Another political scientific model of American politics says government is influenced by the efforts of multiple minority organized groups with opposing interests and values. According to this model, all citizens potentially affected by policies can and will organize and thereby exert influence over policy. What model is this?


Answer 1


Explanation: Pluralism is based on the idea that many minority and not the people, are in charge of governing the United States . These minority organizations or groups are unions, trade and professional association, civil rights activists , business and financial lobbies, environmentalists, and formal and informal like minded citizens. These groups influences the making and administration of laws and policy , because not every public citizens are part of these groups this means the rest of the people are just bystanders .

Pluralists suggest that democracy isn't desirable because not every public citizen have an expertise to share in the making of policies and they can't be gathered all the time during the policy formulation process because that is close to impossible , to gather all the public citizens all the time when policies are being initiated.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of federalism to democracy?


The advantage of a federal government would be   It Allows local states to be independent and has an autonomy toward their territories, while providing opportunities for the central government to intervene.

The disadvantage would be there would be less uniformity between people on different states in response to the issues that the country face.


Greg shakes the apple tree to get an apple to fall for him to eat. Now when he shakes the tree, no apples fall so he runs into the tree with his shoulder to get an apple to fall. Running into the tree with his shoulder is an example of:


Answer: An Extinction Burst

Explanation: Extinction burst occurs when there is a continuous reaction to a stimulus that initially produced a positive reinforcements but has presently cease to exist (extinction). It can also be expressed as when an unwanted behavior increase rate or intensifies due to absence of an expected happening.


Inga is participating in a debate. in reviewing her performance, inga will most likely attribute her own errors to __________ and her opponent’s errors to


Inga is participating in a debate. in reviewing her performance, inga will most likely attribute her own errors to noise from the crowd and her opponent’s errors to lack of preparation.
Most people have the tendency to reflect every responsibility for negative outcome to outside factor because they do not want to be seen as people with lower social value among their peers.

Which is not a trade-off for students who spend a semester abroad?


I think the correct answer from the choices listed above is the third option. Experiencing the culture of another country is not a trade-off for students who spend a semester abroad. Hope this answers the question. Have a nice day. Feel free to ask more questions

Barbara is a law school student who needed money for books. She learned through ads in the campus newspaper that she could sell her eggs for a considerable amount of money.She decided to do so, provided her identity would never be revealed, and she would never have any parental responsibilities for a child born as a result of her donation. She signed a contractual agreement with a lab to that effect. At the time she was unaware that she carried a gene for a rare disorder that results in serious physical disabilities and premature death. When the lab used her eggs and it resulted in the birth of a seriously disabled child, the lab gave the parents Barbara’s name and address so she could be tested. This fact pattern raises all but which one of the potential liability issues that may arise in the ART context?



rare cases can be found


Which of the following did both Hitler and Mussolini use to maintain their power? propaganda censorship terror all of the above


Definitely all of the above. I know it's not the brainliest answer but give me a thanks!
All the above 
Propaganda to promote themselves and to the world
Censorship the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.
Terror of course because nobody wanted to die. So everyone obeyed and listened 

People who are competent and self-confident disclose more than do those who are less competent and lower in self-esteem.


That statement is false

People who are more competent and self-confident actually disclose less compared to the people that have low self-esteem.
People who have low self-esteem tend to constantly find approval from other people in the form of praise, which cause them to disclose more compared to those that have high self esteem

But i can assure them that our professional advisers of the three services unitedly advise that we should carry on the war, and that there are good and reasonable hopes of final victory. which audience appeal does churchill most clearly use here?


Answer: Ethos

Ethos refers to an appeal that highlights the credibility of the speaker, or whoever is making the claim. In this case, Churchill is making an appeal to ethos. He is tellings his audience that "professional advisers" believe that the war should continue, and that they have good chances of winning it. He is clearly appealing to the credibility of these experts.

The answer should be Ethos 

Which statements reflect the Democratic Party's position on energy? Check all that apply. The United States should import more oil.
The United States should develop all of its natural resources.
The United States should encourage fuel efficiency.
The United States should only increase drilling for oil.
The United States should focus only on forming partnerships with oil-rich nations.


Answer: The democrat position on energy are;

1) The United States should encourage fuel efficiency.

2)The United States should develop all of its natural resources.

Explanation: The Democratic party stands on a view that the United States oil and natural gas should be reserved for the future generations, by reducing the rate of production form it's reservoir. This means that other natural resources that can produce energy should be developed, so that the country will be able to have an independent energy source, that is free from the oil and gas reserve. And this will save the billions of dollars that is spent on oil subsidies from foreign countries.

The Democrats also stand on the view that efficient energy will help to reduce carbon and other environmental effect. This efficient energy can be produced from other energy source, that are not oil and Natural gas.


The Unites states should develop all of its natural resources.

The United States should develop fuel efficiency.


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