Where are Almost all of the mass of an atom found


Answer 1
Answer: The nucleus. 
The nucleus contains almost all of the mass as it also contains protons & neutrons of the atom.

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Answer 2
Answer: I would have to say the NUCLEUS because its the only one that makes sense.

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True or false? Nitrogen in the atmosphere is responsible for clouds and precipitation? If not what is?




There reason why it's false is because Nitrogen is not responsible for clouds and precipitation. The real answer is that Water (Ocean / Other) is responsible for clouds and precipitation. 

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A box measuers 8 cm by 9cm by 12cm. what is its volume?


If A box measuers 8 centimeters by 9 centimeters by 12 centimeters, then its volume would be 864 centimeter³.

What is density?

It can be defined as the mass of any object or body per unit volume of the particular object or body. Generally, it is expressed as in gram per centimeter³or kilogram per meter³.

As given in the problem we have to calculate the volume of the box having dimensions 8 centimeters by 9 centimeters by 12 centimeters,

the volume of the box= length ×width ×depth

the volume of the box = 8 centimeters ×9 centimeters × 12 centimeters,

                              =864 centimeter³

Thus, the volume of the box would be 864 centimeter³

To learn more about density from here, refer to the link;


To find the volume you must multiple all the sides together 
8 cm * 9 cm * 12 cm = 864 cm³

Which is a property of gold? A. common
B. malleable
C. poor reflector of heat
D. poor conductor of electricity


B, gold is the most malleable substance of all and can be drawn into the thinnest wire.


It is the most malleable metal. It is soft and yellow.

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An object with the mass of 90 grams, movies at a constant velocity of 6 meters per second, has ______


It has

-- 90 grams of mass

-- 0.8892 newtons of weight

-- 1.62 joules of kinetic energy, and

-- 0.54 kg-m of momentum.


An electric travel blanket uses a car's 12V supply. The current is 3A. a) What is the power of the blanket?

b) How much energy does it transfer if it is switched on for 10 minutes?


For electrical devices . . .

           Power dissipated = (voltage) x (current) =

                                             (12 V)  x  (3.0 A) = 36 watts .

1 watt means 1 joule per second

           (36 joule/sec) x (60 sec/min) x (10 min)  =  21,600 joules


If a block is in equilibrium the magnitude of the block's acceleration is


If a block is in equilibrium the magnitude of the block's acceleration is 0m/s²

According to Newton's second law, the force acting on a body is equal to the product of its mass and acceleration.

Mathematically F = ma where:

m is the mass of the object

a is the acceleration of the object

If a block is in equilibrium, the magnitude of the force acting on the block will be 0, that is F = 0

Substituting F = 0 into the formula above to calculate the acceleration;

F = ma

0 = ma

Swap sides

ma = 0

a =0/m

a = 0m/s²

This shows that if a block is in equilibrium the magnitude of the block's acceleration is 0m/s²

Learn more here:




The condition for an object to be in equilibrium is that there is no resulting force acting on it, in other words, that the force on the object is zero:

and by Newton's second law we know that

where is the mass of the object, and its acceleration.

So combining the two things:

⇒, This equation is fulfilled when

Wich tells us that for the the block to be in equilibrium, the acceleration must be zero:


Need help ASAP Which of these is an example of a hypothesis? (2 points)

A. Adults were not interviewed

B. the investigation was time consuming

C. the source of information was biased

D. very few teenagers were interviewed

Scientists in different parts of the world have conducted experiments to find the speed of light in vacuum. If the results of the experiments are identical, they would most likely be (2 points)


B. biased

C. unreliable

D. non-observable

Which of these questions can be answered using science? (2 points)

A. What is the best career?

B. Does water exist on Venus?

C. Should the use of automobiles be stopped?

D. Which is the most interesting subject to study?

The models can be best used to (2 points)

recreate something which is easily observed in nature

prove that all atomic theories have the same meaning

demonstrate the transformation of atomic theory into law

represent the locations of subatomic particles in different atomic theories



Scientists earlier believed that the lowest measurable temperature is the freezing point of ice. However, modern scientists believe that temperatures below the freezing point of ice can also exist. What best accounts for these different opinions? (2 points)

scientists propose contradictory ideas to include all possibilities

scientists come up with different hypotheses without enough evidence

scientists propose different ideas to avoid repetition of scientific knowledge

scientists having different interests may interpret the same data in different ways

Based on the graph, what is the most likely mass of an apple chosen randomly from the basket? (2 points)

between 0.10 kg and 0.12 kg

between 0.12 kg and 0.14 kg

between 0.14 kg and 0.16 kg

between 0.16 kg and 0.18 kg

A scientist studies a model of a widely accepted theory about the position of planets and sun. The model would most likely help the scientist to (2 points)

prove that the theory would not change in the future

demonstrate how the theory can be changed into a law

understand facts which cannot be easily observed

prove that all other facts about the universe are incorrect

One scientist discovered a new theory on the evolution of the universe. What is the next step for the scientist to take? (2 points)

transform the results of the theory into universal laws of nature

inform the scientific community so they can verify the results

call a press conference to make the discovery popular among people

encourage scientists worldwide to find an appropriate application for the results

The students' observations are listed below.

When an iron nail is taken near the North Pole (N) of the bar magnet, it is pulled towards the magnet.
When an iron nail is taken near the South Pole (S) of the bar magnet, it is pulled towards the magnet.
The experiment was repeated by several students using different bar magnets. Based on the investigations, which of these theories would the students most likely propose? (2 points)

magnets attract iron nails

the poles of a magnet attract all materials

iron nails are attracted towards all materials

iron nails have the same properties as magnets


The correct answer is A. Adults were not interviewed


A student launches a small 0.5 kg rocket with an initial speed of 30 m/s at an angle of 60°. Approximately how much time will the rocket spend in the air? Air resistance is negligible.




The high reached by a proyectile in an uniformly accelerated motion is given by:

The time that the rocket spends in the air is obtained for y = 0, since this is the time that the rocket travels before touching the ground. Recall that . Solving for t:


What is something he contributed to the field of mathematics


By discovering calculus, Sir Issac Newton contributed to the field of mathematics.


In the early history, infinitesimal calculus, are a mathematical discipline that focuses on boundaries, derivatives, functions, infinite sequences and integrals. The work of Newton analysis began with finding the slope of any points in curve, the slope of which is constantly changing. By this way, named ‘method of fluxions’ the derivative to find the slope instead of differentiation.

This is due to the fact that he calls the "fluxion" and "fluent" variable of x and y at the instantaneous rate of curve change. He then concluded that the opposite of differentiation is integration, which he called the "method of fluents". This enabled him to develop the first fundamental calculus theorem, which states that if the function is integral and then differentiable, the basic function can be retained because differentiation and integration are inverse functions.

Newton did not publish anything about the analysis until 1693, but the mathematician Leibniz from Germany published his theory version in 1684. In addition to working on universal gravity, Newton developed three laws of motion that constitute the basic principles of modern physics. His discovery led to the development of stronger solutions to mathematical problems.

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