How can you determine how much energy a food item contains? A. taste the food
B. weigh the food
C. look at amount of Calories
D. look at what color the food is


Answer 1
Answer: C look at the amount of calories

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What is the importance of allele separation in addition to reintroducing recessive alleles to populations? A. There is no additional benefit
B. It creates genetic diversity in a population
C. Organisms develop much faster


B. It creates genetic diversity in a population is the importance of allele separation in addition to reintroducing recessive alleles to populations.

What are the three genetic diversities?

The various gene morphologies caused by gene polymorphisms are called alleles. There are three different causes of genetic diversity: mutations, recombination, and genetic immigration. Mutations are the driving force behind genetic variation and evolution.

Genetic diversity refers to the range of different genetic traits within a species. There are many individuals with different traits in species with high genetic diversity. Genetic diversity is essential for adapting to the changing environment of the population.

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What does a voltage describe A how fast a current can flow
B how much current can flow
C how much a material resists electrical flow
D how fast a material conducts electrical flow


A voltage is a measure of electric potential between 2 points in a closed electric circuit. It is also defined as potential difference per unit charge.

What is voltage?

In an electric field , the work done required to move a charge per unit between 2 points is known as voltage.  


                                      Voltage = work done/charge

The SI unit is (V).

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B. how much current can flow

How might the oceans on early Earth have formed?


Water vapor coming out of volcanoes is the major cause of forming oceans on early Earth, hence option C is correct.

How oceans are formed?

Water vapor is responsible for ocean formation, this water vapor is coming from volcanoes. Oceans states the large water bodies of salted water that are present on the surface of the earth, which cover 70.8% of the earth's surface.

The water remained as gas on early Earth, and as gas when the temperature is cooled down, it becomes rain, until the Earth cooled below 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

During this time, about 3.8 billion years ago, the water condensed into rain which filled the basins that we conclude to know as our world's oceans.

Therefore, water vapor coming out of volcanoes is the correct option.

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How might the oceans on early earth have formed?

A. Dust particles combined with magnetic forces around Earth

B. Stars collided with dust particles

C. Water vapor came out of volcanoes

D. Collisions of planets exchanged water exchanged water off their surfaces


The Answer You Are Looking For Is

A) Water Vapor Came Out Of Volcanoes

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A scientific model is easier to interpret and understand when it includes the main parts or processes, rather than every detail of every part or process. is this true or false


This is true, because extra detail and collateral information begets you to digress and eventually lead some people astray because they lose interest. You'd rather be straight to the point and give key facts about your model instead.

this is true i just took the test


In a dna molecule the bases are covalently bonded to sugar molecules true or false


True. They are bounded by sugar -phosphate molecules.

Adults spend about __________ of their time asleep in rem sleep.


Adults spend about 20% of their time asleep in rem sleep. Hope this helped, have a great day! :D

When NAD+ reacts with hydrogen and gains two electrons, NAD+ is _____.


The right answer is NAD+ is reduced (to NADH).

In a very large number of oxidation-reduction reactions that take place in the cell, the electrons are transferred by coenzymes: for example, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD +.

they contain nicotinamide which is the amide of nicotinic acid

they contain a phosphoanhydride bond that links two nucleotides: adenosine monophosphate, which comes from ATP, and the nicotinamide ribonucleotide called nicotinamide mononucleotide

The NADH that is produced by the catabolic oxidation reactions is retransformed into NAD + under aerobic conditions with concomitant production of ATP: this is oxidative phosphorylation. NADH is therefore linked to reactions of catabolism (degradation reactions). It represents an energy source prior to ATP.

I think it becomes NADH as it reacts with the hydrogen.

Define karyotype.....


The number and appearance of the chromosomes in the nuclei of an organism.

its like a scientific term but its a  visual appearance of the chromosomes in the cell nuclei of an organism or species.


Which macromolecule is involved in nearly every function in the human body? A. lipid

B. nucleotide

C. protien

D. carbohydrate


The correct answer is protein.

Protein being the macro molecule is involved in almost every function of the body. Some of the important functions of the protein in the body are given below.

  • Like our nails and hair are made of keratin protein.
  • All the enzymes that is involved in the metabolic reactions of the body are protein.
  • As like carbohydrate and fat, protein has no reservoir in the body so it is taken by the body and is utilized by the body without being stored.
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