Which pair of words contains a denotation and connotation a. blind and sightless
b. smile and grin
c.apple and fruit
d. automobile and vehicle.?


Answer 1
Answer: The answer would be B

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Describe the difference between implicit and explicit theme.


Implicit is implied though not plainly expressed.

explicit is stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.

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 Implicit theme is when the work is implied, rather than expressed, whereas explicit theme is the work that is fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated that leaves nothing just merely implied. 

What is the correct meaning of the word merit? Choices are truth, value, appeal, logic


a merit is the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward.

What elements are of particular concern when developing a character in historical fiction


They have to first be in historic times and speak an historic language

A sentence with the word insipid and rote


Maria could not think of anything more insipid that watching cartoons with her sister.

Denis, like many other children, picked up his multiplication skills through rote memorization.

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Which sentence is correctly constructed with two clauses? a. They passed the farm seeing a tethered goat with a bright orange stripe across its back.
b. They saw a tethered goat with a bright orange stripe across its back as they passed the farm.
c. Passing the farm, a tethered goat with a bright orange stripe across its back was seen.
d. A tethered goat with a bright orange stripe across its back was seen while passing the farm.


(b) 'They saw a tethered goat with a bright orange stripe across its back' is the first clause and 'they passed a farm' connected with 'as'

Choose the sentence that has an error. A. The bronze statue was considered by experts to be the very best in the exhibit.
B. The cool weather in October was more better than the searing heat of summer.
C. The students unanimously believed the coffee shop to be much better than the sandwich shop for meetings.
D. Most people said that the English teacher's engaging approach was the best of the group.


B) "More better" is just simply incorrect grammar.

Hemingway's style is direct and spare.
a. True
b. False


The correct answer should be A. True.

Hemingway is famous for his simple style that can be understood by readers worldwide. He uses simple sentences with short, usually disyllabic words.

The correct answer is:


Ernest Hemingway was an American journalist, novelist, short-story writer, and noted sportsman.  Ernest Hemingway's wiriting style has been described as   tark, simple, direct, unadorned, straightforward, rough-hewn, masculine, brutal, blunt.


Many newspapers are making the transition from print to the web. How do you think this will change the way that people receive the news? What do you think the newspapers of the future will look like?


I think that this will change the way people see or receive new because, its every where, by that I mean most people in the world have internet access witch means the news it put out every where social media and just plain going on google pressing the news tab. I feel as though there will not be any news papers in the future because it will all be on some type of technology to where its hard to miss.


Let's have no more argument. I have chosen Mr. Baggins and that ought to be enough for all of you. If I say he is a Burglar, a Burglar he is, or will be when the time comes. There is a lot more in him than you guess, and a deal more than he has any idea of himself. You may (possibly) all live to thank me yet." Which best describes how Gandalf's point of view differs from Thorin's? Gandalf believes that Bilbo has a hidden strength within him that will prove vital to the dwarves' quest, while Thorin believes that Bilbo will be useless and a burden.

Gandalf knows that Bilbo isn't much of a burglar but knows how important this quest will be for Bilbo. Thorin knows Gandalf's intentions and isn't happy about them.

Gandalf and Thorin both believe that Bilbo will be an important addition to the quest.

Gandalf believes that Bilbo is a master burglar, while Thorin is doubtful of Bilbo's skills but willing to give Bilbo a chance



Gandalf believes that Bilbo has a hidden strength within him that will prove vital to the dwarves' quest, while Thorin believes that Bilbo will be useless and a burden.


"The Hobbit" by J R R Tolkien is a fantasy story about the journey of a group of dwarves along with a hobbit and a wizard, on a quest to overcome the evil that has overtaken their land.

When Bilbo Baggins was selected by the wizard Gandalf the Grey, the leader and heir to the dwarves' kingdom, Thorin of Oakenshield at first questioned the involvement of Bilbo. He doesn't seem like a fighter or even a strong one, let alone a burglar. But Gandalf insisted on his choice to include Bilbo, saying that he had a lot more in him than is visible now. The differing opinions of Gandalf and Thorin about the hobbit shows that Gandalf knows Bilbo had a hidden strength that will be seen at the right time while Thorin questions the inclusion of this weakling on a quest to defeat a dragon.

Probably A. I might want to wait for a second opinion though, but it's most likely A.

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Another method that might be desired is one that updates the Student’s number of credit hours. This method will receive a number of credit hours and add these to the Student’s current hours. Which of the following methods would accomplish this? a) public int updateHours( ) { return hours; } b) public void updateHours( ) { hours++; } c) public updateHours(int moreHours) { hours += moreHours; } d) public void updateHours(int moreHours) { hours += moreHours; } e) public int updateHours(int moreHours) { return hours + moreHours; } The Coin class, as defined in Chapter 4, consists of a constructor, and methods flip, isHeads and toString. The method isHeads returns true if the last flip was a Heads, and false if the last flip was a Tails. The toString method returns a String equal to "Heads" or "Tails" depending on the result of the last flip. Using this information, answer questions 4-5. 4) A set of code has already instantiated c to be a Coin and has input a String guess, from the user asking whether the user guesses that a coin flip will result in "Heads" or "Tails". Which of the following sets of code will perform the coin flip and see if the user’s guess was right or wrong? a) c.flip( ); if(c.isHeads( ).equals(guess)) System.out.println("User is correct"); b) if(c.flip( ).equals(guess)) System.out.println("User is correct"); c) if(c.isHeads( ).equals(guess)) System.out.println("User is correct"); d) c.flip( ); if(c.toString( ).equals(guess)) System.out.println("User is correct"); e) c.flip( ).toString( ); if(c.equals(guess)) System.out.println("User is correct"); 5) What does the following code compute? int num = 0; for(int j = 0; j < 1000; j++) { c.flip( ); if(c.isHeads()) num++; } double value = (double) num / 1000; a) the number of Heads flipped out of 1000 flips b) the number of Heads flipped in a row out of 1000 flips c) the percentage of heads flipped out of 1000 flips d) the percentage of times neither Heads nor Tails were flipped out of 1000 flips e) nothing at all