Check cashing businesses do not require that an individual be an account holder; they will cash any valid check. True False


Answer 1




  Check cashing businesses provide customers with an easy way to turn their checks into cash without having to rely on a bank account.

  These types of businesses will cash any valid check, not prior scrutinize the check-in different ways to avoid fraudulent transactions and possible scams. Once the employee oversees the check it would tell the customer how much they´ll give in cash and what they´ll charge in fees.

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Answer 2
Answer: True. Free trade means they can't refuse to give you cash for a check. If you want the check deposited to an account, that's another story.

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Which is true of a kilogram of feathers and a kilogram of bricks? a. they have the same mass
b. they have the same volume
c. the bricks are less dense
d. the feathers are more dense


because when u carry feathers they will be bigger and the air will lift some weight
SO The Answer Is B

A typical helium-neon laser found in supermarket checkout scanners emits 633-nm-wavelength light in a 1.0-mm-diameter beam with a power of 1.0 mW. What are the amplitudes of the oscillating electric and magnetic fields in the laser beam?



Eo = 9.796 x 10^2 N/C

Bo = 3.266 x 10^-6 T



Wavelength λ = 633 nm

Diameter of the beam D =  1.0 mm

Power P = 1.0 mW


Radius of the beam r = D/2 = 0.5 mm = 0.0005 m

Area of cross section


Amplitude of Electric Field

Amplitude of Magnetic Field


PLEASE HELP The rotating light on a lighthouse is 400 feet from a cliff. It completes one rotation every 10 seconds. The equation representing the distance, d, in feet that the center of the circle of light is from the lighthouse is d(t) = 400sec (πt/5). What is the period of d(t)? (Enter only the number.) ...?


The period is [2(pi)] / |b| 

so, it would be 2pi / pi/5 = 10 

for the second part, just plug in 10 where the "t" is. 

400sec(10pi/5) or 400sec(2pi) 

Sec = 1 / cos 

SO, you get 400*(1/cos(2pi)) = 400* 1/1 = 400. since cos(2pi) = 1 
so you get 400 as your answer 

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Describe the wavelength of a longitudinal wave.


In Longitudinal waves, particles of the medium vibrate around their mean positions. Their amplitude of vibration is in the direction of the propagation of the wave. In transverse wave of longitudinal wave, the wavelength is always the distance between two particles which are in the same phase.

If we take pressure waves, (sound waves), we have pressure variations created by sound wave along its path. Pressure is maximum at compression regions and pressure is minimum at rarefaction region. In between the two, pressure of air remains as the pressure when there is no wave.

The wave length is then the distance between two consecutive rarefactions or two consecutive compression regions.

It is also the distance traveled by the wave in one time period. Time period is the time the particles in the medium take to vibrate towards the end, turn back to reach the other end of their oscillation and then reach back their position.


Tsunami waves have ? 1. no crests
2. no troughs
3. long wavelengths
4. short wavelengths


   I think it #3(not Sure) I think Its because of their long wavelengths that tsunamis behave as shallow-water waves.                


Which of the following statements are true? *The magnetic field in the center line of a large solenoid is zero and increases toward the wires.
*The magnetic field inside a large solenoid is pointing perpendicularly toward or away from the center line, depending on the direction of the current.
*The magnetic field strength inside a large solenoid is independent of its cross-sectional area.
*The magnetic field of a current-carrying wire is directed parallel to the current.


Answer:The magnetic field strength inside a large solenoid is independent of its cross-sectional area.


correct answer is "The magnetic field strength inside a large solenoid is independent of its cross-sectional area".

because magnetic field inside a solenoid is given by

where i=current in solenoid

also there is highest concentration of magnetic field at the center of solenoid



Deep-focus earthquakes form at subduction zones as well as continental-continental plate boundaries True Or False


Deep-focus earthquakes form at subduction zones as well as continental-continental plate boundaries. The given statement is true statement.


Because deep- focus earthquakes will occur within the areas of deeper subduction zones, where subduction zones also has intense volcanic eruptions .

subduction zones are created  due to the converging of continental plates and when it collide  each other,the earthquakes  developed are deeper and very powerful. If collisions is numerous results in large earthquakes.


The answer is true, they can form at both.


In a real world trampoline, how do gymnasts keep a constant bounce height


By using common factors of physics: weight, gravity, and stability. 
Weight would keep them at a constant height.
Gravity helps the weight and how much force it propels the person, or objects, into the air.
Stability helps adjust how much distance the person, or object, needs to be.

What is the average speed of a car that traveled 300.0 miles in 5.5 hours?


i think the average speed was 54.54 (mph)

Average speed  =  (distance covered)  /  (time to cover the distance)

                             =    (300 miles)            /        (5.5 hours)

                             =      ( 300 / 5.5 )  miles/hour

                             =          54.55 mph
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