A train leaves St.louise traveling west at 60 miles per hour. An hour later,another train leaves St.louise traveling east at 80 miles per hour. Solve the equation to find the number of hours when the two trains are the same distance from St.louis. 60x+60=80x


Answer 1



answer is 3

60x-80 x=-60

-20 x=-60

x= 3

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show one way to count from $82 to $512 without subtraction or multiplication, but on a number line? This is me tryin to understand my second graders math homework and I am feeling horribly stupid about it. Please any answers to this specific question?


Okay, so we start at '$82'


let's add $100


lets add another 100


lets add another $100


lets add another $100


Now we can't add another $100, since that will take us to $582, and we need to get to $512, so lets add $20....


Okay, we're getting really close! Let's add $10.


(If you were to show your work on a number line, you would simply keep moving up by $100 until you couldn't anymore, and then move up by $20, and finally by $10, until we get to $512)
a simpler way to solve this...

Okay, so we start at '$82'


let's add $400


now lets add $30


**Hope this helps....
To do this we will just use the DISTRIBUTIVE property to answer it. 

We will add 100 5 times and then 12 in the end.

We will start with $82.

82 + 100 = 182

182 + 100 = 282

282 + 100 = 382

382 + 100 = 482

482 + 100 = 582

OK, so we have done $500.   

Now we will add 12. 

582 + 12 = 594

So, Our answer is $594. 

Hope I helped ya!!!!!!!! 

1/2 as long as 8 meters equals ? meters


1/2 times 8 meters?

That's basically saying "What's a half of 8?"

You can also do 0.5 times 8.

The answer is 4 meters.

Find the circumference of a circle with a 15-inch radius.
C =


It would be 94.2.diamter multipy 3.14 equals circumference

Which situation can be represented by this inequality? 1.25x - 6.50 > 50
A.Stefan spends $6.50 on supplies for a lemonade stand and sells each cup of lemonade
for $1.25. What is x, the number of cups of lemonade Stefan must sell to earn a profit
of more than $50?
B.Stefan has a balance of $6,50 in his savings account and deposits $1.25 each week,
What is x, the number of weeks Stefan must deposit $1.25 in order to have a balance
of more than $50 in his savings account?
C.Stefan earns 1.25% interest on the balance in his checking account and has to pay a
monthly charge of $6.50. What is x, the balance that Stefan must have in his checking
account in order to have an ending balance greater than $50 after interest and fees?
D.Stefan charges $1.25 for gasoline plus $6.50 per hour for mowing lawns, What is x,
the number of hours he has to mow lawns to earn more than $50?



Stefan spends $6.50 on supplies for lemonade stand and sells each cup of lemonade for $1.25. What is x, the number of cups of lemonade Stefan must sell to earn a profit of more than $50


There are 20 alligators in the swamp. Each year, the number of alligators increases by 25%. There are 25 crocodiles in the swamp. Each year, 10 new crocodiles join the swamp. Part B: How many alligators are in the swamp after 4 years? How many crocodiles are in the swamp after the same number of years?
Part C: After approximately how many years is the number of alligators and crocodiles the same? Justify your answer mathematically.






A(4)=20(1.25^4)≈48.82≈49 alligators to nearest whole alligator

C(4)=25+10(4)=65 crocodiles.





A typist takes 8 minutes to type 360 words. How many minutes will he take to type 225 words?
A. 5 minutes
B. 4 minutes
C. 3 minutes
D. 13 minutes



A. 5 minutes

Step-by-step explanation:

We can solve this question using proportions

Let x be the number of minutes needed to type 225 words.

8 minutes = 360 words

     x          = 225 words


360 × x  =  225× 8

360 x = 1800

Divide both-side of the equation by 360


(On the left-hand side of the equation, 360 at the numerator  will cancel-out 360 at the denominator, while on the right-hand side of the equation 1800 will be divided by 360)

x= 5 minutes

Therefore, it will take 5 minutes to type 225 words

Well, it cant be option B because then it wuld be half the time (180 mins.)

It cant be option D becasue then it would be over 360 mins, seeing that it only took 8 mins to type 360

And it cant be option C beacuse it would be too small, if 4 mins is to small then 3 mins is worse

Your answer would be A 5 minutes it's just a little bit above 4 mins(half)


Christopher is 20 years younger than Ishaan. Ishaan and Christopher first met two years ago. Fourteen years ago, Ishaan was 3 times as old as Christopher. How old is Christopher now?


Present: Ishaan = Christopher + 20       - Equation 11 years back: Ishaan-14 = 3(Christopher-14)    - Equation 2 Solve above equations: I = 3c-42+14I = 3c-24I = c+20 2c-44 = 0 Christopher = 22  then from Equation 1Ishaan = 22 + 20 = 42
Two years ago, Ishaan was 42 and Christopher was 22.


16 = –d + 6

A. 10
B. –10
C. –9
D. –15


16 = -d + 6 |-6

10 = -d |change signs

d = -10

Answer: B. -10


Solve: -16x^2 + 56x + 72 = 0


-16x^2 + 56x + 72 = 0
Factor left side
Set factors equal  to 0
2x−9=0 or x+1=0
X could equal  or it can be -1
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