Give two examples of services that have a good match between customer expectations and service delivery.


Answer 1

Customer expectations refers to the expectation of consumers on a ordered product while the service delivery means the expectation on the delivery of the ordered product.

Example of services that matches the expectations of customers:

  • A quick delivery of the products or on time delivery of the goods required by the customers. For example: Food delivery services to the customers from various restaurants and food joints.

  • Online shopping applications or websites because they provide products based on customer's requirement with prompt delivery.

Example of services that do not match with the expectations of customers in terms of delivery:

  • A Courier services which are used by third party units may lead to customer dissatisfaction with delayed delivery of orders.

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Answer 2


The two example can be 1. Keeping up the date of delivery  2. Quality of the product


Let us consider the scenario of online shopping. A customer is ordering goods through an application and the expected service date which the application calculates is "so and so date" and the user has ordered based on quality and with the help of review of customer.

1. Date of delivery: It is necessary to keep up the dates so that it gives the best impression towards the service especially in a paid service. Late in delivery of goods creates an negative impression.

2. Quality: The customer might feel sometimes the rate is quite higher, but if you provide a quality product which is worth for the price, definitely the customer will come back to purchase more and sometimes even refer customers and bring business to your organization.

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Select the correct answer. Which function relates to maintaining merchandise inventory?
human resource



B. production


Merchandise inventory refers to the finished and available goods the business has for sale. For a  manufacturing firm, merchandise inventory will mean the goods that have completed the manufacturing process and are awaiting sales. In the books of accounts, merchandise inventory is accounted for as current assets.

The production department is the unit tasked with ensuring that the business has a continuous flow of merchandise inventory. As selling activities are continuous, the production unit must keep up the pace by ensuring there is sufficient inventory for the sales team to sell.





What are two factors that would influence the cost of premiums for a malpractice insurance policy?\?


The answer is:

the dollar mount covered by the insurance policy

and the physicians specialty

As the dollar amount covered got higher, the cost of premiums would become more expensive. Physicians specialty also would influence cost of premium due to the cost of their services, For example, top tier medical professionals such as a heart surgeons would resulted in higher cost of premiums than an average pediatrician.


Christie makes changes to her budget at the end of every month. What is her reason for doing this in terms of smart financial planning?


In terms of smart financial planning, the reason why Christie makes changes to her budget at the end of every month is because she is reviewing her goals at the end of every month and consequently, aligning the budget to work toward them.


In the case Christie has a financial goal, it is a good practice to check her budget every month since this will allow her to confirm if her plan is working or if there are points of improvement. In the case changes have to be made, they can be made on time and not at a later stage where it could lead to other problems. Possibly Christie has been making changes to her budget because she is adjusting it the best way possible so she can make sure she will reach her goal.


An advantage of using one diagnostic manual is that _____


An advantage of using one diagnostic manual is that: we have a common language to discuss mental illnesses.
One diagnostic manual will enable psychiatrists from all over the world to examine their patients with similar standards, so they can share reliable data if the patients are referred to other psychiatrists. 

Different investments have different levels of ___________ (savings, risk, or interest) and offer different rates of return. For example, investing in property _____________________(provides less income, is less risky, or is more risky) than investing in bonds.


I the second one is more risky I'm not really that good at business

the first one is risky.


What is the monopolist's profit under the following conditions? The profit-maximizing price charged for goods produced is $12. The intersection of the marginal-revenue and marginal-cost curves occurs where output is 10 units and marginal cost is $6. Average total cost for 10 units of output is $5.



monopolist profile is $70


given data

profit-maximizing price = $12

output = 10 units

marginal cost = $6

average total cost = $5

to find out

what is monopolist profile


we know that Profit is  express as

profit = Total Revenue - Total Cost      .................1

so here total revenue is

Total Revenue = Price × Quantities

Total Revenue = 12 × 10 = $120

and total cost is

Total Cost = Average cost ×  Quantities

Total Cost = 5 × 10 = $50

so here from equation 1

profit = $120 - $50

so monopolist profile is $70


In its first year of operations Best Corp. had income before tax of $500,000. Best made income tax payments totaling $210,000 during the year and has an income tax rate of 40%. What is Best's net income for the year? a. $299,000.
b. $161,000.
c. $292,000.
d. $302,000.



The correct answer is $300,000.


According to the scenario, the given data are as follows:

Income before tax = $500,000

Tax rate = 40%

Tax amount = $500,000 × 40% = $200,000

So, we can calculate the Best's net income by using following formula:

Net Income = Income Before Tax - Tax amount

= $500,000 - $200,000

= $300,000

The Best's net income is $300,000.


The set of skills and knowledge needed to make informed decision about money matters is called



The correct answer is financial literacy.


 Financial literacy are the abilities and skills of understanding or education that an individual possesses in financial areas, which will allow him to make good decisions regarding the financial resources he possesses.

The individual must be instructed as to what is necessary to rearrange a budget, keep track of the expenses he makes, pay his debts, etc., and thus be able to achieve financial stability. All this will be done through financial education.

Having education in this field will prevent a person from facing different scams, abusive loans, mortgages or poor decision making.

Financial literacy

A device or technique that ensures production of a good unit every time is a __________.


A device or technique that ensures production of a good unit overtime is a poka-yoke.

The Japanese term Poka-Yoke means mistake proofing. Poka means mistakes and yoke(ru) means to avoid. This technique helps eliminate defects by way of human errors since they often occur. You will find this technique used in a lean manufacturing process. 
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