Which sentence is punctuated correctly? Pls!!!! Help me
A. In first-period biology class we learned that, the ecosystem, is a fragile and sensitive thing.
B. The freshman, were excited to hear about extra-credit opportunities in their algebra class.
C. Getting her license proved to be more difficult and tricky, than she thought it would be.
D. In order to serve students best, school districts need to ask for additional funding.


Answer 1

Its actually the last one

Answer 2
Answer: A is correct because the commons are always suppose to be after something your naming

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A good journey map should take up a large area of a wall and be full of user observations.


Very true! You can add notes about places you've been too!


Where does the narrator of The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man travel in the final chapters of the novel? Select all that apply. New York, Delaware, Georgia, Washington D.C., Boston.


I think it would be Washington D

C or Boston


ASAP!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! the literal or dictionary meaning of a word is its

A. Denotation
C. Diction


The literal, or, dictionary meaning of a word is its denotation

Denotation is a synonym for definition, and, therefore, your answer is A)

    ↑   ↑   ↑ Hope this helps! :D

A Denotation is the literal or dictionary meaning of a word.
 So the answer is A. :)

What was Betty Smith’s primary purpose in writing A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? A.

to inform


to persuade


to entertain


to report


Please select the best answer from the choices provided





I'd say C. entertain...

I just took a test about it

C- To entertain

100% sure


THE WAGER QUESTIONS: THANKS FOR ANY HELP <3 -Allied forces (forces that may help the protagonist) could be the jurist's determination and self-control. True or False


Allied forces (forces that help the protagonist) could be the jurist's determiniation and self-control is TRUE.


Which description matches Romeo's mood after his secret marriage to Juliet? A. wracked with guilt for marrying an enemy B. dreamy and happy with love of Juliet C. distrustful that Juliet truly loves him D. confident that the secret will never be found out


B. Dreamy and happy with love of Juliet.

After Romeo marries Juliet he's full of joy, so much so that Tybalt (who is constantly attempting to goad him into a fight), is unsuccessful. Instead Romeo keeps trying to make peace with him (as Tybalt is now his family by marriage), though he is unsuccessful in the end.

"And so I was glad when Charley, another veteran, arrived toward the edge of the evening, and nestled up to Henry to hear the letter read, and talked over the preparations for the welcome. Charley fetched out one hearty speech after another, and did his best to drive away his friend's bodings and apprehensions." Which sentence BEST summarizes this colorful description?
A. "Charley, an old friend, sat by Henry and listened to the letter, which helped Henry avoid any fears he might have."
B. "Charley arrived in time to hear Henry read the letter from his wife, discuss party plans, and talk about old times."
C. "Old Charley arrived about twilight to listen to Henry read the letter, to discuss the party, and to keep his friend from worrying."
D. "Henry greeted Charley, a veteran, in the evening and read the letter to him, and afterwards they discussed the welcome home party."


The answer is option C.

In the excerpt from "The Californian's Tale," by Mark Twain, the colorful description is summarized by the next sentence:

"Old Charley arrived about twilight to listen to Henry read the letter, to discuss the party, and to keep his friend from worrying."

Option A is not right because it omits the duscussion. Alternative B is not correct because the men do not talk about past times and the statement does not mention Henry's fears, just like the affirmation in D.


The sentence that BEST summarizes this colorful description is "Old Charley arrived about twilight to listen to Henry read the letter, to discuss the party, and to keep his friend from worrying."


Option C is the one that summarizes best the description since it covers all the important details in it, such as the reference to the word veteran which in the summary appears as old Charley, and the rest of the topics like the reading of the letter the party and the last line "did his best to drive away his friend's bodings and apprehensions" is represented by " keep his friend from worrying."


The Giver chapter 7 and 8 what do the numbers given to each child indicate


Each child has a number that was assigned at birth, showing the order in which he or she was born. This dictates how and when they advance through the various social stages.

3.3.9 (Apex) English Evaluate one of the speeches you heard about a plan to erect a statue honoring the pioneers. Choose the speech you disagree with, and write a two- or three-paragraph rebuttal in the form of a letter to the editor.



I could not find the speeches that are missing in your question but I will try to help you.

If you have the speech that you disagree with it you must include in your letter what are those things and why are you disagreeing.

For example, if you heard that the plan to erect a statue honoring the pioneers requires a lot of money that the state can spend on something else you should be writing your letter like this:

  • A plan to have this statue that is honoring the pioneers in our city is beautiful things but I don't agree with it. It is maybe beautiful but it takes a lot of money to make it and we don't have much money in our state but we have a lot of children that are needing our help. That is why I don't agree with this plan and I would like to offer you a new plan where we can spend our city money on charity work. Another solution can be that the families of the pioneers can participate in the plan by contributing the money and in that case, we can make a compromise.
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