Which sentence in the following passage is an example of direct characterization? Jacques was a very nice man. He volunteered at the community center several times a week. On the weekends, he offered to help his neighbors do chores. One summer, he even got permission from the city to build a swing set at the local park.

He volunteered at the community center several times per week.
On the weekends, he offered to help his neighbors do chores.
One summer, he even got permission from the city to build a swing set at the local park.
Jacques was a very nice man.


Answer 1
Answer: " Jacques was a very nice man "
This should be the correct answer because to Characterize means to create a charter. This is the first line any reader would read, and immediately set's the tone for the rest of the paragraph. The line doesn't just say that he is nice; it says " he was " which actually drives our brains to find out who, what, and why. That's why it should be the answer
Hope this helps!

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If an action or procedure that was performed on a patient is not recorded on the written report


it was not performed in the eyes of the law

In what way is Dante's universe orderly?


Dante's universe is divided into three parts: Inferno (hell), Purgatorio (purgatory), and Paraiso (heaven).


Inferno is an abyss with the shape of an inverted cone. It is divided into 9 circles, each circle corresponds to a different sin, where the condemned are subjected to punishment, according to the gravity of the sins committed in life.

The circles, from the first to the last, are: Limbo, contains the unbaptized and virtuous pagans; Lust; Gluttony; Greed; Wrath; Heresy; Violence; Fraud; and Treachery, in the vertices of the cone, where lies the Palace of Lucifer and in it Lucifer himself who is biting Judas with his sharp fangs.


It is a mountain made with the earth taken from the abyss of hell. The mountain is divided in the Ante-purgatory at the base and 7 cornices, where souls purge their sins before entering to Heaven. In the first cornice, at the base of the mountain, are those with the most serious faults, and at the top those less guilty. Sins here are more based on motives, instead of actions as it is the case in Inferno.

The order is (from bottom to top): Ante-purgatory, where lie the excommunicate and late repentant; the proud; the envious; the wrathful; the slothful; the covetous; the gluttonous; and the lustful.


Paraiso consists in a series of nine concentric spheres in whose center lies the Earth, seven of them corresponding to a different celestial body, the eighth to the fix stars and the last one to the Primum Mobile (God).

The order of the spheres is like follows: the Moon, corresponding to the virtuous that lacked consistency and Fortitude; Mercury, reserved for those who did good only earthly ambition and deficient in Justice; Venus, for the lovers but deficient in Temperance; the Sun, for the wise and greatest example of Prudence; Mars, for the warriors of faith, greatest examples of Fortitude; Jupiter for the right rulers, who embody Justice; Saturn, for the Contemplatives, greatest examples of Temperance; Fixed stars, for the Saints; Primum Mobile, the 'first moved' sphere, realm of angels and moved by God, who is beyond physical existence in the Empyrean.

Punishment for sins corresponds to the actual sinful act. Apex.

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What word describes the walls of a mesa?


Clifflike sides describes the walls of a mesa. Hope this helps:)


Is the underlined word a noun, or proper noun?

CHRISTMAS is my favorite holiday.


Christmas is a proper noun i believe

Proper noun because it is an exact holiday, and it is capitalized 


Which of these lines best describes the Canterbury tales prologue best exemplifies a Franklin?


The white-bearded Franklin was  a wealthy gentleman farmer,
His chief attribute is his preoccupation with food, which is so plenteous in his house that his house seemed to snow meat and drink The narrator next describes the five Guildsmen, all artisans

Which of the following best describes the meaning of "going public"? A. When a company begins selling shares of its stock to the public

B. When a company is bought out by a government agency

C. When a company issues Treasury bonds that can be bought by
any one

D. When a company starts offering its products for sale


A.when a company begin selling a shares of its stock to the public

Letter to your friend about a gift for someone




Hey Nancy,

I was wondering if you could help me pick out a gift for Dave. You know him the best out of all his friends including me.


The resilent tone in "Diez in the Desert" can be inferred from which line? A. "But the desert's denizens could only hunker down and endure june."
B. "Diez never knew the names of anyone on the trip. He preferred not to ask."
C. "...Diez watched and thought to himself, 'God willing, It'll happen."
D. "As they ate in his crackly voice and dry laugh, he told the the story of how a heavyset woman he'd known only as 'Senora' had died. . .and almost expired himself."


Diez never knew the names of anyone on the trip. He preferred not to ask is the line that resilent tone in "Diez in the Desert". Hence, option B is correct.

What is tone?

The way you sound when you talk aloud is essentially how a person speaks to them. Avoid speaking in a monotone. Instead, speak with a low and high pitched voice. Lower pitches can add a sense of serenity to your speech while higher pitches might reassure listeners by emphasizing key phrases in your sentence. End statements with a lower tone and queries with a higher pitch.

Any piece of content's tone can be evaluated on the basis of four factors: humour, formality, respect, and enthusiasm.

Vocal timbre is that special "something" that lends colour and personality to your voice and is how it is recognized. It is also referred to as the quality of that tone using complicated overtones or sound waves.

Thus, option B is correct.

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the answer is B. hopei helped


The root bibli/o in the word bibliographies means: A. Story
B. Person
C. No Meaning
D. Books


D . Books

 - Well you noe it's referring to a book cause look at the word, normally when someone is talking about a BIBLIOGRAPHIES that means or refer to a book.

 _ hOpe that this helpss if NOT COMMENT IN THE SEC BELOWW ?
The answer is book
here is the definition of biblio
relating to a book or books  
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