How many triangles can be constructed with angles measuring 60 degrees , 60 degrees, and 40 degrees? one

more than one

or none


Answer 1


Could be wrong but my answer would be none because the angles in a triangle have to add to 180 degrees

Step-by-step explanation:

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One box contains six red balls and four green balls, and a second box contains seven red balls and three green balls. A ball is randomly chosen from the first box and placed in the second box. Then a ball is randomly selected from the sec- ond box and placed in the first box. a. What is the probability that a red ball is selected from the first box and a red ball is selected from the second box?
b. At the conclusion of the selection process, what is the probability that the numbers of red and green balls in the first box are identical to the numbers at the beginning?


The probability of choosing two red balls and of identical balls in the first box are given by  0.436 and 0.581 respectively.

What is probability?

Probability is the branch of Mathematics that deals with the measurement of the chance of occurrence of a random event.

The probability of any event always lie in the close interval of 0 and 1 [0,1].

The zero value of probability indicates that the event will not happen while its value equal to one indicate that it will happen.

(a) As per the question, the probability of choosing red ball from the first box is   given as below,

P(Red ball first box) = Number of red balls/ Total balls

⇒ 6/10 = 0.6

Then, after putting the same ball in the second box it can be written as,

P(Red ball second box) = Number of red balls/ Total balls

⇒ 8/11 = 0.727

Thus, the probability of choosing red ball from both the boxes is given as,

P( Both Red balls) = 0.6 × 0.727 = 0.436

(b) The number of balls in the first box will be the same when both the selected balls are either red or green.

Then, it can be written as,

P(Identical balls in first box) = P(Both red balls) + P(Both green balls)

P(Both green balls) = 4/10 × 4/11 = 0.145

Thus, the required probability can be found as below,

P(Identical balls in first box) = 0.436 + 0.145 = 0.581

Hence, the required probabilities for both the cases are 0.436 and 0.581 respectively.

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A. The probability of the first box is 60% or 6/10 and the second box is 70% or 7/10

Find the radius of the circle if an arc of length 4 ft on the circle subtends a central angle of 45°. (round your answer to two decimal places.)


If the 4 foot section of the circle is created by a central angle of 45 degrees, then the circumference is 8 times larger or 32 feet.
Circumference   =   2 • π • radius
radius = circumference / 2*PI
radius = 32 / 2*3.14159
radius = 5.0929581789
radius = 5.09 (rounded)


Write a fraction, less than 1, with a demoniinator 6 that is greater than 3/4


5/6. It is greater 3/4 and is less than 1. 
The fraction has a denominator of 6, and is greater than 3/4

Let the fraction be x/6  

Therefore     x/6   >   3/4            Cross Multiply

4x >  18

x > 18/4
x > 4.5

So for example x could be 5.

So the fraction can be  5/6

BRAINLIEST ANSWER!!!! HELP!!! a cylindrical garbage can has a radius of 1.5 ft and holds approximately 28.27 cubic feet of trash. Find the approximate height of the garbage can. A. 4.0
b. 6.0
c. 3.0
d. 2.0


I believe its so so sorry if im wrong
4.0 should be your answer

What does the holiday Thanksgiving commemorate


Harvest festival is the answer


H(x)= (x^2 -36)/x +6 explain why the following function is not continuous at x=-6


You can solve this problem through factoring.

First, you have the equation,

Then, you can factor the numerator.

You can cancel out the x-6 in both the numerator and the denominator because they would equal to just 1.

You are left with

The function is removable noncontinuous at x=6 because if you plug in 6 in x-6, your denominator would be undefined.


resturant sales totaled 38676 for a week your customer count was 7325 what did the average customer spend for the week


To answer this question, you need to divide 38676 by 7325 to find out how much each customer spent on average. 38676 divided by 7325 is 5.28. Each customer spent an average of $5.28.

Use inductive reasoning to write the five square numbers that follow 25


If we observe the square numbers series, we can understand a pattern:
 In other words, we have the following
 In this pattern, we added 3,5,7 and 9 respectively to the previous number. In this way, to get the next numbers, we need to add 11,13,15,17 and 19 respectively to get the answer to previous number.
 So, the five square numbers that follow 25 are 36, 49, 64, 81, 100.
 36, 49, 64, 81, 100.


Tony drove to the mountains last weekend. There was heavy traffic on the way there, and the trip took 6 hours. When Tony drove home, there was no traffic and the trip only took 4 hours. If his average rate was 22 miles per hour faster on the trip home, how far away does Tony live from the mountains?


I believe the answer to this would be, Tony lives 88 miles from the mountains
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