at a restaurant the ratio of kids meals sold to adult meals was 5:1 if there were 20 kids meals sold what is the combined amount of kids and adult meals sold


Answer 1
Answer: The ratio of the kids meal to the adults meal that were sold to a restaurant is 5 : 1. Where, 5 is the number of kids meal sold and 1 is the number of adult's meal sold. => given that there are 20 kiddie meal that were sold.Let's find the total number of adult's meal that were sold. Ratio : 5 : 1 = 20 : x , where x is the number of adult's meal that were sold in a restuarant, => firts, let's multiply the inner value of the proportion: => 20 * 1 = 20  => 20 / 5 = 4Thus the new ratio is 5 : 1 = 20 : 4

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How many sides does a polygon have if the sum of the measures of its interior angles is 1,080


180(n-2) = 1080

180n - 360 = 1080

180n = 1080 + 360

180n = 1440

n = 1440/180

n = 8

The answer is 8 sides.

The sum of the interior angles in a regular polygon is given by the formula 180(n – 2), where n is the number of sides in the polygon. An octagon has eight sides, so the sum of the angles of the octagon is 180(8 – 2) = 180(6) = 1080 degrees.
Formula for sum of interior angles of a convex polygon is (n - 2)×180°

Let's set the formula equal to our given polygon sum... n = number of sides
(n - 2)×180 = 1080
n - 2 = 6
n = 8

Answer: The polygon has 8 sides...octagon

Ashley had 5.6 pounds of fruit. She gave Aliyah 1.3 pounds of strawberries, Brendan 2.4 pounds of
grapes and Arley 1.2 pounds of bananas. How much
fruit does Ashley have left?



0.7 pounds of fruit

Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1. Add all fruit Ashley has been given to Aliyah, Brendan and Arley

Find the sum of;

     1.3 pounds for Aliyah

     2.4 pounds for Berndan

    1.2 pounds for Arley      

    4.9 pounds of fruits

Step 2. Subtract the total pounds given from the total pounds of fruit Ashley had.

5.6 pounds - 4.9 pounds = 0.7 pounds left

Answer; Ashley has 0.7 pounds of fruits left


In 8M2 what is the smallest digit that can replace M and make the number divisible by 3?



8(1)(2) = 16, 16/3 = Not a whole number.

8(2)2 = 32, 32/3 = Not a whole number.

8(3)2 = 48, 48/3 = 16

What is the difference between 4 twenty five and 3 twenty five


4 25 is bigger than 3 25 or if you meant subtraction it would be 100

There are 11 paintings at an art show. Four of them are chosen randomly to display in the gallery window. The order in which they are chosen does not matter. How many ways are there to choose paintings? A. 7920 B. 330 C.44 D. 121



B. 330

Step-by-step explanation:

The question indicates the order doesn't matter, so it's a combination and not a permutation.

The combinations are calculated using this formula:

In this case we have a population of 11 (n = 11) and a selection of 4 (r=4), so...

So, there are 330 different combinations that can be made of 4 paintings out of a selection of 11.


The correct answer is option B.  330

Step-by-step explanation:

It is given that,There are 11 paintings at an art show. Four of them are chosen randomly to display in the gallery window.

To find the possible ways

There are total 11 paintings.

We have to choose 4 of them

Possible number of ways = 11C₄

 = (11 * 10 * 9 )/(1 * 2* 3 * 4)

 = 330 ways

Therefore the  correct answer is option B.  330


you're given two side lengths of 6 cm and 9 cm which measurement can you use for the length of the third side to construct a valid triangle​


Does the question have something to do with the Pythagorean therom?

The triangle inequality theorem states that the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the length of the third side. (Hence, the sum of the two smaller sides is greater than the larger side)

This means that the third side is shorter than 6 and 9 combined, but also 9 is shorter than 6 and the third side combined.

If the third side's length is x, then 3


Jodi is cutting out pieces of paper that measure 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches from a larger sheet of paper that has an area of 1,000 square inches. What is the greatest possible number of pieces that Jodi can cut out of the larger sheet? (The area of each piece is 93.5 square inches by the way.)


Man this on is hard i dont even know how to answer it

191,306 rounded to the nearest thousand


The next larger thousand is  192,000 .
The next smaller thousand is  191,000 .

191,306  is closer to  191,000  than it is to  192,000 .

So the nearest thousand is  191,000 .


Find two consecutive even integers such that the square of the smaller is 10 more than the larger


X, x+2 - two consecutive even integers
x is the smaller one

-3 isn't an even integer, so x=4.

The two integers are 4 and 6.
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