Which of these statements is a fact? A. The age at which a female begins ovulating can be predicted. B. The ovulation cycle for females always follows a predictable monthly pattern. C. Some females begin ovulating before they are teenagers. D. All females begin ovulating at age 8 or 9.


Answer 1
Answer: I believe that the answer is C. The youngest mother in the world was a 6-year-old, and to give birth, she must have been able to ovulate. I do think that if you are six, you are not yet a teenager. So, yes, it is a true fact that some females ovulate before they are teens. Hope this helped! :)

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How much does the U.S. spend per person on health care compared to the average of the other industrialized countries?



more than enough



Please create 3 different goals, one that pertains to each of the 3 aspects of health.


DRINK 8 glasses of water 
TAKE the stairs 
JOURNAL thoughts 

Drink lots of water. Run. Write down your emotions.

Explain why head circles and arm circles are considered dangerous exercises.


Head circles and arm circles are considered dangerous exercises because these exercises carry the highest risk of head and shoulder injuries respectively.

What are the advantages of exercise?

The advantages of exercise are as follows:

  • It significantly enhances mental and physical health.
  • It regulates and reduces the risk of disease.
  • Exercise strengthens bones and muscles.
  • It improves your everyday ability to do work.
  • It controls the weight and posture of an individual.

It may be thought that circling the head may stimulate head-associated injuries along with a high pulse rate. It also provokes an action of being restless. And circling the arm may cause some serious injuries which are associated with the shoulder.

Therefore, head circles and arm circles are considered dangerous exercises because these exercises carry the highest risk of head and shoulder injuries respectively.

To learn more about Exercises, refer to the link:


Because swinging your head around risks injury in your neck and swinging your arms could cause damage to your shoulders.


What is the difference between a gurney and a stretcher?


Gurney has wheels on it and the stretcher doesn't have wheels


Gurney = wheels

Stretchers = no wheels



What training principle states that you must continue to exercise to maintain fitness?


I think you forgot to give the options along with the question. I am answering the question based on my research and knowledge. "Reversibility" is the one training principle that states that you must continue to exercise to maintain fitness. I hope that this is the answer that has actually come to your great help.
You can't just workout for a week and think that you can stop and your body will stay loke that forever you must continue to exercise & also not stick with the exact same exercise forever because your body does grow accustome to certain things that you keep constant in your life so you should switch it up and make it more of a challenge to make your body stronger and maintain your fitness

You must stop within how many feet from a single solid white line across the road at an intersection


I think right behind it.. ( not 100% sure )

How many minutes must the target heart rate be maintained in order for aerobic exercise to be beneficial



Its actually 12


the other guy is wrong. I took the test

It should be thirty minutes three times a week for it to be beneficial. But if you want to go with a stronger goal, it should be four to five times a week.

Worn-out blood cells foreign substances and bacteria are filtered from the blood by the


A gland in the upper abdomen, the spleen, it purifies the blood and gets rid of damaged red blood cells. Lymphocytes in the spleen kill pathogens that are removed from the bloodstream.

What is spleen?

By removing worn-out red blood cells and other foreign objects (such as bacteria) from the bloodstream, it aids in protecting the body. The lymphatic system is a vast drainage system, and the spleen is a part of it.

The lymphatic system serves to maintain a healthy balance of bodily fluids and to protect the body from infections.

Red blood cells that are diseased, outdated, or misshaped are also removed from circulation by the spleen.

Therefore, the body's red blood cells transport oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. The spleen filters these disc-shaped cells according to their physical characteristics.

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In women, Gonorrhea is a common cause of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Which of the following is not a complication of PID? Choose the best possible answer. A. Chronic back pain
B. Chronic pelvic pain
C. Ectopic pregnancy
D. Fallopian tube damage


d.fallopian tube damage

The answer it A I believe
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