In what ways did regional interests assert themselves after the creation of the united states


Answer 1

There was tension in the politics of the nation which were largely due to differences in the economies of the North and the South. For the South, slavery was used as a labor source hence they supported slavery. The North on the other hand was opposed to slavery as it was largely urbanized.  Different regions led to the creations of different economies.

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Find the unit rate. $9.90 for 12 bagels


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Find the unit rate. $9.90 for 12 bagels

Answer: 0.82

About $0.83

I was just wondering why this question is related to history.


What point was being made by the Athenians Pericles and aristotle when they used the words useless and beast


The correct answer is citizens who did not participate in Athens

The ancient Greeks were very discriminating of people who did not participate in public affairs and who were apolitical. The word idiot actually comes from this period where Idiot was a designation in Greece for someone who did not participate in politics or in public affairs. For them it was a great shame for any person who wished to remain apolitical.

What weakness in arab rule led to revolts against the umayyads


Arab led by attacking their secularism, their moral character and their administration in general. During the reign of Marwan etc

In what year did Napoleon crown himself emperor?



D.) 1804 
He established the French Empire in 1804 right after he established the Napoleonic code in 1802. 
The answer is D hope that helps

How was Sacagawea helpful to Lewis and Clark and their expedition? a. She knew her way around.
b. Natives would not attack if they saw her baby.
c. She could speak many Native American languages.
d. She knew how to cook.
e. They liked having a woman around.


A. She knew her way around, she could tell where they were by how the landscape was, etc.

the correct answer is c she could speak many native american languages.


What major effect did the assembly line have on factory work, such as the Ford Motor Company?


The major effect the assembly line has on factory work, are gains in productivity. As we know the assembly lines facilitate and speed up the final production. The Ford Motor Company was a pioneer in assembly lines; Henry Ford in his autobiography mentions its principal benefits which are: “ Workers not carrying heavy things, do not bend, no special training required, Jobs that almost everyone can do, Provide work to immigrants.” As a result workers salary was also increased, also reducing work hours and occupational hazards.


Which act was passed as a response to the boston tea party? a) the coercive acts

b) the declaratory act

c) the tea act

d) the quebec act



In response to the Boston Tea Party Britain released 5 acts called the Intolerable Acts

These acts were: The Quartering Act, The Boston Port Act, The Administration of Justice Act, The Massachusetts Government Act, and The Quebec Act

The answer is D) The Quebec Act

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What important discovery was made by Edmond Halley and Alexis Clairaut, using Newton's ideas of mathematics and gravity? A. They explained why objects appear to have color. B. They were able to find the orbit of a comet and predict the year of its return. C.They discovered the three newest planets--Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto D.


The correct option is C

Edmond Halley discovered that the comet that had been sighted in 1682 was the same one that had previously visited the earth in 1066, 1305 and 1380.

Based on the physical laws and especially the mathematical discoveries of Isaac Newton, Halley calculated that the orbit of this comet was not parabolic as was believed until now but was elliptical of great amplitude. In this way he correctly predicted that he would return to earth in 1758.

Alexis Claude Clairaut demonstrated great advances related to the orbit of the moon, the movements of comets and disturbances in them caused by the planets and in 1759 calculated the perihelion of Halley's comet.


Convention delegates from smaller states were in favor of _____. a strong central government

a federal executive of more than one person

a legislature with a Senate and a House of Representatives

a single National Executive


B.) A federal executive of more than one person.


federal executive of more than one person


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