Morocco has a constitutional monarchy type of government
T or F


Answer 1
Answer: True

Led by the Prime Minister of Morocco.

Hope this helps!
Answer 2
Answer: Yes it is TRUE because I just had that question

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Which type of soil can cause lateral movement (water travels sideways) to ditches carrying nutrients with it?



Sandy soil


Water movement in soils is called soil hydrology. The soil texture, the soil structure and gravity affects soil hydrology.

In sandy soil, the particles are largest compared to other types of soils, and these particles are held loosely together.

Water will move laterally in the soil profile if there is enough pore space in that soil (which sandy soils possess). This movement is aided by the capillary action of water in small spaces. The water will bind to the edges of the pores and slowly move laterally and even upward if the voids are small enough.


What effect has migration had on modern Europe


For countries/ cities that are losing people there will be fewer people to housed and fed.
and reduces pressure or competition on jobs and resources.
For countries/cities  that are gaining people there will be more competition for skilled jobs(if the migrants are young and skilled) or high labour jobs  if the migrants are not very skilled.
This means that the population density will increase and more people will need to be fed and housed. This then creates a diversity in the communities which can have both negative and positive impact. 

the appalachian mountains are ___ of the rocky mountains north south east west? a. north b. south c. east d. west


The correct answer is - c. east.

The Appalachian Mountains are located in the eastern part of the United States, and since the Rocky Mountains are in the western part of the country, it puts them east of the Rocky Mountains.

The Appalachians are a very old mountain range, they are dated to about 480 million years ago when they formed during the Ordovician Period. At their peak, these mountains reached heights similar to the Rocky Mountains and the Alps in Europe, but because of the natural erosion they have shrunk and nowadays are much smaller in height.

I think the correct answer from the choices listed above is option C. The Appalachian mountains are east of the rocky mountains. The Appalachian Mountains often called the Appalachians, are a system of mountains in eastern North America. Hope this answers the question.

There are about _________ million drivers in the United States. A. 100 B. 200 C. 400


In a statistics showing the bar graph of the number of drivers in the United States for the previous years, there are approximately 210 million drivers in the U.S by the year 2015. Thus, the answer to this item is most probably letter B. 

In the plate tectonics model, which types of plate boundaries are most directly associated with earth's major mountain belts


First 2, ive had that question before (a few days ago)

Explain why Japanese producers rely heavily on robots.


The correct statement as to why the producers in Japan rely on robots is for achieving a totally error-free production and to complete the production at a better speed.

Japan is one of the largest user of robots for its production processes and known for its quality assurance worldwide. Use of robots enable faster production.

Japanese production process.

  • Japanese producers believe that a production of goods should be done by following the concept of 'just in time' which means that there should be no extra inventory lying at the warehouses.

  • Also, Japan is known for its quality products and the labor rates in Japan are higher due to their efficiency. So, to cut down the production costs, producers use robots.

  • The quality of products made by robots can be experienced with the quality of products from Japanese companies like Toyota, Isuzu, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

Hence, Japanese producers use the robots to cut down their costs of production as well as to finish the production at a fast pace and obtaining error-free products.

Learn more about Techniques of production here:

Because the population in japan is relatively old so the workforce isnt enough so that’s why producer rely on robot ( bc too many elderly)

Which statements describe results of the greenhouse effect? higher temperatures expanding ice caps penguins losing their natural habitat rising sea levels shorter days longer summers


The correct statements are:

- higher temperatures;

In the essence of the global warming is the rise in the global temperatures, and this occurs because of increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

- penguins losing their natural habitat;

Because the temperatures are rising, the ice on and around the poles melts, so the penguins are losing their natural habitat with the loss of the ice masses in Antarctica.

- rising sea levels;

The melting of the ice because of the higher temperatures contributes to the releasing of large amounts of liquid water into the oceans, and that results in the rise of the sea levels.

- longer summers;

As the temperatures rise, the summers will become hotter, drier, but also longer, and lots of places will take in the shape of a steppe, savanna, or desert because of this.


rising sea levels

penguins losing natural habitat

higher temperatures



Governments typically establish population policies for all of the following reasons except __________.


To lower the standard of living for all citizens. 
 Government typically establish population policies for all of the following reasons except to lower the standard of living for all citizens

The agreement between Great Britain and China stated that after 1997, Hong Kong would be a _____.


Special Administrative Region

Special Adminstrative Region Follow my Insta x3_peyton

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