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How much energy in joules is found in a photon of yellow light with wavelength 5.9 x 10 -7 m?


There are so many wave that comes under electromagnetic wave like infrared wave, radio wave. The energy of  a photon of yellow light with wavelength 5.9 x 10⁻⁷ m is 3.39×10⁻¹⁹J.

What is electromagnetic wave?

Electromagnetic wave is a wave which contain two component one is electric component and other is magnetic component. The electric and magnetic component are perpendicular to each other.

There is a relation between energy of wave. frequency of wave, and wavelength of wave




E = energy of electromagnetic wave

h is planks constant having value 6.67×10⁻³⁴js

c is speed of light that is 3×10⁸m/s

λ is the wavelength of electromagnetic wave

Substituting the given values

E={6.67×10⁻³⁴js×3×10⁸m/s}÷5.9 x 10⁻⁷m

E= 3.39×10⁻¹⁹J

Therefore the energy of  a photon of yellow light with wavelength 5.9 x 10⁻⁷ m is 3.39×10⁻¹⁹J

To know more about electromagnetic wave, here:


Try using E = hc/λ

E= energy
h = plancks constant
c = speed of light
λ = wavelength

A short-term job or work project that can be paid or unpaid and can lead to a full-time, paying position is called a(n) _____.


Answer: internship
Internship is an example of opportunity given by employers to prospective employees that are currently in their undergraduate years. They will be working in the company for a specific period of time and maybe hired by the company if performance is approved by the management.  Internship is also known as work placement that can be full-time or even part-time but it is usually part time when interns are from the university and during semestral periods while it can be full-time during summer periods.

Answer: Internship

Explanation: Sorry for the late answer hope this helps

can u plz give a brainliest


As the electric current in a lightbulb is slowly increased, the filament glows more and more brightly. Why does this happen?



As the current in a light bulb increases gradually, the filament shines more and more brightly. This occurs as the more current passes through a light bulb, the brighter it glows.  

The more the current, the more will be the power, here the power determines the brightness of a bulb. More the current, the more will be the dissipation of power in the form of light and heat. If the current enhances then the brightness will also get an increase.  

It happens due to the inner resistance. Resistance causes heating of tungsten filament and with more resistance, a light bulb produces more light.

Why is nh3 classified as a polar molecule



An ammonia molecule contains electronegative nitrogen atom. The difference between electronegativity of nitrogen and hydrogen atom is high.

Therefore, nitrogen will attract the shared pair of electrons more towards itself. As a result, there will be partial positive charge on hydrogen and partial negative charge on nitrogen.

Thus, due to these charges  is polar in nature.


Which one of the following series of lines in the hydrogen spectrum arises from transitions down to n=2


Balmer series of lines arises when the transitions occur down to n=2

Excess protons in the blood decrease the amount of HCO − 3 and thus reduce the buffering capacity of blood. A rapid drop in pH could lead to death. Normal values for blood are pH = 7.4 , [ HCO − 3 ] = 24.0 mM , [ CO 2 ] = 1.2 mM . (a) If a patient has a blood pH = 7.03 and [CO2] = 1.2 mM, what is the [HCO3−] in the patient’s blood? The pKa of HCO3−= 6.1. (b) Suggest a possible treatment for metabolic acidosis.

(c) Why might the suggestion for part (b) be of benefit to middle-distance runners?



a) [HCO₃⁻] = 10,2 mM.

b) Sodium bicarbonate.

c) Yes.


a) The equilibrium of this reaction is:

CO₂ + H₂O ⇄ HCO₃⁻ + H⁺

Using Henderson-Hasselbalch equation:

pH = pka + log₁₀  


7,03 = 6,1 + log₁₀  

Thus, [HCO₃⁻] = 10,2 mM

b) A possible treatment of metabolic acidosis is with sodium bicarbonate. By Le Chateleir's principle the increasing of HCO₃⁻ will shift the equilibrium to the left decreasing thus, H⁺ concentration.

c) The shifting of the equilibrium to the left will increase CO₂ concentration producing in the body the need to increase breathing, increasing, thus, concentration of O₂ improving cardiac function in exercise.


What is carbon footprint


the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc.


The amount of pollution thats emitted because of the usage of fossil fuels by people, company, group, etc.

The amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person group etc..

Why do atoms form bonds



To achive stability



The atoms are always trying to interact with other atoms, of the same element or a different one. This happens because having unpaired electrons and an incomplete octet in the last atomic level, creates instability in the atoms.

Cause of this they interact with each other, taking, giving or sharing electrons: forming bonds.

An example of this can be seen in the periodic table: the elements that have a complete octet by nature (noble gases), don't bond with other atoms*.

*Note: there are a few exceptions but not very usuals.

Atoms tend to form bonds because one atom may have more attraction to electrons than the other

If the number of particles in a mole is 6.022*10^23 what is the total mass of 1.2*10^24


The number of atoms= Give mass/molar mass×Avogadro number Therefore number of Mg atoms=48÷24×6.022×10*23


According to question given monoatomic element contain same number of atom that means numbers of atom =12.044×10*23 and given mass=160g

According to formula= Number of atom= Given mass÷molecular mass×6.022×10*23

12.044×10*23= 160÷M×6.022×10*23



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