Which sentence is correctly punctuated? A. "Do you have the time?," she asked.
B. "Do you have the time?" she asked.
C. "Do you have the time" she asked?
D. "Do you have the time," she asked?


Answer 1
Answer: A. is correctly punctuated.

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B. "Do you have the time?" she asked.   B would be wrong because it doesn't have a comma.

C. "Do you have the time" she asked?    C would be wrong because it doesn't have a question mark and comma in "Do you have the time", it should be "Do you have the time?,"

D. "Do you have the time," she asked?   D would be wrong because it has a question mark at the end instead of a period.

Answer 2




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Yolanda spends 8 2/3 hours per month playing soccer. Approximately how many hours does she play soccer in a year? A. 28
B. 104
C. 197
D. 416


The question is asking us to calculate approximately how many hours does Yolanda play soccer in a year. We know that she plays soccer 8 2/3 hours a month. In a year there are 12 months. So we have to multiply 8 2/3 by 12. We can multiply separately 8 and 2/3 by 12 and then add those products. 8 * 12 = 96. 2/3 * 12 = 24/3 = 8, Finally: 96 + 8 = 104. Answer: B ) 104 hours a year

The trustworthiness of a speaker adds to the speaker's a. emotional appeal.
b. ethical appeal.
c. verbal appeal.
d. appeal to reasoning


I'd say the answer is B, 'ethical appeal'. Because being ethical also means being truthful towards everybody, and doing what is right. 

The answer is; b. ethical appeal


what is the significance of Lee's portrayal of calpurnia into the courtroom as she walks home with the children?(from TKAM Chapter 21)


Calpurnia isn't merely hired help for Atticus. The whole town is aware that Calpurnia is a mother figure to the Finch children. Calpurnia represents a rare bridge between the void of ethnicity. She and the Finch kids are a public display of a family that is truly enlightened.


Summarize, in a few sentences, the facts or gossip about the Cunningham family.


The Cunninghams maybe the poorest family in Maycomb but they have a certain principle to follow. For instance, they do not accept anything if they can not pay it back. They repay the people they owe by exchanging crops and chopped woods from their farm.

The prefix which means NOT is _____.


"non" is the answer.

my choices are A. em- B. it- C. ill- and D. ir- and im choosing , "C"


What does Santiago envy about the intense wind called the levanter? A) Its ability to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time
B) Its boldness
C) Its ability to sooth
D) Its freedom


The levanter is the wind that brings with it Santiago's desires. His desire to travel and seek adventure in the beginning and in the end a message from his beloved. I would choose D as an answer because even though Santiago is free to make his own choices and travel, there are obstacles that get in his way, while the levanter is unobstructed.

His name was announced as Roger Chillingworth. The jailer, after ushering him
into the room, remained a moment,
marvelling at the comparative quiet that
followed his entrance; for Hester Prynne had
immediately become as still as death,
although the child continued to moan.
- The Scarlet Letter,
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Does the author use direct or indirect methods to
characterize Roger Chillingworth?

A. Direct
B. indirect


The type of characterization that the author uses to  characterize Roger Chillingworth is:

  • B. Indirect

Indirect characterization is the type that is used to show the character of a person by using his words and actions to portray this.

As a result of this, from the given excerpt, we can see that there is a narration where the character of Roger Chillingworth is showed by his words and actions as he moves around the room.

Therefore, the correct answer is option B

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Part 1. - Indirect

Part2. - C.

Part3. - D.

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Most of the imagery in a poem is designed to appeal to the reader's


Since the given options are not provided in this statement, with reference to the previous question that is related the possible answer is C.

Elaborately, the correct answer is C. Senses and emotions

Which explains what imagery in a poem is,

The synonym for sensory language is “imagery”, also can be attributed as the descriptive details of an object. These sensory language is a one technique that writers and artists uses to relate with readers with the use of an image, description, movement or scenario. It utilizes the five sensory organs –eyes, nose, ears, touch and taste. For example, his white snowy skin is so bright.   

Select the sentence containing a participle. The boy sliding into third is my brother. Sliding into third was difficult.


The boy sliding into third is my brother

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