What state was the center of population in 1910?


Answer 1

Monroe County, Indiana

(if that is not right my bad)

Answer 2

Monroe County, Indiana Xx

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1.a prison epistle written by Paul to a city where he had been in jailRevelation 2.the shortest of Paul's group 2 epistlesGalatians
3.the only author who wrote both a Gospel and epistlesJohn
4.a set of two long epistles written at the height of Paul's careerCorinthians
5.a very practical epistle written by one of the half brothers of JesusHebrews
6.the only book of prophecy in the New TestamentPhilippians
7.an epistle that was possibly written by Paul but which differs in structure and pattern from his othersJames


Five and Seven are incorrect, they should be reversed. The Book of James is a very practical epistle written by one of the half brothers of Jesus and the Hebrews wrote an epistle that was possibly written by Paul but which differs in structure and pattern from his others.

When was the hellenistic age? a- the time period before the death of alexander the great
b- the time period before the founding of greece
c- the time period following the death of alexander the great
d- the time period following the roman conquest of greece


A) The time period before the death of alexander the great, I would know this because his birthday is the same as mine ^-^
In consequence, the Hellenistic Period is usually accepted to begin in 323 BC with Alexander's death and ends in 31 BC with the conquest of the last Hellenistic kingdom by Rome, the Lagid kingdom of Egypt.

Why was the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 enacted?


The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was an act enacted by the Confederation's Congress to provide for the settlement and political incorporation of the territory of the North-West of the River Ohio (that the U.S. acquired after the American Revolutionary War) in a peaceful and orderly way.

The ordinance established a division of the Northwest Territory into not less than three and nor more than five States, and that each state was to be governed by a governor, secretary, and three judges appointed by Congress until it attained a population of 5,000 adult free males, at which time it would become a territory and could form its own representative legislature.

Answer is.... to help new States join the Union!! (Gradpoint)


Who invented the microscope and why is his invention so important to the scientific world? PLEASE HELP ME! 10 POINTS!!!!!




In the late 16th century several Dutch lens makers designed devices that magnified objects, but in 1609 Galileo Galilei perfected the first device known as a microscope. Dutch spectacle makers Zaccharias Janssen and Hans Lipperhey are noted as the first men to develop the concept of the compound microscope.

Answer:Zacharias Janssen



What amendment began prohibition?


The Twenty-first Amendment

What was the Corrupt Bargain of 1824?


Adams appointed Henry Clay to the position of Secretary of State after taking office. Jackson, who anticipated being elected President with more popular and electoral votes, took a direct hit from Adams's triumph. By applying this reasoning, Jackson and his supporters charged Clay and Adams with making a shady deal.

Who is elected President ?

The head of state of the Republic of India is the president (IAST: Bharat k Rashtrapati). The president serves as the titular leader of the executive branch, the nation's first citizen, and the supreme commander of the Indian Armed Forces. The 15th and current president is Droupadi Murmu, who took office on July 25.

The position of president was established on January 26, 1950, when India became a republic after obtaining independence on August 15, 1947, when its constitution took effect.

The legislative assemblies of each of India's states and territories, as well as both chambers of the Indian Parliament, which were all chosen directly by the people, are used to elect the president in an indirect manner.

To know more about  supreme commander



A simple answer is this,
corrupt bargain:
alleged deal between presidential candidates John Q. Adams and Henry Clay to throw the election, to be decided by the house of representatives, in Adam's favor. Though never proven, the accusation became the rallying cry for Jackson supporters, who had been majority of the popular vote.

Why did people in the Northeast region practice slash and burn agriculture?


Not for sure, but I think it used less land for crops, and provided the soil with nutrients for future farming and crops. :) 

Hope this helped! Have a wonderful day!

General Toussaint L’Ouverture died in a prison in 1804, after leading the revolution in Haiti. what prison was it??


After leading the revolution in haiti, General Toussaint L’Ouverture died in: French Prison

At that time, Haiti was considered to be an integral part of French colony and contributed to a large portion of French's economy. Leading Haiti for its independence is considered as a treason by the French government, which is why he was sentenced to Prison and had to endure torture and bad treatments that lead to his death.

General Toussaint L’Ouverture died in imprisonment in a French prison-house, called the Fort de Joux. The premiere of the Haitian independence movement spent his final days in a cold prison in the Fort de Joux, surrounded by the hostile climate of the Jura mountains. France established its colonial administration over Haiti, thereby destroying its rich culture, and exploiting its resources.  

Further Explanation:

The Haitian people were subject to worst forms of slavery, under the white supremacy of the French elite society. The colonial excesses by the Bonaparte regime incited the Haitian slaves to rise against their colonial masters and fight for the cause of independence from French colonial rule. The employment of Haitian slaves in the French aristocratic households exposed them to various facets of education and enabled them to understand the workings of various independent political systems and society. This knowledge was made useful in its formulation of a new administrative structure for Haiti.

General L’Ouverture’s exemplary statesmanship and military leadership nurtured the sentiment of the struggle for Freedom from his fellow slaves, in the demand for a nation that would be free and provide a safe haven for all former slaves escaping colonial exploitation. He was able to raise an army to challenge the Bonaparte regime, and guide the Haitians to their dream of realizing a free, independent nation. He trained his army to fight in hostile territory and the use of guerrilla tactics, which enabled them to earn a massive victory from the French troops, thereby ending slavery. His efforts left a significant mark in the history of colonial expansion, and the exemplary resistance shown by him would be an example for other colonies to assert their independence in the future.

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1. The powers of the commander in chief of the armed forces belong to the


2. Which state ratified the constitution after congress agreed to amend the constitution to include the bill of rights?


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Grade: High School

Chapter: The aftermath of the French Revolution

Subject: History


Independence, colonial exploitation, guerrilla warfare, statesmanship. Military powers, Bonaparte regime, resistance.


Who established a colony on Roanoke Island? a. Francis Drake
b. Sir Walter Raleigh
c. Edmund Spenser
d. William Shakespeare


It was "Sir Walter Raleigh" who established a colony on Roanoke Island, after he had been given a royal charter patent by Queen Elizabeth I of England to colonize America. 

The answer is B. sir Walter Raleigh

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