If the equation line s is y = x - 5 and line f includes the point (5, 1) and is parallel to line s, what is the equation of line f? Select one:
O A. y=-x-4
O B.y=x+4
OC. y=1/2x-4
O D.y=x-4


Answer 1


The correct answer is option D.

Step-by-step explanation:

Equation of line s : y = x - 5

Slope intercept form ( y = mx +c)

y = x - 5

Slope of line s , m = 1

Given that line f is parallel to line s, which means that slope of line f is same as that of the line s.

Slope of line f = Slope of line s = m = 1

Line f includes the point (5, 1). So the equation of line f can be determined by slope point form :

The equation of line f :

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Work the following pricing problems for services rendered. (For all calculations use hundredths.) Labor time = 8 hours
Overhead rate = 65%
Retail price of parts = $98.70
Total cost of job = $242.58
What is hourly rate for labor?


8(1.65)R + 98.70 = 242.58
Solve for R



Step-by-step explanation:


15,000 loses value by 20% each year. What is the value after 3 years



Step-by-step explanation: 7680

After losing 20% we have 80% remaining

∴ value after three years = 15,000 × × ×

                                            = 15,000 × × ×

                                           = 7680

So you have 15,000, which decreases in value by 20% each year. The question asks, what is the value after 3 years. So you would have 15,000(1-0.2)^3 and that is your equation. The reason for this is because you have your initial value 15,000, and when it is a percent decrease, you use the formula i(1-d)^x, where i represents the initial value, d represents the percent decrease, and x represents the number of years. We can convert 20% into a decimal as 0.2. So our initial value is 15000, our percent decrease is 0.2, and number of years we can see is 3. That is why the equation is 15,000(1-0.2)^3. I would solve this using PEMDAS, meaning that Parenthesis comes first, Exponents come second, and then Multiplication comes after both of those. I stopped here because these are the only three things we need to do to solve. When I solve this, I do (1-0.2) = 0.8, and (0.8)^3 = 0.512. Then I multiply 15,000 with 0.512, which gives me 7680. Therefore the value of 15000 after 3 years is $7680. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me questions about my explanation, and feel free to post more questions.

What is 285.39154 rounded to the nearest hundredth




Step-by-step explanation:

Given  : 285.39154

To find : what is rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Solution : We have given


Step 1 : Identify the hundredth digit 9 in  285.39154.

Step 2 : Identify the smaller digit 1 in  285.39154.

Step 3 : We can see smaller digit is smaller than 5 then it would be rounded down .

So, the hundredth digit would be same and other digit would be zero.

That is  285.39000

Therefore, 285.39000.

285.39 I belive the awsner is

Compleate the solution of the equation. find the value of y when x =-2. -9x-3y=6

Please help!!!


Substitute x for -2 so make it -9(-2)-3y=6. Multiply -9 and -2 to get positive 18, so 18-3y=6. What you do to one side, do to the other so subtract 18 from that side and the other. 0-3y=6-18. 6-18 is -12 and you can ignore the zero since it does nothing. -3y=-12. Divide both sides by 3 to get y=4.

Y is 4 when X is -2
Y should equal 8. Plug in the variable X. So (-9) times (-2) equals 18. Now the equation is 18-3y=6. 18 plus 6 equals 24. 3y = 24. 24 divided by 3 is 8.

after elsa baked muffins, her brother ate 4 of them. he ate 2 5 of all of the muffins. how many muffins did elsa bake?


If you would like to know how many muffins did Elsa bake, you can calculate this using the following steps:

2/5 of all of the muffins = 4 muffins
2/5 * x muffins = 4
2/5 * x = 4        /*(5/2)
x = 4 * 5/2
x = 10 muffins

The correct result would be 10 muffins.


10 muffins e2020 says

Step-by-step explanation:


One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys are going towards river. Every monkey holds one parrot in their hands. Now please tell me how many animals are going towards river.


The correct answer is 25 animals. The rabbit is going to the river, so that's 1 rabbit. 6 elephants (not going to the river) each see 2 monkeys going to the river. 6 x 2 = 12, so 12 monkeys are going to the river. If each monkey holds 1 parrot, then there are also 12 parrots going to the river. 1 rabbit + 12 monkeys + 12 parrots = 25 animals.

What expression is equivalent to -1/3(6x+15)-3


Answer: -2x-8

Step-by-step explanation:

first distribute the -1/3

(-2x-5) -3

-2x -5 -3



The area of a square poster is 31 in squared. Find the length of one side of the poster to the nearest tenth of an inch.


Since, area of square poster = 31 square inches.

We have to determine the length of one side of the poster to the nearest tenth of an inch.

Area of square with side 's' =


s = 5.56

Now, rounding to the nearest tenth, we get the side of the square poster as 5.6 inches.

Therefore, the length of one side of the poster is 5.6 inches.


Translate this formula into an english sentence using this "dictionary": A= Salt is added to the soltuiton

D= the solution's boiling point drops

M= The manuel is correct

S= The solution boils sooner

(A --> D) --> (A --> S)


Answer: If the solution's boiling point drops because salt is added to the soltuiton, then the reason the solution boils sooner is the addition of salt to the solution

Step-by-step explanation:

The re are two cause - consequence relations inside an other one.

I use 3 different cause - consequence connectors not to mix them up.

A --> D equals “ D because A “

A --> S equals “ the reason S happens is A “

(A --> D) --> (A --> S) Equals “ if (A --> D) then (A --> S) “

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