Which Group 18 element in the ground state has a maximum of 2 completely filled energy shells?


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is Neon as the electron arrangement is 2,8. But for further learning, I just want to add that there are only 8 groups. The transition metals inbetween do not count as groups. If you look at a full periodic table the first two columns and the last six columns are the eight groups :)

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Answer 2
Answer: Neon has 10 eletrons so therefore it completely fills two shells :)
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Nitrogen has an average atomic mass of 14.00674. it has two isotopes, n-14 and n-15, with atomic masses of 14.0031 amu and 15.001 amu, respectively. what is the abundance of n-15?


In this case, we are going to assume that there are 100 atoms to make things easier. 

Let R% be the abundance of n-15. With this in mind, we calculate the abundance of n-14 to be 100%-R%

14.0031*(100-R)% + 15.001 * R%= 14.00674 
In this case, we can delete or ignore the % sign since we do not want to carry it around, however, we need to keep in mind that the final answer is in %

14.0031*(100-R) + 15.001 * R= 14.00674 

Then, the abundance of n-15 is 0.3648%


What quantity is represented by the metric system prefix deci-


Deci- is used to show a size that is one tenth of the main unit, that is, the most common basic unit. A decimeter is a 10th of a meter.

3.01 Quiz: Atomic Number and the Periodic Law ps
Which of the following characteristics was not included in Dmitri Mendeleev's periodic table?

distribution of elements determined by electron configuration

What is the primary atomic characteristic that Mendeleev used to organize the periodic table?

atomic mass

Mendeleev left several blank spaces in his original periodic table. What did those spaces represent?

elements that had yet to be discovered

According to the periodic law, what is the relationship between elements and periods?

Element properties repeat from period to period.

Which of these sets of elements has similar properties? Consult the periodic table.
strontium, magnesium, calcium, beryllium



The answer is Dissemination of components controlled by electron design.  


the Aufbau rule, the Pauli rejection guideline, and Hund's rule,tell you how to discover the electron designs of particles. As indicated by the aufbau standard, electrons possess the orbitals of most reduced vitality first, Pauli-prohibition rule, and Hund's Rule. The electronic setup of cations is doled out by evacuating electrons first in the peripheral p orbital, trailed by the s orbital lastly the d orbitals.


Cola has a ph of 3.5. this means that it has an excess of _______ ions and would be called a(n)________.


Cola has a pH of 3,5, this means that it has an excess of H⁺ ions and would be called an acid.
H⁺ is cationic form of atomic hydrogen, the hydrated form of the hydrogen cation is the hydronium ion H₃O⁺(aq). 
pH = -log c(H⁺).
When pH is below 7, solution is acidic, pH greater that 7 solution is basic and pH equals to 7, solution is neutral.

Answer: hydrogen ions , acid


pH or pOH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

pH is calculated by taking negative logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration.

Acids have pH ranging from 1 to 6.9, bases have pH ranging from 7.1 to 14 and neutral solutions have pH equal to 7.


Thus as pH is less than 7, the solution is acidic.


How do unbalanced forces affect its motion when the object is at rest?


An unbalanced force acting on a body at rest will change the motion of the body. The of motion is measured by its momentum.

Ethyl chloride (c2h5cl) boils at 12∘c. when liquid c2h5cl under pressure is sprayed on a room-temperature (25∘c) surface in air, the surface is cooled considerably. part a what does this observation tell us about the enthalpy of c2h5cl(g) as compared with c2h5cl(l)?


Since the surface where the liquid was sprayed cooled instantly, therefore we can say that some heat must be absorbed by the liquid to make that surface cooler. So since heat was absorbed by the liquid to become gas, hence the enthalpy of the C2H5Cl (g) is higher compared to C2H5Cl (l)


If a buffer solution is 0.250 M 0.250 M in a weak base ( K b = 8.0 × 10 − 5 ) Kb=8.0×10−5) and 0.540 M 0.540 M in its conjugate acid, what is the pH ?





Given that:

Considering the Henderson- Hasselbalch equation for the calculation of the pOH of the basic buffer solution as:


pH + pOH = 14  

So, pH = 14 - 4.43 = 9.57


What are similarities between Crystals and Polymer's. Please Help?!


There is little similarity between crystals and amorphous polymers.

However, many polymers (e. g, linear polyethylene, nylon, and Kevlar) are highly crystalline.

Thus, molecular crystals (e.g. dry ice, ice) and crystalline polymers share some similarities.  

In both, the molecules are

• arranged in a regular repeating pattern

• bonded to each other by London dispersion forces

• poor conductors of heat and electricity


What are devices that move atomic nuclei at extremely high speeds


Particle accelerators is your answer 
We can conclude from this question that it is Particle Accelerators
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