Jimmy did a survey to answer the following question: What is the average writing score of grade 6 students? The mean writing score was 3.8 points. If all the students scored the same, what would be the writing score of each student? A)Less than 3.8 points
B)3.8 points
C)Greater than 3.8 points
D)Cannot be determined


Answer 1
Answer: X- the writing score
3,8=( x+x+x+x+x+x)/6=6x/6=x
⇒The correct answer is B
Answer 2
Answer: Id say C or B because if they all do it the same the average will be what they scored.

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During a windstorm, part of the top of a flagpole breaks off. The broken top portion touches the ground at an angle of 65degrees 14feet from its base. How tall was the pole before the windstorm? Round your answer to one decimal place. Can someone answer this please


The situation in the problem creates a right triangle with a base of 14ft. An angle of 65 degrees means that the triangles has...

A hypotenuse of , representing the length of the broken part of the pole.

An opposite of , representing the height of the part of the flag that still stands.

The total original flag height is the sum of the two parts.


Find the point that splits segment GH in half if point G is located at (−3, 5) and point H is located at (0, −2). (1, −1)
(4, 1)
(1.5, 3.5)
(−1.5, 1.5)



The point that splits segment GH in half if point G is located at (−3, 5) and point H is located at (0, −2) is:

                                      (−1.5, 1.5)

Step-by-step explanation:

Let C be the points that split the segment GH into two equal parts.

This means that C act as the mid-point of the line segment GH.

We know that the coordinate of the mid-point (e,f) of segment AB with vertices (a,b) and (c,d) respectively is given by:

Here we have:

G(A,B)=G(-3,5) and H(c,d)=H(0,-2)

Hence, the vertices of C(e,f) are:


              Hence, the coordinate of mid-point are:


Since it cuts it in half, ur looking for the midpoint
midpoint formula : (x1 + x2) / 2 , (y1 + y2)/2
(-3,5)...x1 = -3 and y1 = 5
(0,-2)..x2 = 0 and y2 = -2
now we sub and solve
m = (-3 + 0) / 2 , (5 - 2) / 2
m = (-3/2 , 3/2)
m = (-1.5, 1.5)

How do transformations in m and b effect the graph of y=mx+b


The equation y=mx+b is called the "slope-intercept" form of the equation of a line.

It is called so because if all the solutions (x, y) of this equation are plotted, they form a line with slope m and y-intercept b.

If m is positive, the line is increasing. So if m is positive, the greater the m, the more steeper the line, in increasing direction.

If m is negative, the line is decreasing. The smaller the m, the steeper the line, in decreasing direction.

b represents the y-intercept. If b is 0, the line passes through the origin. The larger the value of b, the higher the y-intercept. The smaller the value of b, the lower the y-intercept.


There are m marbles in a bag and 6 on the floor. Write an expression that shows the total number of marbles.


We know that there are m marbles. And m represents how many marbles are in the bag. And also, there is 6 on the floor.

And we want to write the total number of marbles. Sounds like an addition problem.

m + 6 is the expression you are looking for.

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There are 25 kids in a class, and the number of boys is 2/3 of the number of girls. How many boys and how many girls are in this class?


25 kids in all
2xboys:3x girls
so the equation would be 
/5           /5

10 boys and 15 girls


If BCDE is congruent to OPQR, then DE¯¯¯¯¯¯ is congruent to ?


The answer is QR HOPE THIS HELPS!!! XD

Answer: Qr i took the test

bc go to op and de go to qr

congruent means same point on different shapes


If x = 2.3, 5x = ____. (Input decimals only, such as 12.7.)



If x = 2.3, then 5x =11.5. Therefore the required angles is 11.5.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given information: x = 2.3

We have find the value of 5x.

To find the value of 5x we need to multiply the value of x by 5. It means 5x is equal to 5 times the value of x.

The value of 5x is 11. Therefore the required angles is 11.5.



Step-by-step explanation:



2.3 times 5 = 11.5

if you don't believe me then use a calculator


Johnny rode his bike to a friends house 4 blocks down the street in his neighborhood. He Immediately rode back home once he realized his friend was unable to play. What was his displacement for the total bike ride trip? What could you use as a reference point ? Show the steps to solve this problem.



Total displacement = 0 blocks

Step-by-step explanation:

Displacement : It is defined as the total distance between the initial and the final positions of the moving object or a body. The total displacement can be 0 in case the initial and the final positions of the body are same.

The distance traveled by Johnny from his house to his friends house = 4 blocks

Then he immediately returns to his house, so the total distance then covered = 4 blocks

Total distance traveled = 4 + 4

                                        = 8 blocks

But the initial position of Johnny is his house and the final position of Johnny is also his house

Therefore, the initial and the final position of Johnny is same and this can be used as a reference point for the given problem.

⇒ Total displacement = 0 blocks


What is the answer to the equation x+y=36 and 6.99x+10.99=331.64


Answer:its 5 + 6 = (7+8)

Step-by-step explanation:

thats the answer

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