Why is haiku unlike other forms of poetry?


Answer 1
Answer: Haiku is a Japanese poem with seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally about nature.

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The fifth amendment prevents the government from seizing private property without just compensation because ____


The fifth amendment prevents the government from seizing private property without just compensation because  otherwise the government could deprive citizens of the right to life, liberty or property w/o due process of law.
If the government has the right to seize it without any compensation, every citizens have to burden the risk of economic downfall by the government throughout their lives

How did the chinese respond to the open door policy?


The concept of an "open door policy" refers to the idea of keeping trade in China open to all countries in order to prevent any one country from dominating trade in the region.

What is an open-door policy?

The term "open door policy" refers to the idea of keeping trade in China open to all countries, preventing any one country from dominating trade in the region. The policy also urged foreign powers to respect Chinese territorial integrity.

The establishment of the Open Door Policy increased foreign influence in China, leading to an increase in anti-foreign and anti-colonial sentiment. The anti-foreigner backlash resulted in widespread killings of missionaries working in China, as well as an increase in nationalist sentiment among the Chinese.

Therefore, the Open Door policy is a policy created by the United States and compels China to be transparent with other nations which trade with them.

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They resented the influence of foreigners in China.


PLEASE hurry!!!! FOR 20 POINTS!!! The Portuguese had help capturing African slaves from other African groups. Please select the best answer from the choices provided

thank you


Answer: (T) The British saved the Africans who were sold into slavery were captured by their African enemies known as the Edomites. The captured slaves were the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Yacob (Jacob). They were called Israelites as a result of God changing the name of Yacob to Israel. The Israelites were given the land of Canaan to be their possession forever, but because of their constant disobedience to God's commands and laws, the Israelites lost the right to live there. God had promised the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants, but the enemies of the Israelites wanted the land for themselves: "The Lord spoke to me 'Mortal man' he said, 'the people who are living in the ruined cities of the land of Israel (the land belonging to Israel - which was Canaan) are saying: 'Abraham was only one man, and he was given the whole land. There are many of us, so now the land is ours.' (Ezekiel 33:23-24). Slavery was the final punishment for the Israelites. When the Edomites sold the Israelites to the Europeans, the Edomites claimed the land of Canaan as their own possession: "The Lord spoke to me 'Mortal man' he said, 'denounce the country of Edom. You were Israel's constant enemy and let her people be slaughtered in the time of her disaster, the time of final punishment for her sins.' (Ezekiel 35: 1,2,5).

The Edomites benefited for a short time when they captured and sold the Israelites into slavery, but since that time Africa has been stripped bare by the Europeans. The scramble for Africa has seen the worlds richest continent robbed of its gold, silver, diamonds, oil, cocoa, coffee etc. These valuable commodities have been taken by the descendants of the very nations the Edomites had sold the Israelites to. Today, Africa is a continent ravished by starvation, pestilence, corruption, greed and war. The descendants of the African nations who sold God's people into slavery are suffering the consequences. (Scriptures taken from the 'Sunrise Good News Bible').





Write a 150-200 word essay on the factors that account for germanys early success in world war 2


I don't know if I'll type you a whole essay... but!

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the German army's early victories. One of the biggest is the amount of modernization that the German nation went through, they developed new weapons and vehicles that would help supplement their new Blitzkrieg tactics. Another factor is the fact that the Allied Nations (Britian and France) were doing their best to appease the aggressive German nation, they allowed them to breach the confines of the Treaty of Versailles and invade neighboring nations. Another factor is that Hitler had major ambitions and dreams for what he thought was possible and was in a position to have perhaps some of the greatest engineers this world has known create his crazy ideas, many of which crafted modern warfare.

PLEASE HELP!!! Briefly explain the sides that Patriots and Loyalists took during the Revolutionary War. (Revolutionary War) (Lexington and Concord)


The Patriots wanted freedom from Brittan, because they didn't like the taxes and the "no say in parliament". The loyalist, didn't mind these, if anything, they helped them no more then it helped England. They stayed at the British side.


Which of the following individuals belived that most of the power should reside with the states?a) thomas jefferson b)alexander hamilton c)james madison d)john jay


Answer: C

He was an American lawyer and politician. He was the fourth President of the United States from 1809 to 1817. He was considered the "Father of the Constitution" because of his role in creating and promoting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


What literary element can varying sentence structure and length affect in a story


I think that's syntax

What region of the country became widely known for its poverty and soaring unemployment? Question 30 options:

a Midwestern towns

b Appalachia

c Southern coastal cities

d suburbia






This amendment guarantees the right to be compensated for private property taken for public use


The Fifth Admendment
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