List price is $600.25, the rate of discount is 20%, what is the net price​


Answer 1

First, convert the 20% to a real mathematical number. For percents, this is always done by dividing the 20% by 100%, or 20% / 100% = 0.200.

Second, find out what 20% of $600.25 is. This is the amount of the sale discount. This is always found by mulitplying 0.200 by the item's cost $600.25, like this:

0.200 x $600.25 = $120.05.

So for this sale, you'll save $120.05 on this item.

This means, the cost of the item to you is

$600.25 - $120.05 = $480.20.

Alternatively, you can think about it this way. The item is 20% off. This means you'll pay 80.000% of the total cost (100% - 20% = 80.000%).

Now what's 80.000% of the total cost?

0.800 x $600.25 = $480.20.

Just like the result above, the sale price on the item is $480.20.

Hope this helps you on your assignment! :)

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A function f^-1 (x) contain the points (-2,3), (0,-1), (2,2), and (4,6). give the points known to be in the function of f(x).



Is 6/7 closest to 0, 1/2 or 1


1/2 of 7 is 3.5/7
1 of 7 is 7/7
what is 6/7 more closer to, 3.5/7 or 7/7?
I would say 6/7 is more closer to 1.
Your answer is 1/2 Add as brainliest 

What is the greatest common factor of 20x^4 and 6x^3



The GCF of 20x^4 and 6x^3 would be " 2x^3 " 
20x^4 and 6x^3 would be " 2x^3 "

The leg of a right triangle is 5 units and the hypotenuse is 8 units. What is the length, in units, of the other leg of the triangle? square root 39 units
39 units
square root 89 units
89 units



A) Length of leg = √39.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given  : The leg of a right triangle is 5 units and the hypotenuse is 8 units..

To find : What is the length of the other leg of the triangle.

Solution : We have given

Leg of a right triangle =  5 units.

Hypotenuse = 8 units.

By the Pythagorean theorem :  (Hypotenuse)² = (One leg )² + (other leg)².

Plug the values

(8)² = (5)² + (other leg)².

64 = 25 +  (other leg)².

On subtracting both sides by 25 .

64 - 25  =  (other leg)².

39 =  (other leg)².

On taking square root and switching the sides.

Length of leg = √39.

Therefore, A) Length of leg = √39.

A, because of Pythagorean theorem, a^2+b^2=c^2, so 5^2+b^2=8^2, b=root 39


Tammy is at the dentist's office waiting on her appointment. She notices that the 6-inch-long minute hand is rotating around the clock and marking off time like degrees on a unit circle. Part 1: How many radians does the minute hand move from 1:20 to 1:55? (Hint: Find the number of degrees per minute first.) Part 2: How far does the tip of the minute hand travel during that time?
n a unit circle.


1:20 to 1:55 is from 4 to 11 which is 7 out of 12 of thee circle
1 circle=2pi rad
7/12 times 2pi=14pi/12=(7pi)/6 radians

well it travels 7/12 of the circumference
unit circle=1 unit=radius
circmfernce=2pi units
7/12 times 2pi=(7pi)/6 units

Part 1:

In order to find how many radians the minute hand moves from 1:20 to 1:55, we need to remember that there are 60 minutes in an hour (clock) and there are 360 degrees in the clock since the clock is a circle. After dividing 360 by 60, we find that each minute is equal to 6 degrees. After that, we can subtract the times, which tells us that there are 35 minutes between 1:20 and 1:55. Using this we can just multiply this out, to get 35 times 6, which is equal to 210 degrees. We can get our final answer by converting this into degrees. Since one 1 degree is about 0.0174, we can set up a proportion. After solving, we will get that the minutes hand moves 3.555 radians in total.

Part 2:

In order to find how much the minute hand moves, we must find the circumference, so we get c= pi times diameter. Once plugging in the 12, we see that c=37.68. 37.68 is the circumference of the entire clock and since we only need the circumference/length/distance of 35 minutes, we can set up the proportion of 37.68 in./60=x/35 and solve to get 21.98, which means 21.98 is how far the minute hand travels in 35 minutes.


An Adult meelat weight 776 grams. This is 0.747 kilograms more than the weight of a baby meekat. How much does a baby meekat weigh


An adult weighs 29 GRAMS more than the baby.

the equation 7x-10y=30 is written in standard form. What is the first step when writing an equivalent equation which solves for y.


You solve for y so then u subtract the 7x from 30 to get 30-7x equals -10 since the -10 has a variable it means u divide by -10 to the subtracting equation to get-3+7/10
If you use the multiplication chart for 10 and 7 you the find the right numbers to subtract from to get 30

A student was asked to use the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle, P = 2ℓ + 2w, to solve for ℓ. The student came up with an answer, P − 2w = 2ℓ. What error did the student make? Complete the explanation. Then solve for ℓ.


So the student was correct in subtracting 2w from both sides, however, he cant solve for l unless he divides 2 on both sides so the l becomes by itself :)


How are the ratios 100/2, 150/3, 175/3.5, 200/4 related to 50/1?


The ratios are all proportional to 50/1.

Ratios are proportional when its cross products are equal.
a/b = c/d where ad = cb

100/2 is proportional to 50/1 because 100*1 = 2*50 ⇒ 100 = 100
150/3 is proportional to 50/1 because 150*1 = 3*50 ⇒ 150 = 150
175/3.5 is proportional to 50/1 because 175*1 = 3.5*50 ⇒175 = 175
200/4 is proportional to 50/1 because 200*1 = 4*50 ⇒ 200 = 200
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