Represent the following situations as positive or negative integers. 1. you have $5:
2. you owe $6:
3. the temperature increases 15 degrees:
4. the temperature decreases 4 degrees:


Answer 1






I hope they are all right :)

Step-by-step explanation:

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Why do astronomers say that the sun rotates once every 27 to 31 days, rather than give an exact number?


Astronomers cannot give an exact answer about how long it takes the sun to rotate because of the sun's matter. The sun is made up of gas and plasma, these types of matter have different weight than the solids that most planets are made out of. Different parts on the sun move at different speeds giving a range of days for the sun's rotation.

Mixed number for 8 12/15​




Step-by-step explanation:

8 12/15.......8x15+12=132

that is mixed number form i think somethings wrong mixed number form is that if thats how it looks thats already mixed number form


What is the slope of a line that is perpendicular to the line that goes through (5,4) and (-2,-3)?


First, let us solve for the slope of the line which it intersects with:

m’ = (y2 – y1) / (x2 – x1)

m’ = (-3 – 4) / (-2 – 5)

m’ = 1


The slope of the perpendicular line is the negative reciprocal, therefore:

m = - 1 / m’

m = - 1 / 1

m = -1


So the slope of the line is -1.


The cost to rent a dump truck is $50 per day plus $26 per hour of use. What is the maximum number of hours the truck can be used each day if the rental cost should not exceed $193 per day? A 2.5
B 8.04
C 5.5
D 3.34

Please explain and show work! ☺☺


The answer is c 5.5 you subtract 50 from 193 and dived that by 26

A sample of 49 observations is taken from a normal population. the sample mean is 55, and the sample standard deviation is 10. determine the 99 percent confidence interval for the population mean.


The answer I think is D.

Explain how finding 4x384 can help you find 4x 5,384 then find both products


By using the distributive property, we can use 4x384 to quickly calculate 4x5384.

4x384 = 1536


4 × 5384 =
4 × (5000 + 384) =
4 × 5000 + 4 × 384 =
20000 + 1536 =

Jack has three coins C1, C2, and C3 with p1, p2, and p3 as their corresponding probabilitiesof landing heads. Jack flips coin C1 twice and then decides, based on the outcome, whetherto flip coin C2 or C3 next. In particular, if the two C1 flips come out the same, Jack flips coinC2 three times next. However, if the C1 flips come out different, he flips coin C3 three timesnext. Given the outcome of Jack’s last three flips, we want to know whether his first two flipscame out the same. Describe a Bayesian network and a corresponding query that solves thisproblem. What is the solution to this problem assuming that p1 = .4, p2 = .6, and p3 = .1and the last three flips came out as follows:(a) tails, heads, tails(b) tails, tails, tails


Let denote the event that the two flips yield the same faces (1 if the same faces occur, 0 if not), so that

For example,

Let denote the outcome (number of heads) of the next three flips of either or . By the law of total probability,

and in particular we have


Jack wants to find for some given .

a. With , we have

b. With , we'd get


What is 7/10 - 1/2 in simplest form


The simplest form of the subtraction of the fraction numbers 7/10 - 1/2 is, 6/10

What is a fraction?

Fraction is a mathematical term, which represents the portion or sub-parts of the whole thing. Basically, It has two parts: numerator and denominator.

Numerator is a number which lies on the top side, it indicates the number of equal parts taken and denominator is on the bottom side, it indicates the equal parts of the whole number.

To simplify 7/10 - 1/2, we need to convert the mixed number (1/2) to an improper fraction, so that both terms have a common denominator.

We can do this by multiplying 1 by the denominator of the other fraction (10) and adding the numerator (1) to get 11/10.

Then we can subtract 1/2 from 11/10:

⇒ 7/10 - 1/2

⇒ 11/10 - 5/10

⇒ (11 - 5)/10

⇒ 6/10

So, 7/10 - 1/2 simplified to the simplest form is 6/10.

To know more about Fraction check:


7/10-1/2 in simple form. so the two fractions have different denominators so you need to multiply both denominators 10x2 = 20 so both fractions have 20 on the bottom so they are like this now: 7/20-1/20= 6/20 simplify by 2: 6/20 divide by 2/2 =3/10. 3/10 is your answer

Catie is 3 years older than her brother. The sum of their ages is no more than 31.Write an inequality that can be used to representthis situation, wherexrepresents Catie's brother's age. Don’t combine like terms.


For this case we have to:

x: Be the variable that represents the age of Catie's brother

y: Be the variable that represents Catie's age

So, we have:

Substituting the first equation in inequality we have:


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