Which of the following countries has “very high” development and a similar standard of living to that of the US? A.


Answer 1


A. Singapore


Singapore, is an island sovereign country of Asia, formed by sixty-three islands, whose form of government is the parliamentary republic. Singapore is one of the main global cities and one of the nerve centers of world trade, with the third largest financial center and the second port that moves the most goods. Its globalized and diversified economy depends especially on trade and the manufacturing sector. In terms of purchasing power parity, Singapore is the third country with the highest per capita income in the world, besides being among the first countries in the international lists of education, health, political transparency and economic competitiveness.

Answer 2
Answer: A is the country developed

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Three functions of the savannah river


Transportation, drinking, and , hydroelectricity. I hope I could help! ;D

I have a poem to do on Emancipation I don't know how to start. HELPPPP.


First try researching the Emancipation Proclamation and figuring its purpose.

Try using words such as:

Set Free

Let Freedom Be

Abe Link

Made Slavery Sink

Things like that

Gave freedom to blacks
Try thinking about the importance of the emancipation Proclamation and write that down. Then you can base a free verse poem off of that. Poems don't always have to rhyme.

In 1967, Israel launched a surprise attack against Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, driven by concerns that the four Arab states were mobilizing to attack and believing their first-strike would be more effective than waiting to be attacked. This conflict might thus accurately be described as a



The Israeli action is called  "preemptive war." Historically , this conflict is called the Six Day War.  Israel attacked its enemies and caused severe damage before they could strike first, and defeated them categorically in combat, winning the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights.



In 1967, Israel launched a surprise attack against Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, driven by concerns that the four Arab states were mobilizing to attack and believing their first-strike would be more effective than waiting to be attacked. This conflict might thus accurately be described as a:

  • Preemptive War


  • Preemptive war is such a war in which a country attacks the other country first in order to repel the other belligerent country in response of threat of being attacked. This war can result in the strategic dominance upon the enemy.
  • This strategy was used by the Israel in 1967 against Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq as they were considered as potential threat and willing to impose a war on Israel.  

Why was samuel adams known as the firebrand of the revolution


He sent the letter preparing the Americans for war against the British

One reason the third reich was effective was because it


It was because they controlled propaganda in Germany.  They were able to manipulate propaganda that  they convinced the people to support the Nazi party.  They were able to tap into the anxieties and frustrations of the people that they were able to control them.


D used propaganda to encourage nationalism and obedience.


i just took the test and this is the answer ope this helps


Historically, what effect did Japan's geography have on the way it was governed? A) Because Japan had so many small, isolated islands, governing the entire country was often very challenging.
B) Even though there were many islands, a successful government center was established in Honshu, near the middle of Japan.
C) Japan elected officials from the four main islands and governed using a council comprised of those officials.
D) Japan was split into two parts–northern and southern Japan–and each part had its own government that adopted similar laws.


This isn't hard to answer - A; because Japan had so many small, isolated islands, governing the entire country was often very challengin. Imagine being the emperor or just in charge of a country which was composed of hundreds of islands. For your decree to get into motion on all of them, it needed a lot of time. 

During World War I, why were the Germans unable to finish the war on the western front?


During World War I, the main reason why the Germans were unable to finish the war on the western front was because they were surrounded on all sides. 

compare and contrast the contributions of general george marshall and douglas macarthur during the first months of the war


George Marshall and Douglas MacArthur were two of the most important military people during the periods of the Second World War and the Cold War. Both members of the U.S Army, George Marshall was ascended to U.S Army Chief of Staff while MacArthur was Chief of Staff of the U.S Army during the 1930´s but his most prominent role was as military leader in the Philippines.

George Marshall, 1880-1959, was a bright military man who after fast rising in the U.S Army and being distinguished, was risen to the final rank of General by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. When Marshall received the control of the armed forces, he was faced with a terrible situation. The army was very small, unprepared and technologically, very underdeveloped. He then began to establish a series of policies and measures to ensure, first, the engagement of more men, especially during WWII, second, a training regimen that would ensure the correct preparation of the armed forces to face German forces and third, an escalation in the technological preparation of the army. Some of his measures, like the recruitment of men and also his plan for constant exchange of veteran soldiers for newer ones during WWII, gained him a lot of critics. However, it can be said that some, if not all of his measures, managed to empower the U.S Army and made it successfull when confronting the German threat.

Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964, was also a military man, but most of his military career and life was lived stationed in the Philippines. His task was to ensure the protection of this nation from the Japanese threat and lead the Pacific forces of the U.S. He retired from active service before 1941 but was recalled to active duty by President Roosevelt. Under MacArthur, the Philippine army was organized and trained and with this the U.S ensured the protection of the island nation and its bases from Japanese threat. One of the great contributions of MacArthur was the re-armament and empowerment of the Philippinian army, but it was also learned that a lot of the provisions that had been requested by MacArthur never reacher their destination. After Pearl Harbor, for which in a way MacArthur was blamed, as it seems that he had received several signs that Japan was attempting an attack at the base, Japan initiated the invasion of the Philippines and MacArthur and his men were forced to run to the city of Bataan. In the end, he was ordered to run to Australia when it was impossible for the U.S to hold on to the Philippines and he was awarded the Medal of Honor by George Marshall as a way to stop critics and detractors from thinking that MacArthur had abandoned his position.


Compare and contrast Viking and Polynesian exploration and settlement.


The Vikings were an ancient civilization originating in Scandinavia that developed through agricultural production and crafts.

As a highlight, we can mention the skills of the Vikings in maritime trade, which helped in the invasions and colonization of Continental Europe, in the 8th and 9th centuries.

Polynesians, on the other hand, are ethnic groups originating from the group of islands that make up Polynesia today. They are descendants of Amerindians, and their main activity was agricultural, with emphasis on navigation.

They explored and colonized Hawaii in the 8th century, Easter Island and New Zealand in the 12th century.

Therefore, we can compare the Viking and Polynesian civilization according to:

  • agricultural activity
  • craft activity
  • navigation Skills
  • colonization of new lands

The differences between these civilizations are also in the form of social and political organization.

The Polynesians were a civilization with an indigenous cultural organization, whose exploration of new territories was aimed at subsistence.

The Viking civilization was organized through the monarchical system and exploration and colonization aimed at enriching and gaining power.

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The Polynesians were indigenous peoples, their expansion of human colonization by the remote Pacific began around 1600 BC, while the Vikings were descendants of the Germanic peoples and began to move to the European region 4,000 years ago.

The trips of the Polynesians were in canoes, they were dedicated to agriculture and navigation. They sailed from Tahiti to Hawaii, reaching Easter Island. Instead, the Vikings were merchants but also very aggressive looters, they began their explorations by attacking the coasts of England, Ireland, and Scotland. They also looted and burned cities in France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, and Spain, although they did not settle.

Today, Polynesians are spread over an area that forms an immense triangle, with the Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand, and Easter Island as vertices. The Vikings settled in Scandinavia, a region that includes Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

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