Keith has $500 in a savings account at the beginning of the summer. He wants to have at least $200 at the end of the summer. He withdraws $25 a week for food,clothing,and movie tickets. How many weeks can Keith withdraw money from his account


Answer 1
Answer: 500-200 leaves you with 300 to spend and 300/25 equals 25 so 25 weeks

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If you was to put a $40 a month in to a savings fora year how much money would you have saved


In a year, you would have saved $480

One month= $40

A year= 40 x 12 (a year converted into months)

= $480


When it is 10:30, what kind of angle is formed by the hands of the clock?


Obtuse angle. One hand at the ten and the other pointing to the 6, it's obtuse. :) 
You answer should be obtuse angle

Carlon plans to evaporate a number of gallons of water from 90 gallons of a 15% salt solution to make a 25% salt solution. Which equation can he use to find x, the number of gallons that should be evaporated? Original
Amount of Salt

Amount of Solution

StartFraction 13.5 Over 90 minus x EndFraction = StartFraction 25 Over 100 EndFraction
StartFraction 13.5 Over x EndFraction = StartFraction 25 Over 100 EndFraction
13.5 (90 minus x) = 0.25
13.5 (90 minus x) = 25



actually the right answer is A

Step-by-step explanation:

if you solve it you get x=36 but remember that x is the amount of water that you need to evaporate so if you want to check it just subtract it from 90 and the salt will be 25%

The answer has to be B

1. Kelly has a rock garden with a length of 6 feet. She constructs a scale model of the rock garden using the scale 1 inch:2 feet. (a) What is the length of the garden in her model? Show your work, including your proportion.
(b) If the width is 5 inches for the scale model and the scale is still 1 inch to 2 feet, will her scale model drawing fit on a piece of paper that is 8.5 inches by 7 inches? Why or why not?



(a) 3 inches

(b) Her scale model drawing WILL fit on the piece of paper 8.5 by 7 inches

Step-by-step explanation:


We use scales to represent realities in reduced spaces. In the case of lengths or surfaces, the scale allows us to draw the shapes in normal sheets of paper.  


Kelly's rock garden has a length of 6 feet. She uses a 1 inch:2 feet scale. this means that the model length is

6 feet*1 inch/2 feet = 3 inches


The width of the model is 5 inches, keeping the same scale it means the real length is

5 inches * 2 feet / 1 inch = 10 feet

The model will have 3 inches by 5 inches, it perfectly fits on any regular piece of paper


Find the value of r so the line passes through (r,-2) and (-7,-1) has a slope of m=-1/4


The value of "r" is -3 so the line passes through (r,-2) and (-7,-1) has a slope of m = -1/4


Given that line passes through (r, -2) and (-7, -1) has a slope of

To find: value of r

The slope of line passing through two points and is given as:

Here given that slope

Substituting the values in above formula, we get

Thus the value of "r" is -3


Carly bought a new house for $125,000. The value of the house appreciates approximately 3.5% each year. What will be the value of the house after 10 years?


The answer is 81250 because 3.5 times ten is 35 and 35% of 125000 is 43750 then I did 125000-43250

Megan paints her locker red, white, and blue. She paints 9/20 of the locker red, 15% of the
locker white, and 0.4 of the locker blue.
Complete the table below.​



red: 9/20, 0.45, 45%

White: 15%, 0.15, 3/20

Blue: 0.4, 2/5, 40%

Step-by-step explanation:

For red: you start with 9/20. It’s best to get to a denominator of 10. So divide each number by 2. You would get 4.5/10. Then change to a percent by moving the decimal of the numerator one to the right and changing it to percent. 4.5 -> 45. -> 45%. Then for the decimal, divide 45 by 100. 45/100 = 0.45.

For white: you start with 15%. Divide by 100. 15/100=0.15. Put into a fraction with a denominator of 100. It would be 15/100. Simplify. Each number can be divided by 5, so your fraction would be 3/20.

For blue: you start with 0.4. Turn this into a fraction. Since there is one decimal place, it can have a denominator of 10. The fraction is 4/10, simplified to 2/5. Using the fraction 4/10, the percent would be 40%.

I hope this helps!


A recipe for muffins calls for 9 cups of sugar . Jose accidentally put in 10 cups . How many extra cups did he put in


10 cups of sugar - 9 cups of sugar = 1 cup of sugar that he accidentally put in :)

What is the solution to the equation fraction 3 over 5 n minus fraction 4 over 5 equals fraction 1 over 5 n ? (1 point) n = −1

n = 2

n = fraction 5 over 3

n = fraction 5 over 2



the answer is n=2

Step-by-step explanation:

so put the problem like this 3/5n - 4/5 = 1/5n

In order to get the answer u have to subtract 3/5n to both sides which makes the problem -4/5 = -2/5n and when u divide -4/5 by -2/5 it equals 2



Step-by-step explanation:

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