Patricia is a five-year-old girl. She prefers to stay in her room. She refuses to play and cries often. She also has some bruise marks on her body. What may Patricia be going through?


Answer 1

Your answer is Abuse.

Kid's that are young normally play often, and never refuses to play. Young kids are also happy. So, knowing that she isn't playing, and she's crying is a major indication something is going on. Kid's do get bruises from falling outside, but knowing she isn't playing somone would have caused the bruise's. So knowing all this, I can conclude that Patricia is being abused.

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Your attiude can be describe as optimistic or pessimistic true or false


Your attiude can be describe as optimistic or pessimistic. so this is true

Social sickness is also called what?

Subject: Criminology not health


Social Pathology is another term for social sickness.
I think the answer is social pathology  i hope this helps

______ is the ability to change to meet new demands that are being asked to do. Aquarium





The correct answer is Adaption

Explain why proper body alignment is important, and give an example of what can happen if someone uses improper body alignment during a workout. At least 4 complete sentences



A proper body alignment during workout is essential because it reduces the chances of getting injured.


A proper body alignment is the right alignment of head, neck, shoulder, spine, knees, and ankles. A proper body alignment reduces the pressure on a single structure because stress is distributed equally on every part of the body. Therefore by reducing stress proper body alignment reduces the risk of injury and helps in maintaining good physical posture.  

Further explanation:

During the workout process, a person's body should be aligned in a proper way because muscles and joints work together well when the body posture is correct.

If someone uses an improper body alignment chance of injury will increase because in improper body alignment force on the muscles, ligaments, and bones do not get distributed properly. This improper distribution of force can lead to tearing of muscles, ligaments, and fractures.

Improper body alignment during exercise can also lead to improper posture of the body like an improper shape of the spine or shoulders.

Then this improper posture can adversely affect the metabolism of the body and can result in pain in neck, shoulders and spine. Therefore a proper body alignment is important.

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1. Importance of proper body alignment (answered by Samarazazaidi).

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Body alignment, posture, muscles, stress, ligaments, fractures, spine.

If you don't use proper body alignment when working out your bones can shift and easily brake. When most people work out they do not use proper alignment therefore they have shoulder, knee, back, and hip problems. If you lift a weight and your body is not aligned you may have problems in the future some you may not be able to be fixed. Therefore it is important to have your body in alignment when you work out or any heavy lifting.

Kallie wants to improve her tennis serve. She already practices every day the court is available, and her technique and energy output are outstanding. Kallie should focus on A) frequency; performing more cardio-related workouts
B) intensity; increasing the effort expended during her workout
C) time; increasing the length of her workout
D)type; performing a different activity to achieve her goal


Answer: Kallie should focus on the type; performing a different activity to achieve her goal (Option D)

Explanation: As Kallie is already giving a lot of time in practicing and her technique and energy output are outstanding, so her frequency, intensity and time in the FITT cycle are being completed.

The FITT cycle includes:

Frequency is the number of times she practices

Intensity denotes the level of difficulty  

Time is the duration of the session  

Type is the training activity that is being performed

Kallie should focus on the type of activity she is performing. She should change it and see if it would make her tennis serve better.  





Suprax belongs to the third party generation of what type of drug? a. statins
b. penicillins
c. insulins
d. cephalosporins


Suprax belongs to the third party generation of what type of drug?
d. cephalosporins

(15 points) Describe how each of the following factors helps you make decisions that enhance your mental and emotional health.

• Your peers -

• Your family -

• Your school and community -

• Your use of television, cell phones, computers, and other telecommunication technologies -


Describe how each of the following factors helps you make decisions that improve your mental and emotional health.

Mental and emotional health

While mental health is about a state of psychological balance and the absence of disorders such as depression and anxiety, emotional health encompasses the individual's state of mind.

Mental health, on the other hand, involves brain and neurological issues. When it is affected, it means that the individual is experiencing disorders and disorders such as

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse, etc…

  1. Your peers - a healthy and stable relationship, brings emotional and psychological benefits
  2. Your family - they must be balanced and know how to contain the problems, with this the family members help in the formation of the individual
  3. Your school and community - if we live in a calm environment, in the school and community, without toxic people, the benefits of emotional balance will prevail.
  4. Your use of television, cell phones, computers and other telecommunications technologies - the use of technologies that you depend on will harm your health, but moderate only will not harm you.

With this information, we can conclude that it is necessary to have emotional and psychological balance.

Learn more about Mental health in

• Your peers - help you make decisions because you would normally want to follow the crowd to fit in.
• Your family - would want the best for you and support you in everything you do
• Your friends - would do the same as your family if they really would care about you
• your school and community - would encourage you to do the thing that they believe is the best thing to do.
• your use of television, cell phone, computers, and etc - would influence you to do most of what your peers would do

if that's not what the question was or you don't understand something I would gladly explain or help you out.

Where is insulin produced?


Insulin is produced in a person's pancreas.

In the pancreas, but it can be made artificially in labs or somethig

Which of the following is a statement that supports Size Acceptance? You've really gained weight! People get fat when they overeat all the time. People come in all sizes and shapes. She is really good about strictly limiting her choices to 'good' foods only.


“People come in all shapes and sizes,” is a statement that supports size acceptance. All human beings have distinct characteristics that they have acquired from their parents. There really are different body types and it varies not only with genes but also in ethnicity. Some Westerners are born with bigger structures compared to their Asian counterparts. Africans also have a different body structure compared to Europeans.

The different body types are: ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph, or a combination of two of these types of body sizes. 
People come in all sizes and shapes is an example which would tell us that the person who has said such a statement is also someone who wholeheartedly supports and accepts people of all sizes and shapes and can for that reason be accredited to support Size Acceptance. 
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