Which expression is equivalent to −15x + 6


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is -15x + 6= -9x

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A group of randomly selected Throne County citizens were asked to pick their favorite genre of music. The table below shows the results of the survey. There are 2006 Throne County citizens.Based on the data, what is the most reasonable estimate for the number of Throne County citizens whose favorite genre of music is rock?




Step-by-step explanation:


The hundredth's digit is twice the size of the tenth's digit. The unit's digit is 3 less than the tenth's digit.


The three-digit no. is 2a a a - 3 whose hundredth digit is twice the size of the tenth digit. The unit's digit is 3 less than the tenth digit.

What is the standard decimal form of numbers?

The standard decimal form of numbers is written in base 10 as there are 10 different numbers from 0 to 9.

Each digit has a face value and a place value.

Let, The tens digit be 'a'.

Given, The hundredth's digit is twice the size of the tenth's digit.

∴ The hundredth digit be '2a' and the unit digit is (a - 3).

So, The 3-digit no. is 2a a a - 3, where a is, {2, 3, 4}.

learn more about face and place value here :




Step-by-step explanation:

4 times 2 = 8

4 minus 3 = 1


All clothing is being marked down 15%. Which expression represents the new retail price?  
A 1.85xB 0.15xC 1.15xD 0.85x


Let the price of clothing be x.

It is given the markdown price is 15% which in decimal is .15.

Markdowns is the difference between the original retail price and the actual selling price.

Markdown price of clothing is .15x

We need to find retail price .

Retail price is the price of a good or product when it is sold to the end user for consumption.

Retail price= x-.15x

Retail price= 1x-.15x

Retail price =.85x

Option D shows the right answer for the retail price of the clothing.

The answer is D hope it helps

What is the standard form for 85 million 16 thousand twelve


Standard form of given question :8.5016012×10^7

How would you convert 600 kilograms into grams


1 kilogram is equal to 1000 grams.

6 kilograms is equal to 6000 grams.

60 kilograms is equal to 60,000 grams.

600 kilograms is equal to 600,000 grams.

Just multiply your kilograms by 1000 to convert to grams.

Alternatively, divide your grams by 1000 to get your kilograms.


The perimeter of a rectangle is 234 cm. If the width is 51 cm,what is the length?


The length will be 66 cm

P = 2(L + W)

234 = 2(L + 51)

117 = L + 51

L = 117 - 51

L = 66


Length = 66 cm


Last night, 80 people attended a lecture at the Smithville Public library. 47 of the attendees were men. What ratio BEST represents the relationship between the number of men and the number of women?



47 : 33 (men to women)

Step-by-step explanation:

Great question, it is always good to ask away and get rid of any doubts that you may be having.

To begin solving this problem we first need to calculate the amount of women that attended the lecture. Since there are a total of 80 people in which 47 are men then,

We now know that there are 33 women. therefore the ratio of men to women is 47 : 33 , Since this is the most simplified we can make it then this is the final and best ratio we can make.

I hope this answered your question. If you have any more questions feel free to ask away at Brainly.

Number of people: 80

Number of Men: 47
Number of Women: 33

Ratio that best represents the number of men and the number of women:
47 : 33

sharon is building a rectangular patio the patio will be 18 bricks wide and 29 bricks long.she has 500 bricks. does she have enough bricks to build the patio explain show your work


Since this is area you'll simply just do 18 x 29 which equals 522 and compare it to the amount of bricks she currently has. In this case, no, Sharon does not have enough bricks as she is 22 bricks short.

At an ice cream store, $20 is enough to buy 5 cones and 5 sundaes. or, $20 can buy 4 sundaes, 6 cones and there would be 80 cents left over. how much


There will not be 80 cents left over
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