You are saving $30 each month. You have a goal to accumulate $700 in savings. How long will it take you?


Answer 1
Answer: Idk but i would say somewhere around 2 years

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Using the supply and demand for loanable funds model, explain why the central bank may aggressively expand the monetary base.


Answer: This means that there may remain room for an increase in the monetary base to . Finally, we discuss reasons why the expansion of the monetary base at ..A central bank can lower longer-term interest rates even when . small, why does the Bank not aggressively try the “unconventional” policy of purchasing some specific.

Explanation: Central banks affect the quantity of money in circulation by buying or selling government securities through the process known as open market operations (OMO). When a central bank is looking to increase the quantity of money in circulation, it purchases government securities from commercial banks and institutions.


Suppose Firm A has a supply curve of Upper Q Subscript Upper A Baseline equals negative 2 plus p and Firm B has a supply curve of Upper Q Subscript Upper B Baseline equals 0.5 p How much is the total supply at a price of ​$5​? Total supply is nothing thousand units ​(enter your response as a real number rounded to one decimal place​).



The total supply can be found by adding individual supply functions as follows:

Qa+Qb = Q

Q = -2+p+0.5p

Q= -2+1.5p where p = $44 therefore;

Q= -2+1.5(44)

Q= 64

Total supply at p = $15

Q= -2+15(1.5)

Q= 20.5


Which of the following items is a want? Question 1 options: Question 1 options:



a new entertainment system



A new entertainment system is a want. the rest, you need. 
Water, Shelter and Clothes are need. You cannot live without them and they are necessary for survival.

A new entertainment system is a want. You want it to have fun but you can live without it, like many people do.

As consumers, we have to make decisions because ?


Answer: As consumers, we have to make decisions because our wants are unlimited but our resources are limited. Since you have two of the same choices, I am assuming there is a typo and this is the choice that should be there.


As a consumer, there is so much that can be bought but financially most people can't afford everything. When buying an item, it is up the consumer to determine if they can afford the item or go without it. Sometimes, we buy the item even though we can't afford it and then regret the purchase. To satisfy a persons wants, a budget must be in place to be able to save money to purchase items.


An economy has three sectors producing products: Product 1, Product 2, and Product 3.
i. To produce 1 unit of Product 1 requires 0.20 units of Product 1, 0.15 units of Product 2, and 0.10 units of Product 3.
ii. To product 1 unit of Product 2 it takes 0.14 units of Product 1, 0.05 units of Product 2, and 0.12 units of Product 3.
iii. To produce 1 unit of Product 3 it takes 0.14 units of Product 1, and 0.08 units of Product 2.
(a) What should the total production be set at in order to satisfy an external demand of 100 units of Product 1, 120 units of Product 2, and 150 units of Product 3?



total number of products to be produced to satisfy external demands are:

product 1 : 157.8 units

product 2 : 153 units

product 3 : 174.4 units


What is question is essentially looking for is for you to add the total units of producing each product to the external demand to get the total production units that will not affect external demand. Let us start by outlining the products and requirements clearly.

for 1 unit for products

                             product unit required for 1 unit

products               1                2             3

product 1.            0.20           0.15      0.10

product 2.           0.14            0.05     0.12

product 3.           0.14            0.08

If the amounts shown above are for the production of 1 unit each of the products 1, 2 and 3, therefor, to calculate the individual units required in production of total demand units, we will multiply the amounts required for the production of 1 unit by the number of demand units. hence:

                                          product unit required for external demand units

product units                                  1                              2                            3

100 units of product 1            0.20×100                 0.15×100             0.10×100

120 units of product 2            0.14×120                  0.05×120            0.12×120

150 units of product 3            0.14×150                  0.08×150

after the multiplication the unit required in the production are:

                                           product unit required for external demand units

product units                         product 1                 product 2          product 3

100 units of product 1                   20                           15                           10

120 units of product 2                  16.8                          6                            14.4

150 units of product 3                  21                             12

Next, let us add the individual units required for the production of external demand units:

product 1 : 20+16.8+21 = 57.8

Product 2 : 15+6+12 = 33

product 3 : 10 + 14.4 = 24.4

Finally Let us add the total units required in production to the total external demand units to get the total units to be produced that will not affect external demand:

product 1 : 100 + 57.8 = 157.8 units

product 2 : 120 + 33 = 153 units

product 3 : 150 + 24.4 = 174.4 units

When these extra units above demand units are produced, they will make up for the amount of units consumed during production.



When a line cook in a restaurant cooks uses raw meat to cook a hamburger that becomes part of the restaurant's super burger special (available only on saturday nights during football season), the cook is taking part in a?


The answer to the question is transformation process.

In business, transformation process refers to the activity of taking input and transforming them to add value to customers or clients as outputs. In the example of the line cook, by using the raw meat that is provided by the restaurant to cook a special Saturday night burger, he has participated in this process.


An undercover officer offers to sell a suspect cocaine. The suspect asks where it is from, what is the quality, how much and is there a minimum purchase requirement. The undercover office arrests the suspect. Alikely result is



In view of the changing idea of crime and the job of the examiner, the destinations of a criminal examination might be more mind boggling than individuals imagine.


Recover taken property and plan sound criminal cases for prosecution are targets of criminal examinations. The fundamental examination is the duty of the first officer at the wrong doing scene.

Their activities at the scene can extraordinarily impact a definitive achievement or disappointment of the examination.


jail time with charges of attempted possession of narcotics



On July 1, Morris Company paid $17,400 for two years of insurance in advance. Morris debited Prepaid Insurance. If the appropriate adjusting entry is not made at the end of the year, what will be the effect on?



The effect shall be an understatement of expenses and overstatement of net income. The impact shall be $ 4,350.  


The expired portion of prepaid insurance i.e 6 months from July 01 to year end needs to be adjusted. The adjustment amount shall be $ 4,350. calculated as under:

Prepaid Insurance $ 17,400

Period of benefit 24 months.

Adjustment for prepayment : 17400/24*6 = $ 4,350

The effect of not passing the entry would be an understatement of expenses and overstatement of net income


In most business organizations, the chief management accountant is called the controller. a. True
b. False


False is the answer ....
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