Jessica is measuring two line segments. The first line segment is 30 cm long. The secon line segment is 500mm long. In centimeters. how long are the two line segments together?


Answer 1
Answer: Well 500 mm = 50 cm so if you add both segments together you will get a 50+30=80cm segment

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6 plus 9 rquals to 10 plus WHAT NUMBER????


Answer: 5.

Step-by-step explanation:

6+9 = 15

10 + x = 15

-10 -10

x = 5



Step-by-step explanation:






write an expression that shows how you can multiply 9x475 using expanded form and the distributive property


   +6 +4
 ×     9

The endpoints of a diameter of a circle are (4,-2) and (3,6). Find the area of the circle in terms of pi


The endpoints of a diameter of a circle are (4,-2) and (3,6). The area of the circle in terms of pi is 65pi
First, is to get the length of the diameter by getting the distance of the two points: (4, -2) and (3, 6)

dis = sqrt( (x2-x1)^2 + (y2-y1)^2)
dis = sqrt( (3-4)^2 + (6--2)^2 )
dis = sqrt( 1 + 64 )
dis = sqrt(65)

Next, is to find the area of the circle:
A = pi * r^2
A = pi * (sqrt(65))^2
A = 204.20 square units


the height of the water in a fish pod is 42.5 inches . water is being drained from the pond at a rate of 3.75 inches per minute . what is the height of the water after 3 minutes?



The height of water after 3 minutes of drain is 31.25 inches .

Step-by-step explanation:

Given as :

The initial height of water in a fish pod = i = 42.5 inches

The rate of drain of water = r = 3.75 inches per min

Let The height of water after 3 min = f inches

The time taken for water drain = t = 3 minutes

Now, According to question

∵ In 1 minute , The water decreases = 3.75 inches

∴ In 3 minute ,The water decreases = 3.75 inches × 3

I.e In 3 minute ,The water decreases = 11.25 inches

Now, The height of water after 3 min = initial height of water - the decrease height of wate

f = i - 11.25 inches

Or, f = 42.5 inches - 11.25 inches

or, f = 31.25 inches

So, The height of water after 3 min = f = 31.25 inches

Hence, The height of water after 3 minutes is 31.25 inches Answer


Find the sum of the measures of the interior angles of a 21-gon.


We know that
Sum of the measures of the interior angles of a polygon of n sides is equal to

n is the number of sides

in this problem


sum of the measures of the interior angles of a 21 sided polygon is
Well you have to use the equation     (n-2(180))  where n represents the number of sides  

so-    21 - 2 = 19      then multiply    19 x 180 = 3420

so the sum of all the interior angles in a 21-gon is equal to    3420 degrees

13. 0.8% of 150 is what number?


The answer i got is
0.8% of 150 is 1.2 because it’s the same as 150 times .008

Toyland is having a sale. All items are 20% off. How much will you save on an item that usually sells for 95$ please explain your work!!



You will save $19

Step-by-step explanation:

To find out how much we will save, we take the percentage off times the original price

savings = 20% * 95

Changing to decimal form

            = .20 * 95

            = 19



Step-by-step explanation:

So set up a proportion in which one ratio represents the info.

Part(Which is %) divided by Part(which is 100)

So 20% divided by 100= x/$95.

Then cross multiply the products to find x.

Which is 9000 divided by 100x . Then just pretend the division sign is a = sign.

So it's 9000=100x.To solve for x you must the opposite operation on both sides. 1900 divided by 100=100x divided by 100.19x

We will save 19$ on an item that originally costed 95$


What is 0.64 as a fraction


0.64 as a fraction is 64/100 and the percentage is 64%.

(sum of interior angles = 10 (n-2) where n is the number of sides of the polygon) 1. what is the sum of the interior angles of a pentagon?
2. if the sum of the interior angles of a polygon equals 1080, then determine the sides of the polygon.
3. what is a polygon called if the sim of its interior angles equals 6840?
4. what is the sum of the interior angles of an octagon?



Step-by-step explanation:

1) pentagon; n= 5

Sum of interior angles = 180*(n -2) = 180* (5-2) = 180 * 3 = 540

2) Sum of interior angles of a polygon = 1080

180*(n-2) = 1080

n - 2 = 1080/180

n -2 = 6

n = 6+2

n = 8

Polygon has 8 sides

3) Sum of interior angles of a polygon = 6840

180*(n-2) = 6840

n - 2 =6840/180

n -2 = 38

n = 38 + 2

n = 40

Polygon has 40sides

4)Sum of interior angles of an octagon = 180*(n-2) = 180* (8-2) = 180 - 6 = 1080

The sum of the interior angles of the 10-sided polygon on the left is 1440 °.

The answer is : 1440

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