Explain the major events in Lincoln’s presidency


Answer 1
Answer: President Lincoln's presidency involve:freed slaves(for the most part), had four children, and Abraham Lincoln became the United States' 16th President in 1861.
Answer 2

Lincoln became president, after getting more votes than Stephan A. Douglas. Lincoln wanted the country to be united, so he said that the country would either be a slave or free state. Once the word got out, some states seceded and joined together as the Confederate states. Of course, Abraham Lincoln was not in favor of this, so a war began for him to get the land back for the Union. After many wars, the confederate states surrendered and the Union was whole again. Unfortunately, Abraham got shot in the back of his head at a play, I believe, that was in the southern territory....

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The presidency of gerald ford was different from all previous presidencies because he was the first president who a.won the office by running on a third-party ticket
b.resigned from the office of the president
c.ran for office as a nonpartisan candidate
d.was not elected to either the presidency or the vice-preside


D. was not elected to either the presidency or the vice-presidency 

Citizens would most likely state their views about issues affecting the community during A a supreme court hearing B a congressional hearing C a state senate meeting or D a city Council meeting



D. A city council meeting

The city council, also called as town board, acts as the legislative party that rule over a city, municipality, or town. Some of its responsibilities are submitting bills and approving laws that will help the city. Furthermore, issues that the city encounters are also discussed in city council meetings. Citizens have a participation on these meetings.





How would Muslims make the hajj in the 1700's?


We are required to explain how Muslims make the Hajj in the 1700's.

The way Muslims make the Hajj in the 1700's is not different from how the first Hajj was performed and how present and future Hajj will be performed.

There are five pillars of Islam:

  • Believe in Allah and His messenger

  • Performance of solat

  • Giving of zakat

  • Fasting in the month of Ramadan

  • Performance of Hajj for those who can afford it.

Every Muslim must believe and practice all the five pillars of Islam.

  • Hajj as the fifth pillar takes place once in a year. All Muslims all over the world migrate to Makkah to perform Hajj. It is believed that Hajj takes place in the 12th month of Hijira (Muslim calendar).

  • The Muslims irrespective of where they come from, their wealth and power, they all worship Allah in unison. They bow to the mighty of Allah.

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Answer:Believe in Allah and His messenger



Why/how was the rights violated in the Marbury vs Madison court case?


In Marbury v. Madison, Marbury was denied a commission for a job that he was given by the Federalists as the Federalists were leaving power and the Democratic-Republicans were taking over.

Marbury's rights were violated because he was a member of a different party than the new people in power.


Consider the factors that led to the end of each of these presidents: nixon, ford, carter. choose two presidents and compare and contrast how their terms ended.


Nixon term ended as a result of the Watergate scandals whereby he was forced to resign to avoid an impending impeachment. Ford, who had been his vice president, failed to secure reelection, mainly because of his decision to pardon Nixon. Carter was accused of incompetence in handling run away inflation, as well as his failure to bring back the Iranian hostages back to the country.

Now that you’ve reviewed the structure of congress, your’re ready to design your school’s legislature. In a full paragraph, explain how your legislature will be organized and how legislators will be chosen. Include the reason for your choices.


The structure of Congress is based on two major determiners: equal representation for all states and representation based on population.  The Senate has equal representation from each state by allowing exactly two senators from each state to be elected in.  The House of Representatives is literally representative of the people because the number of reps from each state is based on population, as a states population grows or shrinks compared with other states it's number of allowed representatives rises and falls.  For example, a state with a huge population like California has 53 reps while a state with significantly fewer residents, like Wyoming only has 1 rep.  Most states fall in between.

In my school's legislature I would have two houses to make sure there was balance in representation.  One house would have 3 students from each grade who were elected into their positions.  The other house would have representatives from every major club or interest group based on how popular that group is.  For example, there are a lot of athletes at this school so there might be 5 representatives elected to speak and vote on behalf of their group.  There are much less people involved in yearbook so they would have 1-2 representatives.  The legislative houses could meet regularly to discuss major issues in the school and come with ideas to make the school better.  All the members would have an equal value in their vote about solutions to the issues.  The two houses could pass ideas by each other for major progress and change. I think that this would be the best way to make sure that every student in our school was represented in our congress regardless of grade level or interest group. 

I propose a bicameral legislature. This makes the most sense since our students deserve to have different ways to participate. One house will represent eleventh and twelfth graders, and the other will represent ninth and tenth graders. All representatives should serve for one year; this will ensure they'll listen to their fellow students. Each legislature will have different responsibilities, so they will need to cooperate with each other.

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Which struggle took place between colonists and soldiers in Boston on March 5, 1770? a. Boston Massacre
b. Boston Tea Party
c. Boston Common
d. Boston Struggle


The Boston Massacre in 1770, was due to the military occupation of Boston, where a group of soldiers shot at a group of protesters protesting the rate hike by England.

The answer is: a. The Boston massacre.

The Boston Massacre took place on March 5, 1770. The Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773. 

What was one of the successes of Reconstruction in the post-Civil War south? Freed slaves were able to achieve economic stability equal to that of whites
The southern economy was quickly restored to pre-Civil War status
Amendments to the constitution gave blacks citizenship and the right to vote Blacks achieved the maintained equal levels of political participation


Freed slaves were able to achieve economic stability equal to the whites. They abolished slavery. 

Which were newly created cabinet-level departments in the johnson administration


The newly created cabinet-level departments in the Johnson Administration were the Department of the State and the Department of the Treasury. 
The Dept. of Housing and Urban Development  & Dept. of Transportation
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Ppplleeaassee help me: Assignment Directions: You will write a summary of the non-fiction article Robots On Earth. View the grading rubric before you start your work. This is your guide to a super submission. (See below) 1. Copy and paste the entire text of the article into a document. (done) Robots on Earth by Jerry West (INTRO) Explosions. Car chases. A man and woman, drenched in sweat, limping from a building as it crumbles to the ground, muster the last of their strength to rescue humanity from its inevitable extinction at the cold, metal hands of humanoid creatures with artificial intelligence gone awry. For decades, books and movies have dictated how we think of robots. Simply the word "robot" can bring to mind images of evil, mechanical creatures bent on taking over the world and wiping out every glimmer of humanity. And yet, the truth of machines is dramatically different. Today's robots hold little in common with their villainous cousins from action-packed science fiction. Most robots have no interest in harming the human population at all; they exist to aid people in making life safer, healthier, and more productive. (PARAGRAPH #1) For example, jobs such as welding and painting are important to civilization as we know it, but experience has taught us that these activities can be hazardous to human health. In addition, fumes in automobile and airplane factories can harm organic bodies that become exposed to their toxins in the assembly process. Even when the best precautions are taken, workers may still suffer from lack of adequate ventilation. What is the answer to these difficult dilemmas? Robots. Because machines don't rely on clean air or comfortable temperatures, because they can function even in the midst of deadly gasses, they can take over with ease where humans would suffer greatly. Working together, humans and robots can get the job done. (PARAGRAGRAPH #2) A robot's job isn't limited to the terrestrial level, either. Even in space, machines such as the R2 humanoid robot at the International Space Station complete dangerous tasks for astronauts, protecting them from potentially deadly situations. And then, when there are mundane but essential tasks to conduct on the space station, R2 takes care of those, as well, freeing up the astronauts' time for more important responsibilities. Thus, in space and on Earth, robots manage to create healthier, happier humans. (PARAGRAPH #3) In fact, there are robots on Earth that exist specifically to boost human health. Just as contact lenses enhance human sight, robotics can increase human mobility. People with disabilities and various forms of paralysis now have hope that they can achieve better range of motion, when before this wasn't possible. With the help of robots, scientists are working to create an exoskeleton that will attach itself to the outside of the human body, establishing a connection to the human brain. Neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis has a dream. "We are working with the Brazilian government, who is helping fund the project. At the 2014 soccer World Cup celebrations we hope to have a Brazilian teenager with quadriplegia walk out and make the opening kick." (CONCLUSION) Explosions and car crashes may sell tickets for the summer blockbuster, but robots have so much more to offer, and much of it is positive service to humans. At the heart of the field of robotics is not the creation of people-destroying machines with evil artificial intelligence, but something much more useful. Robots aren't our enemies; instead, they are the valuable result of scientific endeavors to create safer lives for people everywhere. 1. Write a main idea sentence for each paragraph of the article, Robots on Earth. Intro: Paragraph #1: Paragraph #2 (write 2 sentences here): Paragraph #3 (write 2 sentences here): Conclusion: 4. Write YOUR summary paragraph of Robots on Earth HERE (for full credit it needs to be 7 sentences):