Scholarly research has shown that ___________ is important for recruitment to isis.​


Answer 1
Answer: The appropriate response is social media. This gathering has been assigned a psychological oppressor association by the United Nations and numerous individual nations. ISIL is broadly known for its recordings of decapitations of the two warriors and regular folks, including columnists and help specialists, and its decimation of social legacy destinations. The United Nations considers ISIL in charge of human rights misuse and atrocities and Amnesty International has accused the gathering of ethnic purifying on a "notable scale" in northern Iraq.

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Canadians living in the lowlands depend on the __________ River. A.
St. Lawrence


I think it is "d" hope this helps





Sandra is turning 50 this year. At this age, she can expect certain age-related conditions, such as loss of strength in her legs and back and difficulty in viewing objects and hearing clearly, to affect her. Of the vision-related issues that affect individuals, which of the following is Sandra most likely to experience because of her age?


The correct answer would be, difficulty in viewing close objects

Of the vision related issues that affect individuals, difficulty in viewing close objects is Sandra most likely to experience because of her age.


When people enter their late adulthood, above the age of 45, they experience a lot of changes in their bodies. These changes are both physical and mental. Mental changes may include loss of long term memory, difficulty in recalling things, etc, whereas physiological changes may include the following:

  • Loss of strength in muscles of the different parts of the body
  • Loss of hearing sometimes
  • Weak Immune System
  • Difficulty in viewing objects, etc

One of the vision related issues that affect individuals is the difficulty in viewing objects that are close to them. So when Sandra is at the age of 50, she is most likely to have this vision problem.

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'Christian wedding promises are unrealistic'. Give TWO reasons why a religious believer might agree or disagree with this statement.


Disagree: In marriage, there needs to be a balance, of give and take. Many marriages, the woman gives a little more, but also takes a little more. Children are also a key issue for many Christian marriages and they are able to help bond parents as partners.
1) in the bible it shows the coming together of man and woman and as Christians we believe that is something we must follow
2) in the coming together of marriage Christians use the bible as a book of understanding & a foundation for their marriage, we should love our spouse just as Christ loved the church

John is a farmer who wants to keep his soil as productive as possible. Which of these actions would help him achieve this goal? A)excessive irrigation
B)crop rotation
C)soil exhaustion



Option B.


Crop rotation, is the right answer.

Crop rotation is the method of planting a row of divergent or various types of crops in the corresponding field in sequenced periods. It is performed so that the soil of fields is not practiced for only one type of nutrients. It accommodates in decreasing soil erosion and enhances the fertility of the soil and the production of the crop.

The answer is (c.) crop rotation

A young scientist has discovered a new species of grub worm in the amazon. he would like to explore the possibility that in this grub worm the codon cuc is the start codon and that it codes for methionine rather than leucine as it does in other worms. he has been unable to get his research funded to date most likely because:


He is most likely unable to get funding to research the difference in grub worms because grub worms are not the most important creatures on earth. They aren't endangered or threatened. Also it could be because his argument for funding isn't strong enough. There are no points that really jump out at the people giving out research money.

PLZZZZZZZZZZ HELP ASAP FIRST ONE TO ANSWER WILL GET BRAINLIST!!!!!!!!! Question 4 (1 point) Question 4 Unsaved
The average weather in a place over time is ________.

Question 4 options:





Question 5 (1 point) Question 5 Unsaved
Landscape refers to____________________.

Question 5 options:

A.mapping of islands

B.portions of Earth's surface

C.Mountains and rivers

D.area with a set of common features and characteristics

Question 6 (1 point) Question 6 Unsaved
Dividing the earth into East/West Hemispheres at 0 degrees longitude running through Greenwich, England.

Question 6 options:




D.Prime Meridian


4. A.climate

5. C.Mountains and rivers

6. D.Prime Meridian

#4 is a climate

#5 is c I think

#6 is D prime meridian

What type of government does chad have?


Chad has a Presidential system type of Government.
The government that chad has is a Presidential system

Before rhonda left for college, she told her friend michelle that she thought sororities were filled with snobs and that she would never consider joining one. however, during rhonda's first week on campus, she was approached by a sorority member who invited her to a social function and encouraged her to pledge. after rhonda attended the party, she told michelle, "sororities do a lot of good things for the community. they're really service organizations." rhonda's change in attitude to match her behavior reflects:


Rhonda's change in attitude to match her behavior reflects cognitive dissonance.

What is attitude?

An attitude refers to a set of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors toward a particular object, person, thing, or event. An attitude of the person are the positive or the negative. The attitude is the reflection of the personality of the person. The attitude of the person is the creation of the identity.

Cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort felt by someone who has contradicting views, thoughts, or ideals. Rhonda felt sororities were full of snobs, but during her first week on college, she was contacted by a sorority girl who welcomed her to a social function.

As a result, Rhonda's change in attitude to match her behavior reflects cognitive dissonance.

Learn more about on attitude, here:


The correct answer is cognitive dissonance reduction

Why are the Andes a trade barrier between Chile and agrentina


Its a mountain thats 3,300 mi long, north to south.
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