Pepper’s dog pen measures 4 meters wide and has an area of 20 square meters. What is the perimeter of the pen in meters?


Answer 1
Answer: 18. 4 x 5 = 20(area) so the other 2 sides that are not 4 are 5. 5+5+4+4=18

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Which value of r indicates a stronger​ correlation: requals0.811 or requalsnegative 0.861​? explain your reasoning?


The closer the magnitude of r is to 1, the stronger the correlation.

r=-0.861 indicates stronger correlation than r=0.811 because |-0.861| > |0.811|.

Wyatt uses 3.15 cups of flour in a recipe that makes 9 shortcakes. Cora uses 2.4 cups of flour in a recipe that makes 8 shortcakes. How much more flower per shortcake is needed for Cora’s recipe?


For Wyatt's recipe the rate is:
 r1 = 3.15 / 9
 r1 = 0.35
 For Cora's recipe the rate is:
 r2 = 2.4 / 8
 r2 = 0.3
 The difference between both recipes is:
 r1-r2 = 0.35 - 0.3 = 0.05
 0.05 cups of flour per shortcake less is needed for Cora's recipe


0.05 cup

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A fish tank has a base area of four 45cm2 and it is filled with water to a depth of 12 cm. If the height of the tank is 25 cm, how much more water will be needed to fill the tank to the brim?


Basically (25-12)cm*45cm^2

So 13*45cm^3 = 585cm^3

Find sin q if q is an angle in standard position and the point with coordinates (4, 3) lies on the terminal side of the angle.


First we imagine triangle. Triangle vertices are: xy coordinate center, point (4,3) and projection of that point on x axis (x = 4). Because angle is in standard position, just from knowing (4,3) coordinates we know 2 of triangle sides and we can find its hypotenuse which will be marked as "h":

Now the sinq is:

sinq = 3/5   because of definition of sin.

sin = opposite side of triangle/hypotenuse.

answer is 3/5
Terminal side of the position is (5,3)

Suppose A and B represent two different school populations where A > B and A and B must be greater than 0. Which of the following expressions is the largest? Explain why. Show all work necessary. A: 2(A + B)
B: (A + B)2
C: A2 + B2
D: A2 − B2



The correct option is .

Step-by-step explanation:

Given: and represent two different school populations where B" alt="A>B" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula"> and and must be greater than .

As per question,

B" alt="A>B" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">, 0" alt="A>0" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula"> and 0" alt="B>0" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">.

From the given option, is the largest among all of the given expression as the algebraic identity of .

Therefore, the largest expression is

Hence, the option is correct.

For more information:

A+B)^2 is the largest.  It is A^2+2AB+B^2, which is clearly greater than the last two options.  To compare (A+B)^2 and 2(A+B), we remove one A+B so that we're just comparing A+B and 2.  As A+B must be at least 3 (as both must be positive integers, and one must be greater than the other, leading to a minimum value of A=2, B=1), A+B is greater than 2, and as a result, (A+B)^2 is always the largest.

2. Which names the opposite and absolute value of 12?
A -12, 0
(C12, +12
B -12, 12
D – 12 – 12


B. The opposite and absolute value of 12 are -12 & 12 respectively.

What is opposite value of number ?

If adding a number with another number give the result as zero, then the numbers are opposite with each other.

Example : If 6 be a number, then if we add -6 with it, the result will be zero. So the opposite value of the number 6 is -6.

i.e. same number with opposite sign is the opposite value of that number.

What is absolute value of number ?

Absolute value is the modulus value of a number.

Absolute value of a non-negative number is the number itself.

Absolute value of a negative number is the opposite of that number, i.e. positive value of that number.

What is the required result ?

The given number is 12.

The opposite value of 12 is -12, since 12+(-12)=0

The absolute value of 12 = |12| = 12 itself.

Learn more about absolute value here :



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Step-by-step explanation:


Shyla covered a box with fabric. The dimensions of the box are shown in the figure below: A rectangular prism is shown. The length of the rectangular prism is labeled as 11 inches, the height is labeled as 7 inches, and the width is labeled as 8 inches.

The fabric costs 7¢ per square inch. She will only pay for the fabric used to cover the box, even if there is waste or extra. How much money did Shyla spend on the fabric?




I used the surface area equation of rectangular prism (2LW+2LH+2WH) and I got 422sq. in and I divided that to $0.07 and got $30.94.

Step-by-step explanation:

this  is the real answer i took the test and got it right



Step-by-step explanation:


If the simple interest on $5000 for 8 years is $2000. then what is the rate?
The rate is %?



Simple interest=$2000



rate=100×simple interest/(principal ×time)=$200000/($5000×8)=$200000/40000=5%


Alice's stamp collection was 75% of the size of Raymond's. After Alice sold 40% of her stamps and Raymond sold 20% of his stamps, Alice had 140 fewer stamps than Raymond. How many stamps did Alice sell?


Raymond's stamp collection ➞x
Alice′s stamp collection➞75%x
Raymond′s stamp collection ➞400
Alice′s stamp collection➞300
Alice sold 300×40%=120
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