All of the following are characteristics of AP courses compared with regular high school courses except: A. they require more effort.

B. they require more homework.

C. they require more class time.

D. they require more class time analytical writing


Answer 1

The AP course is made for the advanced placements and they are created by the collage board of the US and have other college-level circulation materials.  

  • The university can grant placements serves as these courses have grades that are evaluated.

They need more time and preparation. Option C is correct.

Learn more about the characteristics of AP courses compared with.

Answer 2
Answer: Letter C is the correct answer

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It improves academic skills.
It develops physical skills.
It cultivates social skills.
It refines discipline and patience.
It boosts self-esteem.
It introduces children to other cultures.
What to Consider When Selecting an Instrument.
It helps them understand some of the words in the music talking about real life and helps self esteem most times

Overconfidence tends to make it harder for people to make decisions. T/F the answer is FALSE


it would be false because they would be to absorbed to take to long to make a choice

Answer: False


Overconfidence would cause a person to be more sure of themselves and feel in control. A decision is easier to make when the person is confident.


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Ben can’t wrestle in this week’s match unless he loses two pounds. He decides to take a nap instead of exercising. This is an example of Wasting time

Getting distracted

Allowing others to set goals


Ben can’t wrestle in this week’s match unless he loses two pounds. He decides to take a nap instead of exercising. This is an example of Wasting time.

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In this web page you may find out 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and associated phrases for waste-time, like: procrastinate, lollygag, expend time, loiter, pass-the-time, dillydally, delay, dawdle, goof off, lose time and shilly-shally.Attention-deficit hyperactivity ailment influences behavior.

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that is an example of Wasting time


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The answer is False Deglutition 

Write a letter to the bank explaining five things about yourself that would make you a good borrower.


Your trustworthy, nice, kind, reliable, and respectfull.
You shoould be nice and look professinal 
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